Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fills and Fist pumps

Ok my little cupcakes!! The day has come! I had my first fill today! :) And here's how it went...

-Appointment at 3:45, I get off work at 3:30. Cutting it close I know but it's really only 10 minutes away. WELLLL.... unless you get stuck behind a train in the industrial district of KCK!!!

-Called and told them I would be late but only a few minutes.

Got there at 3:50 YESSS! *fist pump*

Nurse called me back, took my temp asked if I felt ok...Apparently my temp now runs high. It was 99.6 and I feel fine. Blood pressure normal. Weight 225.2 lbs same as Monday YESSS! *fist pump*

Told me the Dr. would be in shortly...

Tick-tock... tick-tock...tick-tock

4:30 Dr. Fearing walks in and says "sorry about the wait but I'm having a hard time finding your surgery report."
I said "Well, it might be because you didn't actually do my surgery. You were supposed to, but Dr. Malley did it instead."



Exit Dr. Fearing.... Comes back about 5 minutes later, report in hand. YESSS! *fist pump*

So we begin.. she tells me she is going to feel for my port. And she does... pressing very hard. My port is NOT where I thought it was!

She goes over, opens all the fun poking and prodding materials and comes over with the big ole' needle. She said she was going to first remove the saline to see how much Dr. Malley put in during surgery.

She pressed on my port hard and stuck the needle in... Not so bad actually... well... except she couldn't locate my port with the needle...SOOOO the fishing began... THAT hurt like a sumbitch! She tried one more time and couldn't get it so off to the x-ray room we went!

Laid on the table, turned on the x-ray machine... Saw my little port, watched the needle go in on the screen. It was too cool! Took my mind off of the stick! She said "No wonder! Your port is turned slightly!" So she had to go in at an angle, never woulda known without the x-ray.

She drew out the liquid and said I had 3 cc's...REALLY?!?!?! I had no idea! I've had like NO restriction so I thought for sure the little effer was empty! *fist pump*

She unscrewed the syringe to add liquid...(needle still in port) and screwed it back in and filled me!

I have to tell is the weirdest most indescribable feeling! Once it was in the port the movements felt so weird...Like it was in my body and I felt the little pain from the puncture but it's like I could FEEL that is was attached to something in my body that was NOT a part of my body. It's totally crazy and it's hard to explain until you have felt it!

I asked her how much was in my band now and she said 5.2 cc's!!

YESSSSSS  *double fist pump*
Sat up, sipped some problems at all.
I'm on liquids for 2 days, then I can go back to regular foods. I can't wait to start eating again and see if I feel any restriction! :)

So, in conclusion my first fill went smashingly well! Even given the hiccups. If you know me you know that i'm very easy going and I don't get upset easily. I go with the flow so none of this upset me at all.

I go back in 2 weeks for another fill...then another 2 weeks. I'm excited for this journey I feel like it's REALLY starting now! :)

(sorry I didn't get any pics, they never left anything out on the counter or left the needle in and left. I didn't want to be weird and try taking pictures with her in the room lol)


  1. She wouldn't have minded....... you should have just told her that you have a blog and are documenting your journey..... she probable would have taken them for you. :-)

    1. True...maybe next time when it's with the nurse that I'm real comfortable with I will ask

  2. i asked my PhA to take a pic of my first fill and she said no. :(

    congrats on the fill and it going well!

  3. Congrats. It's weird you're going in two weeks, then another two weeks... when I asked my doctor why some folks go in so many times he said it was all diff for each patient. I had my 1st fill last Thursday and don't go back till Sept 19th. I had 4.5cc's in from surgery date to first fill now am at 6cc's. It's all diff for each person. I forgot my camera too but they all laughed and said they would take it next time :)

  4. Mine went good too... I was complaining I had noT lost but I was Down 9 lbs yahooooo I think my scale is not working too good clearly. I'm on liquids too.

  5. love this happy you got your fill, and I know what you mean it is the true start I gotta say because, you thought you had o cc's in the band and now you have 5.2 you will be working that tool now Dandy!! lol (ah that sounded gross eww)....... I am excited for my fill today... wow you had 3 ccs in ya!, I really think I have 0 because I feel like I could eat Thanksgiving dinner and 2 pies. lol

  6. congrats on a great fill. I'm jealous that you have 5.2 with your first fill and get to go back in to weeks. I've had 2 fills, only have 4cc in and don't go back until October. Everyone is so different.

  7. so glad fill went well and you must handle it well....I swell shut when given 2cc's at a time.

  8. it is the WEIRDEST feeling..I agree..freaky! Glad everything went well!!

  9. Karen the NP thought it was funny that I wanted to take a picture of the needle in sticking out of my port.

  10. boy your getting filled quick!
    I am at 7 in a 9 cc band and i am finally feeling what they would call restriction

    1. I actually am feeling SOME restriction now! I'm actually getting full after the appropriate amount of food. It's so new for me... I have found myself eating a few more bites even after I get full... gotta stop that!