Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Weigh In - Pushin' 40

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Todays weight: 221.4 lbs

-3.8 lb loss this week

-13 lb loss since surgery
-39.6 lb loss overall


Yep, your peepers are not decieving you that's 3.8 lbs lost this week!!! Can I get a "HELL YES!"?!?!?  I'm so super stoked about that loss! That sure was a great way to start a monday!!! 

 Do you see my overall loss?!?! 39.6 lbs! I'm pushin' 40 folks and I couldn't be happier! Hopefully next monday we will be celebrating my big four-oh!  

I thought FOR SURE I was either going to maintain or actually gain because I went out on Friday night to get my party on for my birthday. Went with a couple friends and a work buddy. Got a little crazy, got a little drunk (on like 4 drinks total, i'm such a lightweight now I love it!), made it rain on some ladies at the strip club (yes, I am fiesty... I have been known to party hardy at a boobie bar a time or 2 lol  don't judge! )  When we got back to my friends house we made breakfast burritos... I was drunk and must have forgot I had the frikken lap band cuz I just started chowin' that down...big bites...not chewing very good... WELL, that only lasted 1 bite! All of sudden I just froze... I felt my first "Stuck" episode coming on... Nope... it went down...just...slooooowwwllllyyyy.
PHWEW! dodged that bullet. My lap-band was like "HELLO IDIOT! Forget about me down here?!?!"  I got the message loud and clear and took a couple more small bites and called it quits. 

 I heart my band. For real.  

Saturday I went to a baby shower and I did partake in cake and it was delicious. 

 Sunday was my birthday lunch at the in-laws. She was nice and cooked grilled chicken breast with pineapple slices. But I had cake there as well... cake 2 days in a row...oops  

 I think the reason I still saw a loss is because the band helped my portions ALOT and the bad stuff I ate was very small quantities.   Sunday night at family dinner we had tuna of my faves! I opted for crackers instead of bread (yay me!) I was only able to eat 5 tuna salad topped crackers and just a few chips! HOT DIGGITY DOG! That was exciting.. I just kept saying to everyone "MAN, I can't believe I'm already full!!" 

What I think I look like eating cake...

What I actually look like eating cake...

  I am finding myself taking a couple more bites even after I get the "STOP" signal. I don't go overboard, I just take a few more bites after I probably should have stopped. Maybe I'm just "testing" my band? Did you guys do that at first too? I know a lot of it is just still my food demon telling me it tastes sooo good, eat another bite, don't you dare waste that food, one more bite won't hurt...  I'm slowly learning how to be ok with leaving food on my plate. Today for lunch I got a southwest grilled chicken salad from mcdonalds. Immediately I removed almost half the lettuce and half the little chip strips. Used about 3/4's of the sauce packet. I did push myself to eat my whole portion but I was better by taking a lot off the top before I even started eating. I know I will get food addictions will get better, they already are. I just still have a ways to go.    

 OH! I FINALLY started exercising last night! Woot woot! I did a short Zumba class on the Xbox Kinect. It was a 5 song class, about 20 minutes. I didn't want to over do it and be so sore today I couldn't move. It was AWESOME! I probably could have kept going but it was late and I wanted to be able to move today. I'm really glad I stopped there because boy i'm feelin' it today! I'm excited to knock out another class tonight. Maybe I will add a song too to start rampin' it up!  

Good Monday my little cupcakes...good Monday indeed :)


  1. WOW! Great job this week. Sounds like you had fund and lost weight, YIPEE! Its so hard to stop eating when we should. Hopefully that's something we will learn quickly. Happy belated B-Day!

  2. So super dooper proud of you tootsie!!! :) Love and hugs and smoochies!! ;)

  3. I want some cake.

    Nice loss. Seriously. :)

  4. EXCELLENT! Nice loss, and Happy Birthday

  5. Great loss for the week, and overall!!

  6. Great loss! And good on ya for starting the exercise...I know that is something you've really wanted to get going on. :-)

  7. Congrats.... I pushed it all the time June and most of July and my weight loss showed it. This last fill I got did the trick!!!!

  8. I hate to admit it, but five years out and I'm still guilty of "testing" the band on occasion. I think for me it comes from having so many adjustments, up and down. So I've had brief periods of no restriction where I could eat like before, and then getting refilled, I've had to readjust to bandster ways all over again. Frustrating, to say the least.

    Oh yeah, You are doing awesome!

  9. I think I've just been floating around in a maintenance mindset as I adjust to being this size again for the first time in 4yrs. Seeing your success is lighting a fire under my butt to get me back into action.. SO excited for your loss! That's seriously awesome!!

  10. Fantastic loss! Keep up the great work chica!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Go you with your kickass weight loss. FIST PUMP!

  12. Happy bday
    and yes I do test the last bite theroy all the time. I get so few and its the oral pleasure of just one more that gets me everytime.

    Ps your mix is coming today

  13. Dang, great loss this week, girlfriend!

  14. Why did you quit blogging? Or not blogging daily? Or even every 2 days?