Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween .... A little late!

I know I'm a little late here but you know the saying...better late than never!!

First I will start my pictoral journey with work since naturally that's where my day started. Me and Effie (as I will call my co-worker/friend) are in charge of planning and executing our holiday functions, which means there are a few times a year that our sole job is to be crafty. It really makes me happy inside...

This year we decided on a haunted house theme for the breakroom and I must say I think it was our best yet.

Enjoy... At your own RISK!! Muhuhahahahaha MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHA! (sorry, I'm a sucker for theatrics!)

Me and Effie... the only ones who dressed up!! GAH! :)

Our 3D window in the break room. It was very cool...

The other window...with the creepy figure outside

The transformed soda machine to assylum door and
the body outline of the poor soul that got too close
to the door!

The creepy clown baby crib with eyeball/spider mobile

Creepy clown baby inside of said crib....

Our homemade crackle paint creepy clown pics


And now we get to the evening... getting the girls all ready to go. We had such a blast!!

My little Big Bird...tooo cute!

She HAD to be a bride zombie like mommy! It was
funny she said "No mommy you are a Zombie Bride, I'm a Bride Zombie!!"
She had to have some gore too!

We are ready for candy!!!

Taking a bite outta Unkie!!

Ok...this one is the picture of all Halloween pictures... It should be on a frikken greeting card..seriously

I don't think you are...

Ok, maybe you are...

I would say "what do we eat?" and she would say "BRAINS!!!!"



  1. awesome pics!..... and also I swear to God my lil guy calls his uncles UNKIE!!!! too.. and me and Sean are auntie and Unkie.. so just more evidence that we are obviously M.F.E.O lol

  2. brains!!!! lol sooo funny and cute :o)

  3. love the can seriously party and dress up----awesome job !

  4. Looks like a fun time! I wish anyone I knew got all into Halloween like that. We sat in the house and Logan didn't even dress up in his monkey costume. Womp womp.

  5. I love seeing all the kids dressed up every year. Unfortunately the trick or treaters at my house become less and less each year. All of the kids in my neighborhood have grown up :(