Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Weigh-In : Post Halloween...EEK!

Starting weight: 261 lbs

Surgery day: 234.4 lbs
Last weeks weight: 211.7 lbs
Todays weight: 210.7

-1.0 lb loss

-23.7 lb loss since surgery
-50.3 lb loss overall


Say WhaaaaAAATTT? Do ya'all see what I see?


Sorry to yell but damn I'm straight giddy about that!! Did you notice that last number there? 50 lbs gone!!! I am amazed that I have lost 50 lbs. FIFTY MOTHERHEFFING ELBEES!!! Milestone people...milestone!

 My halloween was less than ideal for a bandster..or anyone not wanting to gain 10 lbs overnight. Let me just give you a run down of my past 2 days eating....

Halloween--no breakfast..too busy setting up our work halloween party.
Lunch: A slice of pep and a slice of cheese pizza (small peices)--a couple tablespoons of cheeseball with crackers-- a chocolate covered pretzel rod--about 3 oreo truffels-- 2 glasses of sprite/punch
Dinner: PMurphs tradition 1 slice cowboy pizza and 1 1/2 slices pep pizza (again small peices)-another 2 oreo truffels...
Here are a couple pics of our work party taken by miss Giselle at GT Photography - Go check her out!

Me, an 80's zombie bride and my coworker as Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games

Our lovely treat table....nom noms!
We made our breakroom to look like a haunted house and this is our
creepy clown baby in one of our cribs that we sell lol

Yesterday-- Breakfast fun size portions of the following: Payday, KitKat x2, orange KitKat, Snickers, Milky Way, Reeces cup, peanut m&m's x2 (this was really throughout the day, not just breakfast) about 5 Starbursts and 3 Jolly Ranchers.....oy vey!
Lunch: A cup of homemade chilli with shredded cheese on top and 5 crackers. (I snuck a 6 oz glass of coke-a-cola classic from our party stash shhhh...then ended up sneaking another 6 oz glass)
Dinner: 1 small slice supreme frozen pizza, a couple dino shaped chicken nuggets, a few cucumber spears, a slice of cheddar cheese...then on my way home from my coworkers house I stopped by the golden arches and got a Mcgreasydouble and ate it sans the bun.

Oh and Did I mention I only drank 3 bottles of water TOTAL over those 2 days? Man...
Now you see why I can't believe I lost a whole elbee!! I know if I don't kick it in the rear it WILL turn around and become a gain so I stopped that crazy shit eating maddness and hitting it hard today!!

I will get more halloween pics as soon as I am home for more than 2 minutes! lol Doots and Shoogs were super cute and had a blast. Doots was a zombie bride too and Shoogs was big bird...too cute!

Exciting things are happening in my life. Miss Effie Trinket up there convinced me to come to her "It Works" launch party last night and I reluncantly went... MAN O MAN... I'm sold. That stuff is the shiz... I was blown away. I usually don't get behind products or parties or things like that but I was so convinced and amazed I am going to start selling it. It's amazing and everyone should check it out!! I don't have all the goodies set up yet like my website but I will let you know as soon as I do. It's frikken awesome. The end.

I am currently enjoying my cup of chilli for lunch and already have 1 bottle of water in me. Today is gonna be good day folks. Awesomeness is radiating from me like rays of the sun. How are you making today AWESOME?!?


  1. Nice loss...I will admit I am jealous of you being able to eat that and lose. I am not as lucky...cute costumes and great setup!

  2. looks like fun! i love the costumes.... 50 pounds!!!!!! that is wicked awesome. I really really am soo happy for you :o)

  3. Wow. You had a major surgery to lose weight and then you eat like that?!? Mind boggling.

    1. wow you take the time to read a blog just to make a comment like that?!? mind boggling. nice life asshole do you go around to random blogs making assface comments daily judging people. I have an idea, next time you think about doing such an insane thing,go fuck yourself instead, thanks.

    2. Lol the truth hurts, doesn't it?

    3. I am proud of myself and the changes I have made in my life to become healthy. This is MY journey and mine alone. Even the most devoted health nuts I know make bad food choices occasionally. To expect perfection from an imperfect human is just plain crazy. I don't take offense to your comment. Many people are uninformed about the lap-band and life with the lap-band. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in a civilized manner. My email is