Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Why do we do ten things thursday? Because Miss Laura Belle at Beer, Dogs and getting Healthier is a flippin genius! :) If you haven't gone and visited her all I can say is "Are you frikken stoned?!?"
Go visit...
You won't regret it...
I'll make it easy for ya... just click ---->RIGHT HERE!
Get it? Got it? Good!

1.If you haven't noticed my blogging has slowed down. Not because I want to, believe me I would blog like 4 times a day if I could. It's work... oh work... August is busy season... which means we are balls to the wall.  SOOOO... that means less time blogging because now on my breaks I actually need a' Don't worry, I will definitely still do my Monday weigh ins and hopefully TripleT's but unless I figure out a way to break the time and space continuum and go back in time, to get more time to blog...I just don't see it happenin.

2. Draz... I'm so proud of you. You proved your courage and showed your heart to all of us. You were/are extremely brave and you have my respect. I hope you know or will eventually see the depth of your actions and the effect it has on everyone involved. I tip my hat to you...

3. I really need to exercise... Not like..."I guess I probably need to exercise to please my surgeon..ho hum" But like.."OMG I NEED TO EXERCISE!!!" I need to get my damn sweat on! I'm one of those rare gems that LOVE exercise! Some of you know what I mean!! Others of you have to drag yourself to exercise and hate every minute of it.. to you I say... DO IT. Suck it up and do it for like 3 weeks. Get all hot and sweaty and messy and sore for 3 weeks... Your body/mind will start craving it. BOOM!

4. I've been doing really good food wise! (no help to my band! lol) that was not a slight against the band by ANY MEANS! I meant that as in I have zero, zilch, nada, NOTHING in my band and I'm STILL making good food choices and eating good portions. If I can do this well on my own I'm gonna rock the shit outta this thing once they start fillin' her up! :)

5. OH OH OH!!! I forgot to tell you guys! My first fill will be August 16th!?! I'm so stinking excited! (watch out, I see a happy dance coming on!!) Then I go back Sept. 2 for another fill...then Sept 16th I think for another fill...Then October something or another for another fill! I've got all my appointments set and something to look forward to! I've been losing great and I can't wait to have the hunger a little more under control cuz I gotta say my will power account is about overdrawn!

6. I know this may sound weird...and please don't think i'm a creep-o or anything and PLEASE tell me if you agree to help my argument with The Hubs (he thought i'm a creep-o!) Is it just me or was Bane ridiculously hot?!?! Bane, you know the bad guy in the new batman movie? Big, bald, buff guy with a weird gas mask type thing on...talked like a sexy darth vader?  And I don't mean Tom Hardy the actor playing Bane (although he's pretty damn fine) but the CHARACTER Bane... I was oddly turned on by him. I don't know what it was... he was just...yummy (and no, it wasn't the killing people... or the evil-ness, there was just something about HIM, the way he walked....his movements, his HOT bod) Ok, now I think i'm starting to sound like a creep-o...

7.I'm sick... The Baby and The Big Girl are both sick. It sucks...balls. Drainage like no can't breathe, I can't breathe, big girl is coughing up crap. We are just one big sick den over here. But my but is still going to work..why? Please see #1

8.The Baby turns 1 tomorrow.. I just can't believe it's been a seems like a month. Why the hell does time speed up so fast as you get older? The next thing I know I'm gonna be buying cars and paying for weddings! Geeze, is this what I put my mother through?!?!

9.I added a new little blurb under my blog title. I've been toying with it for a while, I didn't want it to sound stupid. So....please leave me feedback. Do you like it? Does it 'sound' good? What is your suggestion on how to make it better? I'm I obsessing over it too much? lol

10. It's so weird to hear people tell me i'm inspirational....or that I have inspired them. I mean, that's what I set out to do with this blog...well..not to inspire anyone per-say...rather just be a useful resource to others. But that was all 2nd to my personal accountability and cheap  free therapy sessions. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words. I hope to continue my journey and keep inspiring you along the way. If you are a new follower and have a blog, PLEASE make yourself known in the comments. Post the link to your blog so I and my followers can follow you. Also, if anyone EVER needs ANYTHING. Advice, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, cheering up i'm just a click away. My email is and my facebook is  I will always respond.

And I leave you with this...
Tom Hardy before (yum)

As Bane...

Holy Muscles Batman! ;)


  1. Hi Julie! One thing I would luuuv is if you changed the setting so that when you comment, I could reply back to you! I know Sarah said the way she fixed it on hers was by going to her blogger profile, and making sure the box that says "show my email address" was selected. Right now I can't reply to your emails because I get the "no-reply-blogger" message - boo hoo!!! I want to talk back to you!! :-( I typed you this big old email today and it got EATEN when I didn't realize you had the no-reply thing on. :-(

    In other news.....I'm digging on those muscles too! And the only thing worse than being sick I think, is being sick in the summer!! I hope you all get better soon, and especially for Baby Girls big birthday!! Time DOES fly. I can't believe I'm teaching my oldest to drive right now. gahh

  2. ahhh I forgot what I was gonna say thanks to those pics ,,, mmm baby lol

    lets ee you know i love the hotcake thingy on your blog title.
    also i hope you and your peeps feel better very very soon, i hate being sick and I really hate my lil guy being sick! I feel bad for you mama.
    AWWW baby is gonna be 1 have a happy day 2-moro, my guy just turned 22 months yesterday

    so you wont be blogging much in august, well I say you better make up for it in September lol (jk)

  3. love the subheading! and yea that bad guy Bane was pretty awesome but for me i think it was the accent. what can i say, i'm the nerd sucker for an accent!

  4. Love the sub heading ...super sassy

  5. Starting with, I didn't find him hot. I did, however, really like his voice. I wanted to have him read me a book on tape or something - it was quite soothing.

    My body has started craving exercise here the past couple of weeks. I haven't done strenuous workout in a LONG time. I, too, used to love it and feel the need to get my sweat on! Thanks for the kick in the pants.

    Love you cute little by-line too.

  6. You shouldn't have to go back to blogger profile, but you do need to get into it. (Sorry I only know how to post her since I can't reply to you, can you delete these comments after, lol?) Can you figure out how to access your dashboard? You just need to get to where you are viewing your own blog. Get to your blog or dashboard, then select your edit profile button, hopefully it's that easy, that it is just checking the box that says, "show email address". I bet it IS that. Also, if you send me an email to my email address, not via a comment on my blog, I may be able to email you back! xo (and avoid the "no-reply-comment" issue!

  7. Well did break the bat, and that has to count for some sexy bonus points. I will be the first to admit I did not like the first pictures i saw of bane and i was expecting the worse but I was very suprised how good it was.
    Plus have you seen the pic of tom hardy just after the bane stuff got done filming he had a sun tan on his face and head except where the bane mask was stark white!!

    1. OMG I saw that pic too, it was pretty hilarious... I bet he wore a baseball cap for a few weeks lol

  8. That first year (and the every one to follow) goes SO fast! Mine turns four in a couple of weeks! I totally get the working out thing. AND I have another giveaway today you might love! If you haven't heard of the Zaggora HotPants, check them out! They maximize your workout and I think they work. I LOVED them! And have three pairs from the company to give away. So its great odds for winning!! Here's the link:

  9. this comment has nothing to do with your post but.....I wish you had your cupcakery and you could make me 3 dozen of them sweet babies and ship them to me over night! ok thats all.....