Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Weigh In with a Heavy Heart

Starting weight: 261 lbs

Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Last weeks weight: 212.8 lbs
Todays weight: 211.7

-1.1 lb loss

-22.7 lb loss since surgery
-49.3 lb loss overall


We'll go with happy stuffs first...then on to the not so happy stuffs...
I am VERY happy with that loss. Really I'm happy with any loss, but anything over 1 elbee just makes me giddy!

I am also happy I got a fill on Tuesday. Just a wittle fill as I think I was ever so close to my green zone. She just put .2 cc's in. I just started eating regular food last night and it went well so I think i'm good! The nurse who does my fills rocks my socks suurrriously. She is sooo quick. And she does it so stinkin fast there's no time to feel any pain! Hoping this little fill will help me get to ONEDERLAND!!

On to the not so happy stuffs...

My grandma finally gave up the struggle to join my grandpa in heaven. She passed away yesterday morning at 7:55 am. She was a stubborn, grouchy old grandma...but she was MY stubborn, grouchy old grandma and I loved her to peices. My aunt said she passed sooo peacefully which is such a relief after all the hardwork her body was doing just to make her breathe. My dad was there basically from day 1 when she went to the E.R. for her eye pain. He only left at night and the past couple of nights he stayed with her. Yesterday morning he decided to leave to take care of some things and that's when she passed. I think she waited until he left so he wouldn't have to see it. She was very specific in what she wanted in that she didn't really want anything. Her only request was to be next to her husband. She didn't want a funeral...or a visitation...she didn't even want them to poke or prod or preserve, she wanted to be buried just how she died.  She only wanted a graveside service. Eventhough we feel as if she deserves more, we are respecting her wishes and JUST doing a graveside service. I went with my aunt and my dad to make the arrangements. My dad has known the funeral director since they were kids and he has known my whole family ever since so it was nice to be able to sit with a friend to do all of that. I think it made it a little easier. She has been waiting 33 years to be with my grandpa and I'm sure he was standing at the gates giddy as a school girl waiting for her.

Love you Grandma.... We will miss you!


  1. I am so sorry for your loss, Julie. I am glad you have such good memories to hold on to during this time. Hang in there, sweetie.

  2. What beautiful pictures. My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss...and I am really sorry about your grandma..what some really good memories and pictures---

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Great memories and lovely pictures. I hope she is at peace now. ((hugs))

    Congrats on your loss!

  5. I am so sorry Julie, ya know you are right working in a hospital for years it was well known that patients did seem to wait until no one was there to pass away, and with my dad my mom was there all day went down to the car for her bag and come back and he had passed, they want to save their loved ones some pain... it is so nice that you all are respecting her wishes it is hard not to chose to do what would make you all the most comfortable when someone passes, you all made the right choice going with grandma's wishes. thinking of you <3 (((hug)))

  6. A bittersweet post for a bittersweet day. I am sure you are happy you got to be around her during her lifetime--even if she was grouchy! My thoughts are with you and your family.

  7. So sorry for your loss - thinking of you x

  8. Sorry for your loss, thinking of you

  9. Very very very sorry about your grandma's passing. I lost ALL of my grandparents by the age of 12. So am envious of anyone who still has them. Prayers being sent to your family.