Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How could I forget?!?!

I can not BELIEVE I forgot to tell you guys I had my very first "stuck" and "slime" episode. Sure I've had my moments where something takes a little longer to go down and it's uncomfortable but no getting stuck or no sliming or puking.

I was at my momma's house because she asked me to go with her to put her cat down. Sad... I will get to that in a later post :(

Anywhos, she decided on chinese. We ordered beef and vegatables, a good choice. So why in the world did I put white, sticky ass rice on my plate? About 3 small bites in I got uncomfortable so I stopped eating. I started getting a pain in my shoulder which I've had before but it goes away if I just get up and walk across the room. Well, I walked... and walked... for about 10 minutes. The pain/pressure never went away, in fact it kept welling up and getting worse. My mouth started watering. I held back from puking just holding out hope that it would eventually go down and be over. After another 5 minutes it became very clear that something would be coming OUT, that whatever was causing me pain was not going down.ever. So I did it. I slimed. It's really weird. I thought I would spit out food. Nope. Just a ball of clear slime.



P.S. I think I need to have a serious talk about my relationship with white rice. How do I tell him it's over... that we can't see each other anymore? Is it bad that I'm not even gonna miss him? I really only put him on my plate out of habit?

I know the rules. I understand them. Why do I have such a hard time with the first couple of bites? My portion size is good but for some reason I just put too big of a bite in my mouth and don't chew it enough. After the first couple of bites I get it and do what I'm supposed to. I just need to work on those first few bites. I got this. That's my new goal, to pay as much attention to my first 3 bites as I do to the rest. REALLY think about my bite and chewing.

On a lighter note my weekend was fab. Had a tastefully simple slumber party with Cupcake and the kids. We did have some high calorie stuff as snacks but made a really good chicken recipe for dinner. We did splurge for our slumber party but that's ok, how often do you get to have slumber parties right? Here are a few pics. SOOOO much fun! :)

Me and Cupcake always cheesin!
Cupcake and Momma
Seriously...too much cute in 1 picture!
Does this count as a photobomb?
Quite possibly the cutest and best baby on the planet...
Again...cute overload here people

I can't believe she got him to smile! He's a teen now so he's too cool for us... lol


  1. Yikes. Sorry about your stuck/sliming episode. They are the worst!! I am pretty bad with my first bite or two and am constantly working on that. I need to wear a reminder bracelet or something!

  2. I remember when i was new and was all, "what the freak is sliming?" Yeah. It sucks. The first couple of bites are usually tough for me, too.

  3. Totally nailed the photobomb - cuz you da bomb!! Not looking forward to the stick/slime thing at all, btw.

  4. First couple bites used to be my downfall but now I drink a big glass of water before I start eating to take the edge off. Then I am usually not so hungry I don't think...just a thought to give a try until you get in the habit.

  5. I have tried Chinese 3 times since getting banded and all 3 times were trouble with a capital T for me. None of those times did I try rice or noodles. For me all 3 times it was some kind of chicken. Which is strange, bceause any other time I don;t have issues with chicken.

    Photo bombing cracks me up...especially when I am the one doing it :)

  6. love your photo bomb lol. also the first few bites are my worst enemy too!!! it is like I forget and then iattack my food like I have been in a dungeon for 8 months. then I get a bitch slap from my band and she puts me in check then its cool and I say never again 'til next time lol... but I did good today i seriously sat down to ok a breath and said to myself "self, take it easy noone is gonna steal your lunch"

  7. btw..is that a shit ton of sweet baby rays bbq sauce up on the top of the cabinet in that photo bomb pic? just wondering lol

  8. You have a weenie dog??? That dog looks just l,e my weenie Arnold. Shit balls I'm throwing up sliming at least 2x per week ... Always... I'm hard headed. But eggs is on my no list and most bread too.

    I've only got 4cc in my band which is 1 reason why my doc is denying me. Too much puking!

    Love the pics