Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Weigh-In Ya'll!

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Last weeks weight: 216.8 lbs
Todays weight: 214.4

-2.4 lb loss 

-20 lb loss since surgery
-46.6 lb loss overall


Ummm.....SAWEET ass loss!!!! I was taken aback by the scale this morning. It's weird...last week I was like "woohoo!" this week, I know it's just 2.4 lbs but it seemed so weird to see 214.4 on the scale. It was kind of emotional... I mean I'm 14.4 lbs away from onederland...ONEDERLAND!!!!! If I keep losing like this I will be there well within my goal of Thanksgiving. 

Speaking of goal setting. On my last post about setting my onederland goal for Thanksgiving, one of my very close blogging pals asked "I don't get why you must set a date to lose those 16 pounds? Just take one day at a time and enjoy that day. Win or lose. Enjoy the day for that day. The lap band is NOT a race to get to a certain point ... it's all about enjoying the ride to Shedville." 
VERY good question and very valid point. I think for a lot of people having a goal keeps them focused. I mean we have a lose weight. But what I have learned is that by setting small goals it keeps me motivated. When I look at the big picture it gets a little overwhelming. Getting to my goal of 150 seems like such an insurmountable task. But If I make my goal 199 and I only have 14.4 lbs to get there it gives me that little extra UMPH, the pep in my step. A quick goal, where I can feel like I accomplished something, reward myself (maybe a dress...or a new outfit...OO OOOO!! NO, I want a Fitbit!) Then I can set my next goal and so forth and so forth. But Amy I do get your point. I think some people get TOO wrapped up in goals and have HUGE setbacks if they don't reach their goal as quick as they would like. Like you said, enjoy the ride it's not a race. Just personally for me, I like to push myself and see what happens. Setting a goal for me is like a challenge, And if you know me, you know i'm up for a good challenge :)
I think all of our journey's are different and each of us will get to our goals differently. I don't think any of us are right or wrong...just..different. And that's what makes this blogging community so wonderful. Thank you Amy, it's always nice to get feedback. I like it when people tell me what's on their mind instead of just agreeing. I mean if you agree then that's fine but if you don't agree, it's ok to say it! I think I may unoffendable if that makes sense. As long as you are not being mean to me... I enjoy a healthy debate or a friendly disagreement.

Sooooo....I'm pretty sure I double booked myself for tomorrow. I have the suicide prevention walk in the morning in downtown KC. THHHEEENNN me and cupcake are driving all the way to Lawrence for the color run at 4. Someone may just have to carry me home...just sayin'.
I did pick up some KILLER bright pink leggings to wear...It's gonna rock! 

I haven't been feeling good the past couple of days... the hershey squirts have been making the rounds through my house. I'm feeling better now and hopefully I will feel right as rain for my activities tomorrow. I will try and get lots of pics! :)


  1. Congrats dandy! I'm stuck again .

  2. Woo hoo! Glad you had another great week. :-)

    Good job at identifying what works for you (like goal setting). Sometimes other people's comments/reactions/disagreements are about what is going on with THEM, not really about what is best for you.

  3. Lolz... the hershey squirts. I laugh, but it's not funny. Oy. Glad you're better!