Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Weigh-In - Why herrow restriction...

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Todays weight: 216.8 lbs

-2.8 lb loss

-17.6 lb loss since surgery
-44.2 lb loss overall


Umm....can I get a HELLS YEAH?!?!?!  I am just chugging right along...droppin those EL-BEES! Slow and steady wins the race.   I only have 16.9 lbs to lose until I officially hit Onederland!  I blame this pick up in weight loss on my new found restriction. It's SOOO nice to feel full..a feeling I haven't felt in a long, long time.  

Speaking of Onederland...let's talk about goal setting. I haven't actually set any goals yet. I guess it's time to start!I'm trying to think of a time frame as a goal to get to onederland. I was thinking Halloween...but that's only a month away... not sure 16.9 lb loss in a month is doable. So, how does Thanksgiving sound? about 2 months to lose 16.9 lbs.
Do you think that's TOO long?
TOO short?
Just right?

I'm terrible at this lol in my mind i'm like "Oh yeah I can get there by Halloween, no's far away..." Umm...then I'm like "Ok dumby mcdumbster, mayor of dumbville...that's only like 33 days or some shit"

 So should I make that my official goal? Onederland by Thanksgiving?  Whaddya think? Huh? huh?

 (Can you tell I SUCK at decision making?)  

Sooo....There have been lots of things I've been wanting to snap pictures of to show you guys...and...the camera on my phone has kicked the bucket. Sucks. Bad. Now that it's gone, I want to use it All.the.time. Like for instance...just found out that Monster makes a low cal, low carb PROTEIN energy drink. Yup. It's called Rehab ProTEAn + Energy it has 100 cals in the whole can-15 protein. All I can say is "Yes please!" I was gonna snap a pic to include here but alas... nothing.   Hmmm...I bet I could find a pic on the ole' interwebs... hmmm
Ain't I smart? :)
Oh btw... this is NOT any kind of endorsement..I'm not getting paid a single penny. Just my little old opinion :)  I wish I was getting paid for it... hmmm... let's make that happen capt'n!
I have to admit it kinda tastes weird at first... it is tea... so it's strange..then it has the weird feeling on your tongue i'm assuming because of the protein... I probably won't get it very often but It's not bad.

Now that I have restriction I'm finding it EXTREMELY hard to eat enough calories...anyone else have that problem? I'm trying to eat healthy obviously but since I can't eat very much, i'm not taking in a lot of calories. I don't want to "fill" in my calories by eating high calorie junk... like getting a hot fudge sundae because I have enough calories left. Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend my little cupcakes! I really don't have any plans except a Froyo date with a friend. Hopefully there will be some exercising AND some much needed relaxation. :)

I shall leave you with pics of my last cupcake escapade for a litle boys 1st bday. I forgot to show you guys OOPS!

This is what must be done after a long night of baking...


  1. Congrats! EXCELLENT. Your too cute

  2. Great post, 16 pounds by Thanksgiving would really be pushing it for me but only you know what you can do. I only have 10 pounds to lose to reach my goal and I am not setting a target date to reach it. I'm just thrilled to be getting close.

  3. I bet Thnaksgiving onederland would be do-able! cute cupcakes, I am making Johnnys 2nd birthday cake tonight for his party 2-moro I will let ya know how that goes lol I have never decorated a cake, juat frosted'em and woofed 'em down lol... so I hope it comes out good. so happy that you have restriction, I need another fill, it is set for Oct. 2 woohoo.

  4. cute cupcakes and GREAT JOB ON YOUR LOSS THIS WEEK!

  5. I don't get why you must set a date to lose those 16 pounds? Just take one day at a time and enjoy that day. Win or lose. Enjoy the day for that day. The lap band is NOT a race to get to a certain point ... it's all about enjoying the ride to Shedville.

  6. Great work! I think Thanksgiving is a good goal...and wherever you get to, it can be an incentive going into the holiday. Love reading your blog...keep it up!