Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Roundup - Shenanigans & BOOBS

What a weekend! My plan was to have a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend...

Not so much! Friday night my P.I.C. (partner in crime) convinced me to go out for dinner, drinks, shenanigans. BTDUBS, we are shenanigators. We instigate shenanigans...

Went to Uh-plee-bee's, shared some spicy nachos. Had a strawberry daquari YUM! Decided to go out to a bar. Had a couple vodka pineapples. Had a couple of this crazy purple vodka delicious nectar made from the gods. The bartender wouldn't tell me what it was, said that was the only bar that made it. I'm calling it the "Purple Nurple" I don't know what it's actually called... Let me just say... it.was.awesome. Left that bar when it closed down at 1:30, went to a 3am bar and closed that puppy down. Went to waffle house, got our 3am grub on and went home.

A little NSV action here guys... I'm pretty sure I got hit on a couple times...BEFORE dudes were falling down drunk! lol No seriously, it's strange...being hit on. Or just complete strangers telling me i'm beautiful. I mean, I get it...they are just trying to get lucky. They aren't going to though...and they know it because I just about immediately tell them I'm married...and have kids. But I will sure stand there and let them compliment me!!! I'm used to 1 of 3 things when I go out....
1. I'm completely ignored...not by my friends but by EVERYONE else...
2.I'm made fun of...called fat...whatever
3.Boob-ooglers  (ya know...a boob-oogler? Stares at my boobs, makes some "damn those are big boobs comment" and gives me a high five)

So this will take some getting used to....

Saturday night we had our annual fish fry at a cousins house. Pretty sure there were like 150+ people there. Not only were there fish...but there was everything else under the sun because my family knows how to do a potluck. There was literally EVERYTHING there. It was delicious. Yours truly even tried a turkey fry... what is turkey fries you ask? Well you are obviously not a redneck #1... #2 they are balls...nuts...testicles whatever you call them...I ate them. And you know what? It was good...I'm not afraid to admit it. I ate balls and I liked it!!! lol It was fun, ALOT of fun. The kiddos had a good time, had some wine, had some good conversation. Afterwards my lovely cousin invited me to a bonfire..which was nice and relaxing :)
I missed BOOBs this weekend in Chicago... And it must have been fun and people must still be recovering because I see no posts yet!! Geeze people, I need pictures... I need to see what I missed and be jealous!! So get to it!!! :)

Yesterday was a not-so-great day in the food life of a bandster. Not really terrible...just...ok...kinda terrbile.
I had a whole bag of specialty chocolates with toffee (OMFG they were good) Yeah, you read that WHOLE BAG part right. 300+ calories ...ouch! So I did like a good little bandster and ate really good for dinner right? Oh for sure...I ate 3 peices of frozen pizza and a chocolate snack cake. Gotta keep it classy
OH well, today is a new day... with new food choices and so far i'm doing good! Chicken breast, cottage cheese with tomato cucumber salad over it for lunch CHYEAH!

Ok my little cupcakes I have to get back to work now.... lunch is over :(
But I better start seeing some BOOBs ladies! ;)


  1. Get used to being hit on. It only gets worse. I was so used to being ignored that it never dawned on me that men were hitting on me until the hubs pointed it out.

    And, it is all about just knowing we can't eat bad EVERY day. If you were like me you had no idea of real portions before the band.

    You are doing great. Keep up the good work.

  2. I come to your blog to oogle your boobles...happy to hear you had a flirt and food filled weekend lol hey guess what I had a fill today I am at 9cc now omg...

  3. You lost me at turkey nuts. You are a brave, brave woman.

  4. So after you ate and had those drinks you didn't get struck of anything or any problems?

    1. I did a really good job of chewing!! Lol also liquor helps loosen up my band. Its funny non of that gave me problems but my egg mcmuffin this morning just didnt want to go down

  5. Did you wait the 30 mins after your meal to drink?

    1. yes ma'am thats one thing i am REALLY good about is the whole drinking thing lol