Sunday, December 16, 2012

5 Months Post-Op Progress! Pics as always :)

So sorry I missed my 4 month progress pics!! I had so much going on I just couldn't find the time! A LOT has happened since my last progress report.... my body sure is CHANGING!!! I am just in disbelief! :)

Starting weight: 261
-7/11(night before surgery) 234.4lbs--- loss of 26.6 lbs prior to surgery
-7/16 --230.1lbs = -4.3 lbs    30.9lb total  *30 lb loss!*
-7/23---228 lbs =  -2.1 lbs     33lb total
-7/30---227lbs =  -1 lb           34lb total
-8/6----225.5lbs = -1.5 lbs     35.5lb total
-8/13---225.2lb = -.03 lbs      35.8lb total
-8/20---221.4lb=  -3.8 lbs      39.6lb total
-9/10---223.8lb=  +2.4 lbs     37.2lb total
-9/13---219.6lb=  -4.2 lbs      41.4lb total   *40 lb loss!*
-9/28---216.8lb=  -2.8 lbs      44.2lb total
-10/5---214.4lb=  -2.4 lbs      46.6lb total
-10/12--214.4lb=  0               46.6lb total 
-10/22--212.8lb =  -1.6 lbs     48.2lb total
-10/26--211.7lb =  -1.1 lbs     49.3lb total
-11/2-- 210.7lb =  -1.0 lb       50.3lb total  *50 lb loss!*
-11/9-- 207.8lb =  -2.9 lbs      53.2lb total
-11/30-208.1lbs=  +.03 lb       52.9lb total
-12/14 -201.2lb =  -6.9 lbs      59.8lb total 
-12/15- 199.9lbs = -1.3 lbs      61.1lb total  *60 lb loss!* ONEDERLAND!!!!

                 7/11/12      8/13/12      9/13/12   10/12/12   12/16/12      Loss
Neck.............15"............15" .........14.5"......14.25" ........14"---------1"
R bicep..........17.5 .........16"..........16"......... 16"...........15.5"--------2" 
L bicep..........17"...........15" ..........15.5".......15"............15"---------2" 
R forearm.......12.5"........12"...........12".........11.75"........11.5"-------1"
L forearm.......12"...........12"............12".........11.75.........11"---------1"
R thigh............24.5"........22.75"........23.25"....22.75".......21.5-------3"
L thigh............24.25".......23"............23.5".......22"..........21.5------2.75"
                             TOTAL LOSS----34.75"



Seriously...those are the only words I have right now!!! I am soooooo frikken excited to finally reach the Illusive ONEDERLAND!!!!It's just... Crazy... I mean I don't even know how to explain it. This is THE BEST decision I have EVER made in my entire life. I feel like a completely different person.... I have my LIFE BACK!!!! 

And now for what you all came for... THE PICS!!
       234.4 lbs 7/11/12  --------- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth  ---------  219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths   ----- 214.4 lbs 10/12/12 3 mths ----199.9 lbs 12/16/12 5mths
 234.4 lbs 7/11/12  --------- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth  ---------  219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths   ----- 214.4 lbs 10/12/12 3 mths ----199.9 lbs 12/16/12 5mths
  234.4 lbs 7/11/12  --------- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth  ---------  219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths   ----- 214.4 lbs 10/12/12 3 mths ----199.9 lbs 12/16/12 5mths
 234.4 lbs 7/11/12  --------- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth  ---------  219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths   ----- 214.4 lbs 10/12/12 3 mths ----199.9 lbs 12/16/12 5mths
 234.4 lbs 7/11/12  --------- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth  ---------  219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths   ----- 214.4 lbs 10/12/12 3 mths ----199.9 lbs 12/16/12 5mths
  234.4 lbs 7/11/12  --------- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth  ---------  219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths   ----- 214.4 lbs 10/12/12 3 mths ----199.9 lbs 12/16/12 5mths

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Do You See What I Seeee?!?!?!

Ok, So I know today is not my weigh in day.... BUUUUUTTTTTTT

I just HAVE to share something with you because it's frikken monumental....

First let me just pull out one of these babies....

But today my friends.... I think calls for another...

And definitely a little bit of this...

If you have been following my blog then I think you can guess why there is a lot of fist pumping and ugly crying goin on all up in my world today. If not, you can read about it on this Ten Things Thursday post

Here it is folks... the real deal... Do you see what I see?!?!?!?! 

That's right... Today...12/15/2012 I weighed 199.9 lbs. 
I CAN NOT even remember the last time my weight started with a ONE!!!

I'm beside myself... I'm on frikken cloud 9! 
I just still can't believe this is real....

My fire is back and stronger than ever. I WILL reach my goal weight. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Weigh In

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Last weeks weight: 208.1
Todays weight: 201.2

-6.9 lb loss
-33.2 lb loss since surgery
-59.8 lb loss overall


Ummm.....what?!?! I didn't post my weigh in last week because it was the same as the previous week...208.1 but this week?!?! I WILL TAKE IT! 6.9 lbs loss in a week?!? I am over the moon, that's for sure. I'm soooooo close to Onederland I can taste it! 1.2 lbs... I can do this!!! And I'm SOOOO close to the 60 lb loss mark! 

I will be doing photos and measurements on Saturday so get ready for a fun filled progress post! As always there will be LOTS of pics! :)

I'm on cloud 9 today, got lots of sleep FINALLY and woke up to 201.2 on the dog! How are YOU going to make today FABULOUS!?!?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

TTT New Jobby Job Edition!

Thanks to the always lovely Mrs. laura belle we have ten things Thursday!

1. Can I tell you how much I love my new job? Cuz I sho. I'm so lucky to have found this and I can't thank them enough for giving me a chance. I won't let em' down. I will work my TAIL off....

2. We still don't have our xmas tree up yet....Oh dont worry Doots reminds us daily. We just have to get to the storage unit to get our xmas stuffs. She says "Can we FINALLY put the tree up tonight mommy?" I said "well we have to have daddy go to the storage unit to get the decorations" pause.... " YOU know where the storing unit is?" lol what am i gonna do with this kid?

3. Speaking of that kid. She had to go potty so she went by herself...which she always does no big whoop. Well i walked in the bathroom to ask her what kind of pizza she wanted and her hand was in the toilet. I said "What are you doing?!?!" she just looked at me scared... I walked over and there was a little turd in the toilet... I said "Did you touch your poopoo?" she nodded her head....oh i tried to keep my cool...and i did  ut made her know that it is NOT ok that not only is it disgusting that it can make her really sick. REALLY sick. She said someone at schoolbtold her about it...smh...who grabs their poo outta the toilet then brags to their friends about it? Needless to say i washed the shit outta her hands..pun intended.

4. We aren't done with her yet lol I was laying down with her cuddling in her bed before she went to sleep and we were talking about the weekend. She usually stays with my mom on Fridays because they are BFF's right? Well, my mom is busy so my grandma (Gee as we call her) said she wanted her to stay all night at her house instead. So back to cuddling... She said "I don't want to stay at Gee's....I want to stay home with you guys." I said "Why Mackenzie? What's wrong" she paused and said "Well... I get scared at gee's house at night.... and it will PISS ME OFF!" I uncontrollably laughed and then said "Mackenzie we do not say that." She said "What Mommy? I just said it would piss me off?!" I said "I know Mackenzie but that's a bad word..." She said "NUH-UH!!! (so and so) at school says it!!!" I said "It doesn't matter, you don't say it because it's a bad word. If you get upset say it TICKS you off." (not much better I know but at least she's not saying pissssss!!) so a few minutes later it's silent and I hear her under her breathe say "It ticks me off...." And I just giggled under my breathe.....  Why can't she go back to this stage?!?!
So innocent!!! Still goofy as hell though!

5.So glad TATOR is still on Xfactor and #1 at that!!! For those of you who don't know he is from Belton, Missouri. That's a whopping like 2 miles away from me in little ole Peculiar. So exciting to have a hometown hero!!!

6.This is old news to those who follow me on facebook but.... I CUT MY HAIR!!! AHHH it's so short now! lol well...compared to what it was. I can't even put it all up in a ponytail! Here is the best pic I have gotten so far.
I know it's all grainy but it was the front camera
on the hubs phone. Just call me miss SASSY pants! lol

7. I know I said I was working on my 4 month post op post but...ummm...yeah. Ain't happenin' It's almost 5 months so I think it would be silly to do one now lol. 

8.I'm having a rough time with my eating since starting my new job. I've had A LOT of candy. Little mini candy know the 25 calorie 3 Muskies? Yeah... 25 calories? That's it?!?! Well, not when you eat like 10!!! THANK god I haven't done any major damage but I am NOT looking forward to stepping on that scale tomorrow. I know it won't be awful but I am kind of disappointed I got SOOO close to Onederland and then stalled out. I need to get my head out of my rear and focus. Who cares the candy jar is RIGHT by my desk. I just need to tell myself it's a jar full of turds... nasty, awful, brown turds. 

9. In conjunction with #8 I have also been seriously slacking on my exercise...for REAL. I NEED to get my ass in gear. I am calling upon my friends...CUPCAKE! BANANA! Kick me in my assssssss!!!!  (oh, btw banana is my other BFF, we have known each other forever and she is doing an AMAZING job losing weight with the ole S4lyfe if you know what I'm sayin...) 
Me and Banana, we've been through LOTS of 
weight loss tries together. She rocks. (p.s.notice I have a neck? 
Notice I have cheeks?!?! NSV baby!!!)

10. I've been going back through a lot of my pictures and it's so crazy to see old pictures and new pictures... So surreal. It's still me but I look so different. I can't wait to see what I will look like at my goal weight. Smokin' hot for sure.... ;)  OOOHHHHH Did you all see I reached my 100th post?!?! WOW... it seems like just yesterday I was working up the courage to start this here blog. And I'm SOOOOOOO glad I did. I love you all *MUAH*

Me and the baby did a photo shoot the other night SO I will leave you once again with ridiculously cute pics of the kiddo. 
It's so weird to look at pics of myself and not cringe... but actually 
Think "Hey! I look pretty dang good!!!"
Plus the kid's cute...
My lips and teeth look purdy here...sorry, had to share lol 

She is JUST like her sister...goooooofffffyyyyy!!! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Weigh In

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Last weeks weight: 207.8lbs
Todays weight: 208.1

+.03 lb gain

-26.3 lb loss since surgery
-52.9 lb loss overall


You know, obviously I'm not "happy" because there is a + instead of a - But you know what? Shit happens. We are going to gain every now and then. Why am I happy though? because it's ONLY .03 of a lb!!!! There is a lot going on in my life right now and to only be up .03 lbs is pretty damn good. At one point in the last 2 weeks I was up to 210 but that was right at thanksgiving. I just started a new job AND it's TOM... a bad one. I have been eating a lot of those mini candy bars for breakfast everyday this week because they are in my office. I HAVE to stop that. HAVE TO! I know it's just TOM...I'm usually not easily tempted by candy but i'm craving it really bad right now.

Speaking of the new job.... I LOVE IT!!!! I know it's only my 4th day but I just already know this is like my forever job! You simply can't match the benefits. And the ladies I work for are CUHRAZY! And I mean that in an awesome way...not a slit your throat, schizo kinda way. Because you know...I'm working with a bunch of nuts is just my cup of tea :)

We don't have internet at work and our cells go into "cell phone jail" during the day so my posts probably won't be quite as regular since I usually posted at work at my old job. But I PROMISE right now that I will blog better than I have the last few weeks. There has just been a lot going on so this has taken a back seat. But it REALLY helps me stay motivated and on track so I NEED TO BLOG!!!!! I miss my bloggie buddies!!!

Well, till next time my little cupcakes! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Job Jitters!!

I'm back everyone!!! I had last week off before I start my new job and so I kind of took a cyber break. It was nice...but I miss blogging/facebook/email etc...

I start my new job tomorrow... STOKED. And nervous. Not because I don't think I will like it or because I don't think I can do a good job...just because it's change. CHANGE. A big change at that. They say that job change is one of the top stressors in life. I'm trying to NOT let it effect my eating but it has been hard. ESPECIALLY with Thanksgiving thrown in the mix! I can say though that I had a fill on Tuesday and that helped SOOOOO much with my holiday eating. She added .25 CC's to my band and BOY can I feel a difference. I think it's the first time since I got the band that I REALLY have to follow the bandster rules. I mean...I "followed" them before... loosely. Like, small bites and chew chew chew. I never really had to take small bites and chew chew chew...everything always went down pretty easy. Not now...WOOOO If I take a normal bite now it's stuck city! NOT GOOD FOLKS! I don't think my band is too tight... I think I just need to work on following those bandster rules. Which I can totes do. Just need to really concentrate when I eat and not scarf my food down. I didn't do my official weigh in but I can tell you it wasn't really pretty lol. I was up to like 210 which is like a 2 lb gain. Now I don't have batteries in my scale so I really have no idea how much I weigh. (I'm thinking about stealing the batteries out of my hubbies Xbox remotes... I wonder how long that would last lol)

I went black friday the frikken max! Yes, I was one of those crazies that was at Wally world for the 8pm sale...the 10pm sale...then off to the mall to various stores and sales, then to Cabela's, then JCP's, then Bass Pro, then breakfast... I didn't get home until just after 10 am...I think I was up for almost 30 hours. I'm JUST NOW recovered fully lol.

I don't have a long, drawn out post today... nothing crazy. Just wanted to pop in and say hello and give a little update.

Hopefully I will have something a little more flashy later this week for all my little cupcakes! :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween .... A little late!

I know I'm a little late here but you know the saying...better late than never!!

First I will start my pictoral journey with work since naturally that's where my day started. Me and Effie (as I will call my co-worker/friend) are in charge of planning and executing our holiday functions, which means there are a few times a year that our sole job is to be crafty. It really makes me happy inside...

This year we decided on a haunted house theme for the breakroom and I must say I think it was our best yet.

Enjoy... At your own RISK!! Muhuhahahahaha MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHA! (sorry, I'm a sucker for theatrics!)

Me and Effie... the only ones who dressed up!! GAH! :)

Our 3D window in the break room. It was very cool...

The other window...with the creepy figure outside

The transformed soda machine to assylum door and
the body outline of the poor soul that got too close
to the door!

The creepy clown baby crib with eyeball/spider mobile

Creepy clown baby inside of said crib....

Our homemade crackle paint creepy clown pics


And now we get to the evening... getting the girls all ready to go. We had such a blast!!

My little Big Bird...tooo cute!

She HAD to be a bride zombie like mommy! It was
funny she said "No mommy you are a Zombie Bride, I'm a Bride Zombie!!"
She had to have some gore too!

We are ready for candy!!!

Taking a bite outta Unkie!!

Ok...this one is the picture of all Halloween pictures... It should be on a frikken greeting card..seriously

I don't think you are...

Ok, maybe you are...

I would say "what do we eat?" and she would say "BRAINS!!!!"


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Triple T-- WOOT WOOT! Edition

Let's thank the ever so lovely Laura Belle at Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier for another round of Ten Things Thursday.

1. It's been a minute since i've done one of these! Life has been B.U.S.Y!

2. I got a new jobby job! WOOT WOOT! I'm so excited I could spit! I start 11/26 and i'm super happy about it! Not that I hate my job now but I need a company with 1.Awesome benefits 2.Pay increases 3.Growth potential. My current job has none of the three.

3.I don't think i'm going to like the scale tomorrow. It's my own fault. The Hubs is out of town which means chaos with the girls at night so my eating at night hasn't been all that stellar! Old habits die hard I guess. At least I recognize it and am working towards fixing it which is something I never did in the past...I would just give up.

4. You'll never guess what I'm wearing..... go ahead...take a guess....No? SIZE 14 JEANS!!! Are you effing kidding me? I can't remember ever wearing size 14 jeans!! I bought 9 pairs of size 14 jeans from a friend who is losing weight...AWESOMELY I might add... for $25 and all of them look brand new. I thought I would buy them to put back to wear later but when I tried them on they ALL went up AND buttoned! I couldn't believe it.... I think you all know what is coming next....don't fight it...

5. Tomorrow is my last day of work and I am soooo excited. I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep...or WORK tomorrow!!! 

6. I ordered THE cutest pearl necklace and bracelet set from Laura's Stella & Dot Trunk Show. I can't wait to get it! You should totally go check it out! Ronnie is selling it now and she would really appreciate your support! :) go here to check out Laura's Trunk Show. 

7. This is hard to finish while watching Magic Mike...jus' sayin'

8. I saw something on the Trest of pins today that made the clouds part and rays of golden sunshine flow down from the heavens.... WINE ice cream... WINE ICE CREAM!!!!! nuff said...

9. I won't be able to be able to have Friday weight in tomorrow due to the fact I am at my grandmas house tonight and the kiddos passed out so we are just staying the night. So instead I will post my Halloween pics tomorrow and do my weight in Saturday morning. 

10. Have a good night/morning guys! I'm gonna finish Magic Mike! ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Liebster you say?

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award. Liebster is a German word and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.     

The Rules

- Once you're nominated, write 11 facts about yourself.

- Then, take a look at the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked and answer them.

- Get your thinking cap on and come up with 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer

- Then choose the 5 bloggers you want to nominate (they must have less than 200 followers) & let them know they've been nominated (there are no tag backs - you can't nominate the person who nominated you).

- Complete this post and then link it to the person who nominated you (in the comments of their blog).

11 facts about me....

1.I LOVE action and horror movies...the more blood, guts, bullets and torture the better! :)

2. I have no belly button. (that's been my ice breaker since I was 5 ya'll lol)

3. I love vinegar. Like... I can just tip back the bottle and take a swig. (i know GAG right?)

4. My only real irrational fear is atomic/nuclear explosions. If I see one on t.v. I

5.  I don't like coconut...let me rephrase that...I LOATHE coconut

6. I've never been a fight. (although not for lack of trying...tried to once and the response was "oh julie, you're so funny")

7. When I was little I begged to change my name to "Jennifer Globes" Don't ask me why...I'm pretty sure I was just a weird little shit lol

8.I'm pretty sure I have Deja Vu more often than anyone on the planet. It freaks me the frack out sometimes. 

9. I remember my dreams extremely vividly...and I have WEIRD ass dreams. When I recount them to my husband he looks at me like I grew horns and an extra head  and tells me I need help.

10. To this day I still believe a werewolf came into my bedroom and stole my necklace off my neck when I was like 6. Damn thieving  werewolves..

11. I'm scared of the dark. Yep. ESPECIALLY when the hubs decides to watch a scary movie right before bed. I know I said in number 1 I like horror  movies...but during the day please ;)

My questions from Tee:
1. coffee or tea?
--Tea fo sho ( I do drink coffee too)
2.favorite TV show?
--The only one I watch is the walking dead
3. one book you absolutely would recommend?
--My all time fave is "Bridge to Terabithia" I know it's a kids book but It really made an  impact on me. 
4. if you could have a famous person's figure who would you choose?
--Sofia Vergara... that is one smoking curvy woman!
 5. do you wrap your children's gifts from "Santa" ? if you do not have kids, did your parents wrap yours as a kid?
---sure do!
6. favorite time of the year? why?
---Fall in the midwest LOVE "hoodie" weather 
7. biggest concern you had when making the choice to get banded?
--that I would fail. That I would not lose the weight and disappoint everyone including myself. 
8. does your family read your blog? if so do you ever wish they did not?
-- I know alot of my close family does. I love that they do :)
9. would your dream home be on the beach or in the mountains? 
---Mountains...hands down.
10. have you traveled (out of state or country)  if so where?
---California, Florida and drove through some coastal states  
11. cat or dog
---Both. I have a cat but I also want a dog. Love em :)

Here are my 11 questions:

1. Batman or Superman? 
2.Who is your celebrity crush? 
3.Would you like to know the day you’re going to die ahead of time? Why or why not?
4.What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen
5.What's your biggest fear?
6.When you have a sweet tooth what food do you crave?
7.What is the worst flavor of ice cream?
8.What technology do you think you will never adopt?
9.What is the worst song to get stuck in your head?
10.What movie can you quote word for word?
11.What was the pivotal moment that made you decide to change your life and pursue   WLS? 

My nominations! :)

Soooooo..... It Works!!! (pics!)

Ok, I told you guys last week I was totally sold on this whole It Works! thing.

Well, I had my launch party on Saturday and the excitement just keeps building!!!

4 of us wrapped at my party and let me just say we had some UH-MAY-ZING results!!

I wish everyone would let me post their pics but alas I will be the only one to bare belly on the wide world of webs!!

Holy cow, I bet everyone wanted to see a big ole picture of my frankenstein belly before bed. Sorry Ya'all!! 

I can tell a difference ESPECIALLY in the side view! This is only after 45 minutes! I can't even imagine what 
A full treatment will look like! This is going to be a LIFESAVER with my extra skin as I lose weight! :)
I'm also really excited to do my arms!!!

Oh! And you can't really tell by the pics but there was a noticeable difference in my scars after she took off the wrap. Everyone in the room was like "WOW! Your scars look lighter already!" 

There was an audible gasp when one of my friends took hers off. It was RIDIK the difference you could see. 

I have also started taking the Greens every morning and MAN I feel awesome! I'm so excited! This really is a life changer folks. I was only going to sign up to be a loyal customer but I saw how amazing this company is and how amazing the products are and I just HAD to be a part of it. This is not just me trying to sell you crap. This is me so excited about something I can't contain it! I want you to experience this, you will NOT be sorry! :)

If you are interested or have any questions PLEASE email me 
or go on over to my FB page and message me. Hell, you could even just comment below. If you want to browse the products just visit my website

I'm working on my 4 month post...soon my little cupcakes! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Weigh In! OH SO CLOSE!

Starting weight: 261 lbs

Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Last weeks weight: 210.7lbs
Todays weight: 207.8

-2.9 lb loss

-26.6 lb loss since surgery
-53.2 lb loss overall


Holy cheesus! 2.9 lb loss??? Wow. Apparantly I am doing something right!


 Does anyone else notice how close I am getting to onederland? Closer than I have ever been (well, at least in memory... I know I was under 200 as a kid lol) I was about 210 the night I met my husband when I was 18.

 I'm so excited my shipment came last night from It Works! I am going to try a wrap at my launch party Saturday. I will take before and after pics so you guys can see them! (a little nervous... I haven't done any bare belly pics yet...eek!) If you are curious about it just ask me! I can answer any questions you have. You don't have to be in my area to buy. Heck you don't even have to be in my area to become a distributor! You can check out my website if you want to look around.   I finally had the chance to get some halloween pics edited so I will post about those later!  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Bake = YUMO!

Hello my little cupcakes! I have a recipe for you!! Let me tell you...I could eat this
with every meal of the day. Please don't be scared away by
the spaghetti squash. Give it a chance SERIOUSLY!

Spaghetti Squash Bake
1 Spaghetti squash (at least 1 lb)
1 red bell pepper
1 zucchini
1 medium onion
Shredded carrots
1 TB Olive oil 
2-8oz cans tomato sauce
Parmesan cheese
Mozzerella cheese

OK, this recipe is so great and versatile you can put as little or
as much of the ingredients as you like!
I don't really measure anything lol

1. Poke holes in your spaghetti squash and microwave for about 12 minutes.

2. Chop up your zucchini, red pepepr, onion, and garlic (as many cloves as you like!)

3. Toss the chopped veggies along with the shredded carrots into a skillet with oil

4. Cut squash in half and remove seeds. Use fork to flake out the flesh.

5. Mix cooked veggies and squash together with tomato sauce and a little Parm

6. Place in greased cooking dish. (I use a rectangle dish, smaller than 9x13 not sure the size)

7. Sprinkle as much or as little cheese on top as you wish!

8.I bake mine at 375 degrees for 30 minutes and it turns out beautiful, melty and bubbly!

I had put a chicken in the crockpot the night before so I had about 2 oz chicken with a little square of this

I didn't have time to do the calorie count on this I was in a huge hurry. Hopefully I will be able to update that sometime! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

"Mind Boggling"

I think we have all had our fair share of "haters" lol.

haters gonna hate

You know, the people who just don't understand and make ignorant comments about your journey. I just let it roll off my back.

This morning I pulled up the ole' blog to check her out and this gem of a comment waiting for me on my Friday Weigh In Post Halloween lol :

"Wow. You had a major surgery to lose weight and then you eat like that?!? Mind boggling."

I wanted to answer this question not just to Mr./Mrs. Anonymous but also to all of my readers and followers.

The answer is YES. I had major surgery to lose weight and I ate like crap for 2 days. YES, I am just fine with it. You know why?

I'm human. I am far from perfect. I have accepted a very long time ago that I WILL have bad days. I may even have a bad week, or a bad month. But you know what? By accepting that... I don't let 1 bad day turn into giving up....failing. I let that bad day/week pass and then I'm back on track. Isn't that what this process is about?

It doesn't matter what program/diet/plan you are on. Whatever your journey, however you have chose is best for you to become healthy... you will have bad days.  You will eat your favorite candy bar, you will have a peice of cake at the office birthday party, you will have a slice of pizza at a party. The KEY is that you don't do it  I would put money on the fact that  even Mr/Mrs Anonymous has eaten something unhealthy or had a bad eating day at some point in their lives.

YES, I had pizza and chocolate and soda. It lasted 2 days. ONLY 2 days. All the other days I ate my protein, I had veggies, I drank water, I exercised. I would say that those 2 days had MINIMAL impact on my progress. I am happy with that.

I've lost 50 lbs folks... That's no small potatoes. Even with the lap-band if I had bad days every single day I wouldn't be losing. I'm obviously doing SOMETHING right if the weight is coming off and I am feeling better every single day. This band does not do the work for's up to me.

I have MULTIPLE friends losing weight successfully in many different ways. I do not judge them, or their journey. I ONLY support them. I am there for them ALWAYS. That's how we do this here. That's how we are successful.

When I started this blog I promised myself and all of you that I would give an honest account of my journey. That I would share the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to help people who are thinking about getting the lap-band. I want them to know how life is with the band for me. If I only posted about the good things and made it seem like it was all rainbows and sunshine and little fuzzy bunnies I would be doing a diservice to all of those folks. There were bloggers like Lap Band Gal, and Drazil, and Rockband Barbie the list goes on that helped me get prepared. Showed me what life is like banded. I read about good days, good losses, motivation and success. But I also read about bad days, sad days, gains, and falls. You know what came after that? I read about getting back up, dusting off and kicking some ass. THAT'S what I am trying to do for people.

Is it hard to post a gain...or a bad food choice? Hell yeah! You don't really WANT to tell the world you ate like a heiffer! But I tell you what, after I tell the world it's like i've released it. I don't hang on to it anymore. I don't feel defeated, I feel liberated and free of that negativity and ready for a new day!

Am I angry at Mr/Mrs Anonymous? Nope.

I have realized that some people are just not educated or experienced with our journey. Our decision to get WLS. So rather that get mad, I took it seriously and  just wanted to answer the question.

Today I've already had 1 bottle of water, 1 protein shake and looking forward to my protein packed Chilli for lunch and my chicken I have cooking in the crockpot for dinner. A GREAT day of eating.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

My new venture into AWESOMELAND!

So in my last post I mentioned that I was going to become a distributor for It Works products. Well, It's official. I AM! My website it up and running and ready for orders.

Have you guys heard of the It Works wraps?


I had heard about them but I always just kind of scoffed and looked at people like they were crazy. Yes my friends...I was a skeptic. And then I went to my co-workers launch party last night. My mind was blown. Suurrrssly.

Here is a just a little bit about the wraps. The Ultimate Body Applicator uses a botanically based cream formula that, when applied to the skin, gives you detoxifying, tightening, toning and firming results that last. The botanical ingredients help to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite and redefining the appearance of your body's contours. Some of these cutting edge ingredients work to give you visible results in just 45 minutes, while other ingredients in the formula continue to work over the next 72 hours, leading to progressive results.

No joke my little cupcakes. They are NOT lying. Visible results were what we had in 45 minutes. lol 

Being banded this is a great product for me to use especially as I lose more and start having sagging skin. Just being honest, most of us won't be able to afford plastic surgery to fix our skin problems. I've been seeing picture after picture of REAL results. Now I don't have any illusions that this will make my tummy, arms or legs look like JLo's lol But seeing the results on people has me excited to try a wrap for myself! ANY improvement will be soooooo worth it! 

Not only do they have the super cool wraps but they have other products as well. They have vitamins, fat burners, carb blockers, PROTEIN powder, PROTEIN bars, products to help with regularity, products to help with menopause symptoms, skin care products...the list goes on people. 

If you have heard of It Works but didn't have a chance to try it or was afraid to try it...DO IT! You will not be disappointed! If you sign up to be a loyal customer you get your items for almost HALF OFF. Now that's a damn deal if I've ever heard one. 

Go check out my website and browse around to see the products.Just click here: You don't have to be local to order from me. You can order from my website and it ships directly to you! 

You can email me at if you have any questions or if you are interested and want more info. If you are interested in being a distributor let me know and I can get you set up! 

The proof is in the pudding. This really is after just 1 wrap. This is pictures from a girl on my team. Awesomeness... pure awesomeness :)

Friday Weigh-In : Post Halloween...EEK!

Starting weight: 261 lbs

Surgery day: 234.4 lbs
Last weeks weight: 211.7 lbs
Todays weight: 210.7

-1.0 lb loss

-23.7 lb loss since surgery
-50.3 lb loss overall


Say WhaaaaAAATTT? Do ya'all see what I see?


Sorry to yell but damn I'm straight giddy about that!! Did you notice that last number there? 50 lbs gone!!! I am amazed that I have lost 50 lbs. FIFTY MOTHERHEFFING ELBEES!!! Milestone people...milestone!

 My halloween was less than ideal for a bandster..or anyone not wanting to gain 10 lbs overnight. Let me just give you a run down of my past 2 days eating....

Halloween--no breakfast..too busy setting up our work halloween party.
Lunch: A slice of pep and a slice of cheese pizza (small peices)--a couple tablespoons of cheeseball with crackers-- a chocolate covered pretzel rod--about 3 oreo truffels-- 2 glasses of sprite/punch
Dinner: PMurphs tradition 1 slice cowboy pizza and 1 1/2 slices pep pizza (again small peices)-another 2 oreo truffels...
Here are a couple pics of our work party taken by miss Giselle at GT Photography - Go check her out!

Me, an 80's zombie bride and my coworker as Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games

Our lovely treat table....nom noms!
We made our breakroom to look like a haunted house and this is our
creepy clown baby in one of our cribs that we sell lol

Yesterday-- Breakfast fun size portions of the following: Payday, KitKat x2, orange KitKat, Snickers, Milky Way, Reeces cup, peanut m&m's x2 (this was really throughout the day, not just breakfast) about 5 Starbursts and 3 Jolly Ranchers.....oy vey!
Lunch: A cup of homemade chilli with shredded cheese on top and 5 crackers. (I snuck a 6 oz glass of coke-a-cola classic from our party stash shhhh...then ended up sneaking another 6 oz glass)
Dinner: 1 small slice supreme frozen pizza, a couple dino shaped chicken nuggets, a few cucumber spears, a slice of cheddar cheese...then on my way home from my coworkers house I stopped by the golden arches and got a Mcgreasydouble and ate it sans the bun.

Oh and Did I mention I only drank 3 bottles of water TOTAL over those 2 days? Man...
Now you see why I can't believe I lost a whole elbee!! I know if I don't kick it in the rear it WILL turn around and become a gain so I stopped that crazy shit eating maddness and hitting it hard today!!

I will get more halloween pics as soon as I am home for more than 2 minutes! lol Doots and Shoogs were super cute and had a blast. Doots was a zombie bride too and Shoogs was big bird...too cute!

Exciting things are happening in my life. Miss Effie Trinket up there convinced me to come to her "It Works" launch party last night and I reluncantly went... MAN O MAN... I'm sold. That stuff is the shiz... I was blown away. I usually don't get behind products or parties or things like that but I was so convinced and amazed I am going to start selling it. It's amazing and everyone should check it out!! I don't have all the goodies set up yet like my website but I will let you know as soon as I do. It's frikken awesome. The end.

I am currently enjoying my cup of chilli for lunch and already have 1 bottle of water in me. Today is gonna be good day folks. Awesomeness is radiating from me like rays of the sun. How are you making today AWESOME?!?