Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Weigh In and Weekend Roundup

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Todays weight: 225.5 lbs

-1.5 lb loss this week

-8.9 lb loss since surgery

-35.5 lb loss overall


So yeah... Super happy about that loss. I'm just super happy to be losing. My Dr. told me not to expect very much loss after surgery up to my fill and that a lot of patients actually gain weight. That now is time for healing not focusing on the weight loss.  So I really wasn't expecting good losses. Man, I've had 1+ lb losses every week so I must be doing something right! I can't wait until my fill August 16th! 

So, The Baby's 1st birthday was Friday. Poor thing was sick all weekend. I'm glad I cancelled her party for Saturday because Saturday morning she blew chunks all over me, herself and the floor. It was EVERYWHERE, my whole left side was covered. She sure had a good time in the bath that followed... She just played and played... must have felt better. I would too after all that comin' outta me! We have postponed her party until next saturday, hopefully she will be good and healthy by then (me too, I'm still not feeling the best!) Instead I went with Cupcake (my best friend for my new followers) back to school shopping. Wow... my kid isn't even in kindergarten yet...just pre-k and I spent a pretty damn penny. It wasn't all "school supplies" alot of it was clothes but still! SHEESH! We were out shopping for ..oh...about 10 hours!!!! I guess that's a lot of exercise too so that's a plus. I tried on A LOT of stuff everywhere I went to try and get me a couple outfits to wear because I'm running on a few articles right now. Ummm.... NO! I walked away with a big fat empty bag for me! I probably tried on a total of 60 garments and NOTHING fit like it should... it was either WAY too tight or too big. So, it looks like I will be recycling the baggy crap until I have money and am not in an in between size. I also need to check with my surgeon to see if he does a clothing exchange, that would be helpful!

Wait, I lied... after family dinner I ran out to exhange some clothes for Big Girl that were too small. I figured I would try on a dress (just a little $14 thing from wal-mart) OH MY it's cute! It's a floor length tube style dress and guess what size it was? A FRIKKEN LARGE! Now don't get excited because every where else the XL's are either too tight or too big. Now it's just a tad tight but I got it that way on purpose so it will fit better in the next month. I'm wearing it right now... WITH a little short sleeve jean jacket i've had for like 5 years but never wore because it was too small and I felt uncomfortable. I guess that's an NSV! :) and it's a MAJOR nsv because it shows my "elbow roll" as I call it... You know...that little fat roll that hangs over your elbow? Yeah, I'm totally rocking that shit out today. I feel more comfortable in my skin at 225 than I did last time I was at 225. I like it. I'm wearing things I never would have wore before. I can't wait to continue and see my style form. I always liked to think I had style but who can really have style when the plus size section is teeny tiny and it all looks like old lady clothes? There are so many things I would have liked to wear if only I was smaller... I can't wait to develope a REAL style.

Oh I forgot!! The World According To Eggface posted about an ice cream maker last week. I ALMOST ordered it on was in my cart. At the last minute I decided against it. It was $59.95. WELL, at Kohls saturday they had it! And it was only $49.95...AND I had a $10 off for my bday---AND I had a 20% off coupon.. Happy Birthday to me :)  (which is on August 14th btw... I accept cash, money order, personal check, purses, or shoes)


  1. Happy Birthday! My little boy (16 months) was vomiting on Thursday and then just running a fever all weekend. Yeah me! ON a more fun note, I love deals and steals on awesome stuff.

  2. great deal on the ice cream eggface!

  3. nice lose, and I know what ya mean about the style thing, I can not wait to actual buy something cuz i like it not cuz it fits well... yay icecream maker!! hope your girlio feels better very soon, oh and u too i guess lol... no really get some rest (ya right)

  4. Well done on the great weigh in keep up the wonderful work!

  5. love your bday present to yourself :)

  6. I know it's frustrating when nothing seems to fit right, but you'll get there! Being in between sizes is no fun. :(

    I hope you and your little lady get to feeling better before the party Saturday! And I'm super jealous that you got an ice cream maker... I've been thinking I should go get one, too. lol

  7. Sounds like some great finds! I love that you tried on the $14 dress and loved it. :-) I am sure you look terrific in it.

    And wow...35 pounds is a LOT of weight off your body, that is pretty amazing when you stop and think about it, huh? The 1.5 is a great loss for the week, and that is how they add up, week after week! Awesome.

  8. Your first paragraph almost made me cry. I've been struggling so hard in the six weeks since my surgery date Julie. I thought it was just me and me alone. I get my first fill tomorrow. I'm nervous as heck. But I've proud I've lost two sizes in a shirts and three sizes in pants ... not to mention 3 sizes in underwear and bras.