Thursday, August 30, 2012


Thanks to the lovely Miss Laura from Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier we have Ten Things Thursday! :)
So what is this "TTT" I speak of? Well, it's just simply ten things...what things? ANY things. ANY things at all. They can be as random or as cohesive as you would like. If you've been reading everyone elses but afraid to do your own...DO IT! There is no special permission, we all just do it for fun! We all just like to give mad props to Laura because she's the evil genius who started it!

1.Thank you... all of you. I disappear for a couple of weeks and ya'll check on me. TOO sweet! I just want to let you guys know I really am just peachy. It's just been so ridiculously busy at work I don't have time to form a complete thought on my own after work let alone make a complete blog post. (if you could peek into my blogger you would see like 3 different drafts where I started but never finished!)

2. I'm learning I still have a long way to go with learning how to deal with stress WITHOUT food. This is my first test and i'm failing... pretty miserably. I know this will pass. I am learning. I don't expect to just fix everything this quickly. I've been eating really bad this week. I haven't even weighed. I'm sure I'm up at least 5 lbs. But you know what? I'm not going to let it bother me. I'm not going to cry and say "why try and do better i've already failed" like I used to. I know i'm trying to learn how to do deal with things without the only thing I've really ever used to deal with those things....that's tuff folks. Real tuff. I know I can do it though. I'm learning from this. Next time I will be better prepared. Will I do everything perfectly? No, and I don't expect to. But I feel like I will do better.

3. Had my cousins reunion down at Alhonna Resort at the lake of the ozarks this past weekend. It was epic. FOR REALZ! I love my family. I'm so glad we started this tradition and I can't wait until next year. I promise I will post pics soon, I haven't even had time to upload them to the computer. Soon my little cupakes, soon. Here is a teaser pic...  (yes the duck face was on purpose, we were being silly...and drunk)

Soooo....pretty sure that is a LARGE shirt i'm wearing. Ummm...that means no X... 
That right there is an NSV!! :)

4. We have been completely kid free since Monday morning. My mom and grandma decided to take my 4 year old on an extended vacation to Branson so The Hubs mom took the baby for the week. 

Yep, you see that right. My 4 year old is a proud owner of her first Coach purse. There's a Coach Factory store in Branson. (Mamaw can support that habit for her lol!)  Oh and she's showing off her new kicks. 

5. What have I been doing with my kid free time? Ummmm....... working. A lot. In a call-center. Tuesday I worked from 6:38 am until 6:57pm. In a call-center. I clocked about 12 hours of overtime for this upcoming paycheck...did I mention it's a call-center? Um... so if you have never worked in a call-center you do not realize it's kind of like working in ..well... hell. It would be what I would equate to having a full time job of walking barefoot over legos while trying to recite the alphabet backwards... but like in yiddish.

6. I miss my babes... a lot. It's crazy, after a long day an cranky kids i'm always like "GEEZE! I need a break!!!" Then when they are gone i'm like "Boohoo I miss my kids!!!" I think moms are certifiably insane.

I'm missin the hell outta these 2 chip munchers! :)

7.It feels nice to blog. It's crazy how much you miss it when you are absent for a couple weeks! I can't wait until busy season dies down and I can go back to posting like normal.

8.I'm starting the cycle this month for the egg-donation. For the new followers who haven't read my old posts I have a greed to donate my wittle eggs to help a couple (friends of ours actually) have a baby. It's been very exciting. We tried in June but the amounts of the medicines were not right for my body and the eggs didn't develop enough or quick enough to do the retrieval so we stopped. July I was banded (yay!) and August is busy season so September here we come! I had my first sono/blood appointment today and I'm supposed to start my injections Saturday (that is if this 1 little pesky cyst isn't making my estrogen levels too high) and the egg retrieval will be the week of the 10th. Wow, I have a lot going on!!

9. My 2nd fill is on Sept. 6 so like 7 days away. I'm stoked. I need it. I can basically stuff my face with whatever and however much I want. I have 5.2 cc's in a 10cc band and it's obviously not in the "green zone" yet, nor was I expecting to be yet. I will be back on the wagon in no time and the scale will start moving down again.

10. I love my food scale! (I only got to use it like 1 time so far but that 1 time rocked!) I will do a good review of it here pretty soon after I've used it more when my work calms down a little.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Weigh In - Pushin' 40

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Todays weight: 221.4 lbs

-3.8 lb loss this week

-13 lb loss since surgery
-39.6 lb loss overall


Yep, your peepers are not decieving you that's 3.8 lbs lost this week!!! Can I get a "HELL YES!"?!?!?  I'm so super stoked about that loss! That sure was a great way to start a monday!!! 

 Do you see my overall loss?!?! 39.6 lbs! I'm pushin' 40 folks and I couldn't be happier! Hopefully next monday we will be celebrating my big four-oh!  

I thought FOR SURE I was either going to maintain or actually gain because I went out on Friday night to get my party on for my birthday. Went with a couple friends and a work buddy. Got a little crazy, got a little drunk (on like 4 drinks total, i'm such a lightweight now I love it!), made it rain on some ladies at the strip club (yes, I am fiesty... I have been known to party hardy at a boobie bar a time or 2 lol  don't judge! )  When we got back to my friends house we made breakfast burritos... I was drunk and must have forgot I had the frikken lap band cuz I just started chowin' that down...big bites...not chewing very good... WELL, that only lasted 1 bite! All of sudden I just froze... I felt my first "Stuck" episode coming on... Nope... it went down...just...slooooowwwllllyyyy.
PHWEW! dodged that bullet. My lap-band was like "HELLO IDIOT! Forget about me down here?!?!"  I got the message loud and clear and took a couple more small bites and called it quits. 

 I heart my band. For real.  

Saturday I went to a baby shower and I did partake in cake and it was delicious. 

 Sunday was my birthday lunch at the in-laws. She was nice and cooked grilled chicken breast with pineapple slices. But I had cake there as well... cake 2 days in a row...oops  

 I think the reason I still saw a loss is because the band helped my portions ALOT and the bad stuff I ate was very small quantities.   Sunday night at family dinner we had tuna of my faves! I opted for crackers instead of bread (yay me!) I was only able to eat 5 tuna salad topped crackers and just a few chips! HOT DIGGITY DOG! That was exciting.. I just kept saying to everyone "MAN, I can't believe I'm already full!!" 

What I think I look like eating cake...

What I actually look like eating cake...

  I am finding myself taking a couple more bites even after I get the "STOP" signal. I don't go overboard, I just take a few more bites after I probably should have stopped. Maybe I'm just "testing" my band? Did you guys do that at first too? I know a lot of it is just still my food demon telling me it tastes sooo good, eat another bite, don't you dare waste that food, one more bite won't hurt...  I'm slowly learning how to be ok with leaving food on my plate. Today for lunch I got a southwest grilled chicken salad from mcdonalds. Immediately I removed almost half the lettuce and half the little chip strips. Used about 3/4's of the sauce packet. I did push myself to eat my whole portion but I was better by taking a lot off the top before I even started eating. I know I will get food addictions will get better, they already are. I just still have a ways to go.    

 OH! I FINALLY started exercising last night! Woot woot! I did a short Zumba class on the Xbox Kinect. It was a 5 song class, about 20 minutes. I didn't want to over do it and be so sore today I couldn't move. It was AWESOME! I probably could have kept going but it was late and I wanted to be able to move today. I'm really glad I stopped there because boy i'm feelin' it today! I'm excited to knock out another class tonight. Maybe I will add a song too to start rampin' it up!  

Good Monday my little cupcakes...good Monday indeed :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fills and Fist pumps

Ok my little cupcakes!! The day has come! I had my first fill today! :) And here's how it went...

-Appointment at 3:45, I get off work at 3:30. Cutting it close I know but it's really only 10 minutes away. WELLLL.... unless you get stuck behind a train in the industrial district of KCK!!!

-Called and told them I would be late but only a few minutes.

Got there at 3:50 YESSS! *fist pump*

Nurse called me back, took my temp asked if I felt ok...Apparently my temp now runs high. It was 99.6 and I feel fine. Blood pressure normal. Weight 225.2 lbs same as Monday YESSS! *fist pump*

Told me the Dr. would be in shortly...

Tick-tock... tick-tock...tick-tock

4:30 Dr. Fearing walks in and says "sorry about the wait but I'm having a hard time finding your surgery report."
I said "Well, it might be because you didn't actually do my surgery. You were supposed to, but Dr. Malley did it instead."



Exit Dr. Fearing.... Comes back about 5 minutes later, report in hand. YESSS! *fist pump*

So we begin.. she tells me she is going to feel for my port. And she does... pressing very hard. My port is NOT where I thought it was!

She goes over, opens all the fun poking and prodding materials and comes over with the big ole' needle. She said she was going to first remove the saline to see how much Dr. Malley put in during surgery.

She pressed on my port hard and stuck the needle in... Not so bad actually... well... except she couldn't locate my port with the needle...SOOOO the fishing began... THAT hurt like a sumbitch! She tried one more time and couldn't get it so off to the x-ray room we went!

Laid on the table, turned on the x-ray machine... Saw my little port, watched the needle go in on the screen. It was too cool! Took my mind off of the stick! She said "No wonder! Your port is turned slightly!" So she had to go in at an angle, never woulda known without the x-ray.

She drew out the liquid and said I had 3 cc's...REALLY?!?!?! I had no idea! I've had like NO restriction so I thought for sure the little effer was empty! *fist pump*

She unscrewed the syringe to add liquid...(needle still in port) and screwed it back in and filled me!

I have to tell is the weirdest most indescribable feeling! Once it was in the port the movements felt so weird...Like it was in my body and I felt the little pain from the puncture but it's like I could FEEL that is was attached to something in my body that was NOT a part of my body. It's totally crazy and it's hard to explain until you have felt it!

I asked her how much was in my band now and she said 5.2 cc's!!

YESSSSSS  *double fist pump*
Sat up, sipped some problems at all.
I'm on liquids for 2 days, then I can go back to regular foods. I can't wait to start eating again and see if I feel any restriction! :)

So, in conclusion my first fill went smashingly well! Even given the hiccups. If you know me you know that i'm very easy going and I don't get upset easily. I go with the flow so none of this upset me at all.

I go back in 2 weeks for another fill...then another 2 weeks. I'm excited for this journey I feel like it's REALLY starting now! :)

(sorry I didn't get any pics, they never left anything out on the counter or left the needle in and left. I didn't want to be weird and try taking pictures with her in the room lol)

Poo Poo Puddin!

Dear "Snack Pack" pudding makers,

 I purchased your newest line of pudding at the grocery yesterday quite excited about your newest flavor "chocolate cupcake" being as I am a bandster and try to steer clear of such delicous treats (as much as possible for a cupcake baker!) I was delighted to see this flavor. My mouth was watering as I tore the square alluminum type covering from the little plastic container. I couldn't wait to get my cupcake fix. I am very displeased to say, this pudding did in NO way resemble any parts of a chocolate cupcake. It simply tasted like chocolate pudding with a layer of vanilla pudding on top. Poo Poo Puddin I say! I feel a little deceived by the delicious looking cupcake cartoon printed on the carton. Or perhaps maybe I had set my expectations too high? Either way I will not continue to waste 100 calories on a snack that has sugar and does NOT taste like a delicious chocolate cupcake. I would rather save my calories and eat Jell-O brands sugar free pudding, which in all honesty tastes better. No bueno Snack Pack...No BUENO!

 The Dandy Bandy
(who is a very sad face clown right now)

Ten Things Thursday

Brought to you by the always lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier!

1. WOW! Work is frakken busy I barely have time to produce my thoughts let alone try and plot out a blog post! Thank goodness for TTT to let me give quick updates! Speaking of work... I work in a call center for a catalog order school supply company...and it's back to school... SOOOO we are ridiculously busy (good for $, bad for my mental state!) We don't have as many temps this year or people in general so we have calls waiting in queue ALL day... what happens when we are in queue? There is this "DING" noise all throughout the office. If we stay in queue it "DINGS" about every 10 seconds or so... at this point I get the strong urge to pick up my phone and drop kick it out our 2nd story window when I hear that "DING" ....I'm hearing it in my sleep... it's haunting me. I just keep telling myself "busy season is half way over.... the $$ will be worth it..."

2. My birthday was Tuesday!! Not real exciting since I had to work, and work overtime. Me and The Hubs went out for pizza and rented a movie to watch all by our lonesome and then went and picked the girls up afterwards. I'm officially 27 years of age. Creepin' up to 30. I don't mind....I have a feeling 30 is gonna be great ;)

3.Speaking of birthday, my mother in law asked me what I wanted and for ONCE I had something to tell her!! (I have a problem saying what I want for holidays and makes me feel selfish I guess I don't know... we didn't have a lot of money growing up so we were thankfull for what we got, we weren't the kind of kids who made big ole lists and cried if we didn't get everything we wanted) I was responsible and instead of asking for cupcake tins or baking supplies I asked for a digital food scale. Because I do not have one and I'm TERRIBLE at "eyeballing" food amounts. She let me pick out which one I'm getting and I'm soooo excited about it. It's one that has like 2000 foods programmed into it so you put the code in for the food and then weigh it and it lists all the nutrition info for the serving you have on the scale. I'm getting it Sunday and after I use it for a couple weeks I will do a review on it! :)

4. Guess who's getting their first fill today? Yup, that'd be me! I'm super excited! I know I shouldn't expect perfect restriction on my first fill but i'm hoping to get a little help here! I'll let you all know how it goes!

5.I'm super stressed out right now with work (see #1) and usually... the "old" me would be stopping and getting an ice cream filled with hot fudge and whipped cream and candy/cookie bits everyday on the way home from work. The "new" me is having a hard time adjusting to stress without eating everything in sight. Don't get me wrong...I want to...I have been thinking..ok obsessing over exactly what I WANT to eat to get rid of my stress. Thing is... It won't get rid of my stress.. it will do NOTHING besides make me feel like complete shit. I know this now...I really do....but there is a little food pusher in my mind telling me "Go ahead, eat the snickers will taste sooo good and it will make you forget about everything" I think this is where people don't "get it" about being obese. that sounds like a junkie talking. That sounds like someone looking to get their next "fix"... this is an ADDICTION. People do (insert drug of choice here) to "make it all go away" and forget about everything. They know it's bad for them, they know it's killing them but they do it anyway... Sound familiar? People want to criticize obese people and say "just eat less, it's that simple" well let's try the same logic on a heroin addict "just don't use, it's that simple" ummm...yeah... pretty sure most heroin addicts go through clinical rehab and many have relapses before they kick the habit. They go to extremes to save their life. SAME HERE! Some of us have decided that enough is enough and it's time to go to extremes to kick the habit! I had the lap-band because I knew where my life was heading....and I didn't like it. I decided to take a stand and fight the fight to kick the habit and change my life...and my future.

6. I haven't had but a sip or 2 of soda since about mid June! :) I think that addiction is finally over!!

7.I'm starting to really see changes in myself. Especially my face. My double chin is slowly but surely shrinking into one chin. Took this picture this morning cuz I was feeling extra sassy in my gray lace top and leggings (although you can't see the outfit in the picture!)

8.Did I already mention I have my first fill today? I did? ;)

9.My baby turned 1 on 8/3 but was sick so we held off on her party until this last saturday the 11th. So glad we waited! She had a blast! Not a TON of people (learned that with the big girls 1st party...never again!) Just family and Cupcake (my bestie) and her kiddos. Of course I made cupcakes, they turned AH-MAY-ZING! I think my best yet. I also used my new ice cream maker and make Strawberry ice cream and Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. (I know, not the healthiest but it was my first go at it so I just made regular fatty ice cream for the party since it was in the booklet that came with the thing!) It all turned out great, everyone loved it and had a great time.

10. The last will just be pictures from babies bday party and such!  :)

Delish! Strawberry cupcake w/cream cheese
frosting and a swirl of chocolate cream cheese frosting
Baby and Uncle Geoff
Bday girl and Daddy
Big Sis at Worlds of Fun
 thuroughly enjoying her Sgetti
Modeling her scarf her "auntie" in Montana made her

And finally... my new mix c.d....

Monday, August 13, 2012

1 Month Post-Op Progress

Well, I'm a day late but i'm here! Yesterday marks the 1 month mark since Lap-Band surgery. Sooooooo...It's time for an update!! We will go ahead and make this Monday Weigh In as well...

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Todays weight: 225.2 lbs

-.03 lb loss this week

-9.2 lb loss since surgery
-35.8 lb loss overall


Not quite the loss we all would like to see...but a loss none the less!!! I am always happy when it goes down! So far the scale has gone down every week and that my friends is super duper :)

Here are my measurements 1 month post-op:

                 7/11/12      8/13/12    Loss
Neck.............15"............15" -----0"
R bicep..........17.5 .........16"------1.5" 
L bicep..........17"...........15" ------2" 
R forearm.......12.5"........12"------.5"
L forearm.......12"...........12"-------0"
R thigh............24.5"........22.75"----1.75"

L thigh............24.25".......23"-------1.25"
                             TOTAL LOSS----13"

13 inches?!?! WOW... that's huge. I was in shock when I was typing this in! I've only lost 9.2 lbs between the 2 measurement dates but man, 13 frikken inches?!?! I'm psyched... for sure. I can't wait to go to the Dr. and have them see my progress! :)

Here are some 1 month comparison photos.... (Someone give me the hookup on a way to do before/after pics... (I messed with blogger for a long damn time to get them like this and they still look horrible, at least they are in the right order now! I really almost drop kicked my computer out the window...) The left pics are the night before surgery, the right side are the ones from tonight. I can see a difference already! :)

Let The Hubs take pics and this is what you get...PERV! 

The bra i'm wearing in the pics from tonight is comically big on me now...The Hubs was laughing at me earlier before I got in the bath. I really need some new 

I go for my first fill on  on Thursday and let me tell ya... I am REALLY needing it!!! It's getting harder and harder to keep my portions what they should be. I'm not sure how much they will put in but I'm sure it will do SOMETHING right? I'm super proud of my progress so far and can't wait to see what happens when I start incorporating vigorous exercise back into routine and get my portions more under control with my fills. 

Work is ridiculously busy so I may be really scattered with my posts....busy season will be over in about a month and I won't be so stressed out and I will have more time to blog. Working overtime and the stress of the crazy busy days are DRAINING me...not to mention really testing my willpower. I've made some regrettable food choices *cough...cupcakes...cough* It's hard trying to find new ways to deal with stress without food. I can do it though. I got this. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Weigh In and Weekend Roundup

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Todays weight: 225.5 lbs

-1.5 lb loss this week

-8.9 lb loss since surgery

-35.5 lb loss overall


So yeah... Super happy about that loss. I'm just super happy to be losing. My Dr. told me not to expect very much loss after surgery up to my fill and that a lot of patients actually gain weight. That now is time for healing not focusing on the weight loss.  So I really wasn't expecting good losses. Man, I've had 1+ lb losses every week so I must be doing something right! I can't wait until my fill August 16th! 

So, The Baby's 1st birthday was Friday. Poor thing was sick all weekend. I'm glad I cancelled her party for Saturday because Saturday morning she blew chunks all over me, herself and the floor. It was EVERYWHERE, my whole left side was covered. She sure had a good time in the bath that followed... She just played and played... must have felt better. I would too after all that comin' outta me! We have postponed her party until next saturday, hopefully she will be good and healthy by then (me too, I'm still not feeling the best!) Instead I went with Cupcake (my best friend for my new followers) back to school shopping. Wow... my kid isn't even in kindergarten yet...just pre-k and I spent a pretty damn penny. It wasn't all "school supplies" alot of it was clothes but still! SHEESH! We were out shopping for ..oh...about 10 hours!!!! I guess that's a lot of exercise too so that's a plus. I tried on A LOT of stuff everywhere I went to try and get me a couple outfits to wear because I'm running on a few articles right now. Ummm.... NO! I walked away with a big fat empty bag for me! I probably tried on a total of 60 garments and NOTHING fit like it should... it was either WAY too tight or too big. So, it looks like I will be recycling the baggy crap until I have money and am not in an in between size. I also need to check with my surgeon to see if he does a clothing exchange, that would be helpful!

Wait, I lied... after family dinner I ran out to exhange some clothes for Big Girl that were too small. I figured I would try on a dress (just a little $14 thing from wal-mart) OH MY it's cute! It's a floor length tube style dress and guess what size it was? A FRIKKEN LARGE! Now don't get excited because every where else the XL's are either too tight or too big. Now it's just a tad tight but I got it that way on purpose so it will fit better in the next month. I'm wearing it right now... WITH a little short sleeve jean jacket i've had for like 5 years but never wore because it was too small and I felt uncomfortable. I guess that's an NSV! :) and it's a MAJOR nsv because it shows my "elbow roll" as I call it... You know...that little fat roll that hangs over your elbow? Yeah, I'm totally rocking that shit out today. I feel more comfortable in my skin at 225 than I did last time I was at 225. I like it. I'm wearing things I never would have wore before. I can't wait to continue and see my style form. I always liked to think I had style but who can really have style when the plus size section is teeny tiny and it all looks like old lady clothes? There are so many things I would have liked to wear if only I was smaller... I can't wait to develope a REAL style.

Oh I forgot!! The World According To Eggface posted about an ice cream maker last week. I ALMOST ordered it on was in my cart. At the last minute I decided against it. It was $59.95. WELL, at Kohls saturday they had it! And it was only $49.95...AND I had a $10 off for my bday---AND I had a 20% off coupon.. Happy Birthday to me :)  (which is on August 14th btw... I accept cash, money order, personal check, purses, or shoes)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Why do we do ten things thursday? Because Miss Laura Belle at Beer, Dogs and getting Healthier is a flippin genius! :) If you haven't gone and visited her all I can say is "Are you frikken stoned?!?"
Go visit...
You won't regret it...
I'll make it easy for ya... just click ---->RIGHT HERE!
Get it? Got it? Good!

1.If you haven't noticed my blogging has slowed down. Not because I want to, believe me I would blog like 4 times a day if I could. It's work... oh work... August is busy season... which means we are balls to the wall.  SOOOO... that means less time blogging because now on my breaks I actually need a' Don't worry, I will definitely still do my Monday weigh ins and hopefully TripleT's but unless I figure out a way to break the time and space continuum and go back in time, to get more time to blog...I just don't see it happenin.

2. Draz... I'm so proud of you. You proved your courage and showed your heart to all of us. You were/are extremely brave and you have my respect. I hope you know or will eventually see the depth of your actions and the effect it has on everyone involved. I tip my hat to you...

3. I really need to exercise... Not like..."I guess I probably need to exercise to please my surgeon..ho hum" But like.."OMG I NEED TO EXERCISE!!!" I need to get my damn sweat on! I'm one of those rare gems that LOVE exercise! Some of you know what I mean!! Others of you have to drag yourself to exercise and hate every minute of it.. to you I say... DO IT. Suck it up and do it for like 3 weeks. Get all hot and sweaty and messy and sore for 3 weeks... Your body/mind will start craving it. BOOM!

4. I've been doing really good food wise! (no help to my band! lol) that was not a slight against the band by ANY MEANS! I meant that as in I have zero, zilch, nada, NOTHING in my band and I'm STILL making good food choices and eating good portions. If I can do this well on my own I'm gonna rock the shit outta this thing once they start fillin' her up! :)

5. OH OH OH!!! I forgot to tell you guys! My first fill will be August 16th!?! I'm so stinking excited! (watch out, I see a happy dance coming on!!) Then I go back Sept. 2 for another fill...then Sept 16th I think for another fill...Then October something or another for another fill! I've got all my appointments set and something to look forward to! I've been losing great and I can't wait to have the hunger a little more under control cuz I gotta say my will power account is about overdrawn!

6. I know this may sound weird...and please don't think i'm a creep-o or anything and PLEASE tell me if you agree to help my argument with The Hubs (he thought i'm a creep-o!) Is it just me or was Bane ridiculously hot?!?! Bane, you know the bad guy in the new batman movie? Big, bald, buff guy with a weird gas mask type thing on...talked like a sexy darth vader?  And I don't mean Tom Hardy the actor playing Bane (although he's pretty damn fine) but the CHARACTER Bane... I was oddly turned on by him. I don't know what it was... he was just...yummy (and no, it wasn't the killing people... or the evil-ness, there was just something about HIM, the way he walked....his movements, his HOT bod) Ok, now I think i'm starting to sound like a creep-o...

7.I'm sick... The Baby and The Big Girl are both sick. It sucks...balls. Drainage like no can't breathe, I can't breathe, big girl is coughing up crap. We are just one big sick den over here. But my but is still going to work..why? Please see #1

8.The Baby turns 1 tomorrow.. I just can't believe it's been a seems like a month. Why the hell does time speed up so fast as you get older? The next thing I know I'm gonna be buying cars and paying for weddings! Geeze, is this what I put my mother through?!?!

9.I added a new little blurb under my blog title. I've been toying with it for a while, I didn't want it to sound stupid. So....please leave me feedback. Do you like it? Does it 'sound' good? What is your suggestion on how to make it better? I'm I obsessing over it too much? lol

10. It's so weird to hear people tell me i'm inspirational....or that I have inspired them. I mean, that's what I set out to do with this blog...well..not to inspire anyone per-say...rather just be a useful resource to others. But that was all 2nd to my personal accountability and cheap  free therapy sessions. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words. I hope to continue my journey and keep inspiring you along the way. If you are a new follower and have a blog, PLEASE make yourself known in the comments. Post the link to your blog so I and my followers can follow you. Also, if anyone EVER needs ANYTHING. Advice, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, cheering up i'm just a click away. My email is and my facebook is  I will always respond.

And I leave you with this...
Tom Hardy before (yum)

As Bane...

Holy Muscles Batman! ;)