Thursday, December 6, 2012

TTT New Jobby Job Edition!

Thanks to the always lovely Mrs. laura belle we have ten things Thursday!

1. Can I tell you how much I love my new job? Cuz I sho. I'm so lucky to have found this and I can't thank them enough for giving me a chance. I won't let em' down. I will work my TAIL off....

2. We still don't have our xmas tree up yet....Oh dont worry Doots reminds us daily. We just have to get to the storage unit to get our xmas stuffs. She says "Can we FINALLY put the tree up tonight mommy?" I said "well we have to have daddy go to the storage unit to get the decorations" pause.... " YOU know where the storing unit is?" lol what am i gonna do with this kid?

3. Speaking of that kid. She had to go potty so she went by herself...which she always does no big whoop. Well i walked in the bathroom to ask her what kind of pizza she wanted and her hand was in the toilet. I said "What are you doing?!?!" she just looked at me scared... I walked over and there was a little turd in the toilet... I said "Did you touch your poopoo?" she nodded her head....oh i tried to keep my cool...and i did  ut made her know that it is NOT ok that not only is it disgusting that it can make her really sick. REALLY sick. She said someone at schoolbtold her about it...smh...who grabs their poo outta the toilet then brags to their friends about it? Needless to say i washed the shit outta her hands..pun intended.

4. We aren't done with her yet lol I was laying down with her cuddling in her bed before she went to sleep and we were talking about the weekend. She usually stays with my mom on Fridays because they are BFF's right? Well, my mom is busy so my grandma (Gee as we call her) said she wanted her to stay all night at her house instead. So back to cuddling... She said "I don't want to stay at Gee's....I want to stay home with you guys." I said "Why Mackenzie? What's wrong" she paused and said "Well... I get scared at gee's house at night.... and it will PISS ME OFF!" I uncontrollably laughed and then said "Mackenzie we do not say that." She said "What Mommy? I just said it would piss me off?!" I said "I know Mackenzie but that's a bad word..." She said "NUH-UH!!! (so and so) at school says it!!!" I said "It doesn't matter, you don't say it because it's a bad word. If you get upset say it TICKS you off." (not much better I know but at least she's not saying pissssss!!) so a few minutes later it's silent and I hear her under her breathe say "It ticks me off...." And I just giggled under my breathe.....  Why can't she go back to this stage?!?!
So innocent!!! Still goofy as hell though!

5.So glad TATOR is still on Xfactor and #1 at that!!! For those of you who don't know he is from Belton, Missouri. That's a whopping like 2 miles away from me in little ole Peculiar. So exciting to have a hometown hero!!!

6.This is old news to those who follow me on facebook but.... I CUT MY HAIR!!! AHHH it's so short now! lol well...compared to what it was. I can't even put it all up in a ponytail! Here is the best pic I have gotten so far.
I know it's all grainy but it was the front camera
on the hubs phone. Just call me miss SASSY pants! lol

7. I know I said I was working on my 4 month post op post but...ummm...yeah. Ain't happenin' It's almost 5 months so I think it would be silly to do one now lol. 

8.I'm having a rough time with my eating since starting my new job. I've had A LOT of candy. Little mini candy know the 25 calorie 3 Muskies? Yeah... 25 calories? That's it?!?! Well, not when you eat like 10!!! THANK god I haven't done any major damage but I am NOT looking forward to stepping on that scale tomorrow. I know it won't be awful but I am kind of disappointed I got SOOO close to Onederland and then stalled out. I need to get my head out of my rear and focus. Who cares the candy jar is RIGHT by my desk. I just need to tell myself it's a jar full of turds... nasty, awful, brown turds. 

9. In conjunction with #8 I have also been seriously slacking on my exercise...for REAL. I NEED to get my ass in gear. I am calling upon my friends...CUPCAKE! BANANA! Kick me in my assssssss!!!!  (oh, btw banana is my other BFF, we have known each other forever and she is doing an AMAZING job losing weight with the ole S4lyfe if you know what I'm sayin...) 
Me and Banana, we've been through LOTS of 
weight loss tries together. She rocks. (p.s.notice I have a neck? 
Notice I have cheeks?!?! NSV baby!!!)

10. I've been going back through a lot of my pictures and it's so crazy to see old pictures and new pictures... So surreal. It's still me but I look so different. I can't wait to see what I will look like at my goal weight. Smokin' hot for sure.... ;)  OOOHHHHH Did you all see I reached my 100th post?!?! WOW... it seems like just yesterday I was working up the courage to start this here blog. And I'm SOOOOOOO glad I did. I love you all *MUAH*

Me and the baby did a photo shoot the other night SO I will leave you once again with ridiculously cute pics of the kiddo. 
It's so weird to look at pics of myself and not cringe... but actually 
Think "Hey! I look pretty dang good!!!"
Plus the kid's cute...
My lips and teeth look purdy here...sorry, had to share lol 

She is JUST like her sister...goooooofffffyyyyy!!! 


  1. Its crazy the things they learn at school! Great pics and I love your hair!

  2. You are cute as a button and that lil' muffin is off the charts cute!

  3. Poop? Oh dear lord sweet baby Jesus I got nothing..

    But your a fox

  4. lots of pretty ladies in this post :o) love the haircut and when I get mine done do not think that I "bit" you cuz I also want chin length hair, I wonder why maybe cuz we have necks now hahahaha soooo poop touching and pissed off ,school yard teachings I am not looking forward too with my lil guy lol enjoy

  5. I'm loving the hair and your glasses! I'm also a fan of the 10 things I'm thankful for. I could use more gratitude in my attitude this week! Best of luck and adorable kiddos!