Thursday, September 13, 2012

Catchin' Up with a little TTT action

Thank god for Ten Things Thursdays right? It makes blogging sooooo much easier for me when I'm all stressed out and busy and can't find time to have normal blog posts! So Thank you Laura, for giving me blogging break and allowing me to just randomly throw out shit and it be acceptable ;)
I'm using TTT to catch up on what's been going on so it may be a little long today. Feel free to stop reading, or tune out, or message me to shut the hell up at any time!

1. Eggs.... Don't we women have like millions? Or at least hundreds of thousands? I know I haven't had that many periods.... There HAS to be some left in there right? Apparently high doses of fertility meds make 1 real nice looking egg for me. It's supposed to make 12+. I was devasted when I found out and I'm not the one having the damn baby! I feel like a failure. I want to do this for them...I want it to work. Why is it so hard for my little ovaries to just grow some damn eggs? The intended mommy of course was devastated too. She told me she was not mad at me and it is in no way my fault. I understand, I would be devastated if I were her too... I'm their last hope. I so badly want it to work. So we are thinking maybe losing some more weight will help. We are going to try one last time around January and they are going to start me out on the highest doses possible to see if we can jump start those puppies.

2. For those of you who don't follow me on facebook.... You don't know about my current obsession.... Cottage Cheese. I've had it everyday for either breakfast, lunch or both for the past 2 weeks. I mix peaches or pineapples with it ... I've topped it with bbq shredded pork for lunch... I use it in place of noodles on spagetti night, just plop my meat sauce on top. Stop's delicious! Really...have I ever steered you wrong?!?!

 3. Since I have stopped taking the fertility meds (see #1) I am losing again! I'm so excited I could spit! I'm now officially what I weighed the day after I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter. That's awesome... I'm also getting awfully close to onederland. I don't know how I will react when I reach it... I have a good feeling there will  probably be a lot of this :

And possibly a little bit of this :

That's right people... I just may Ugly Cry... fo realz...

4.So I'm sitting here at my desk eating lunch.... McD's... Groan right? Nope. I'm super proud of myself. I'm learning how to make good choices EVERYWHERE I go. The McD's by my work now has ALL their nutrition info listed right there on the drive through menu. THANK YOU!!! That makes things sooo much easier. (eventhough I did my research before I went lol) I'm enjoying a classic grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo. (I tore off some of the bun too so it's probably a teensy less) 300 calories 27 protein. That rocks. See folks? You CAN stay on track at McD's!! :)

5.I'm going to a CPR/AED class tonight with Cupcake. This make me a happy camper. I realized this was a good idea when I was at a restaurant in the bathroom with my little one and a woman was in there with a little boy who was crying. As they were leaving she said to me "OMG! I just had to give my nephew the Heimlich! He was choking and I just did it! I'm so glad I knew what to do!!" She was obviously frazzled. It got me thinking, "Holy jeeze balls... If my kids choke.. I have no idea what to do. Or even worse, if they aren't BREATHING? I would have to just sit there watching them dying while I wait on help to arrive!" This is not acceptable. So when Cupcake asked me if I wanted to go just a few weeks after that incident, it was a sign to me that yes..I should indeed go. I will let you all know how it goes! :)

6.This chicken sandwich is delicious! Filling and just the right portion! I don't even miss the mayo! :)

7.I am a little peeved at my beloved AMC... So I got passes to the premier of "End of Watch" for last night. I've been to this rodeo many times. 1.print passes 2. show up like an hour early (sometimes sooner) 3.stand in a long ass line for an hour 4.hand the passes to the lady at the door as you enter the theatre.  Sounds simple right? Well, APPARENTLY Gofobo and AMC have changed up the way they do things. APPARENTLY you now have 1.print your pass 2.realize this is not ACTUALLY your pass after you read the fine print 3.go to the box office at the theatre as soon as you can possible drag ur little ass there and EXCHANGE your pass for actual tickets. There are only so many tickets available in EXCHANGE for this passes. So we drive our happy asses 45 minutes to the theatre just to have the lady tell us we did it wrong and it's sold out. APPARENTLY we were not the only ones becuase she said there is a line for people with paper passes. When the theatre opens the people with magnifying glasses that read the fine print with their superhuman eyes get to go in first and then if there are any open seats they will let in the people with the paper passes. THEN if you wait for over an hour and don't get in, they will give you tickets to go see the movie at a later date. BUT ONLY AFTER you waste away your evening waiting in line for a CHANCE to MAYBE get in. (sorry for all the yelling, can't you tell this little girl got her panties in a twist?) It's never worked that way...EVER. So sorry I just did what I always do.

8. This is where you learn something about me. I don't handle situations like #7 well. I don't handle changes of plan very well. Don't get me wrong, i'm super spontaneous and easy going. If there's no plan, it's all gravy. But if there is a plan in place. And I OCD analyze those plans in my brain for 2 weeks. And then the plan goes horribly wrong? It devastates me... I don't know why. I'm like a small child throwing a tantrum. So what did I do last night at the movie theatre? I cried... I stood there like a big fat poopie diaper baby (that's Doots current favorite name-calling name right now lol) and cried. Poor hubs knows this situation is my kryptonite so he's like
"Don't cry...are you crying? Oh no...why are you crying?"
then out comes the drama queen in me
"I just feel like I can't do anything right! This was supposed to be a FREE night out, just us, a date night and now it's ruined!"
He says "Let's just go see another movie, don't let this ruin your night. We can come back and see it. OOoo, look! The Campaign is starting! Dont' you wanna go see The Campaign?"  
So I stand there with my arms crossed crying
"I don't care."
He says "come on dear, please don't let this ruin your night"
Too late sir... too late, my night has been officially ruined. Don't I just sound like a big ole ball of fun?
Finally I just said "I WILL BE FINE! Just let me throw my fit for a minute. I will get over it...eventually. I can't just turn it off!"
So we went to see Expedables 2 instead and as soon as the previews started I was fine. See? Toldya.

9. Here's where you learn another tidbit about me.I LOVED it. It hard. All the cheese, and blood and old action stars...LOVED IT!  I'm so NOT a "normal" girl. If that makes sense... I hate chick flicks (well except the Notebook, that's not really a chick flick, more like a "only people with a black cold heart doesn't like" kinda flick) I like blood, I like guts... The Hottness rating of the actors don't have anything to do with my liking of a movie. I could care less about the physical attractiveness of the actors. If it's a shit movie, it's a shit movie. No hot guy could make me like a shit movie.  This movie was awesome, dare I say better than the first? Those old farts made fun of themselves the whole time in between blowing the bad guys into tiny peices. (I AM still a girl though, so yes, Jason Statham was super hot which was a plus)  I've had girlfriends invite me to see Dear John and P.S. I love you and Magic Mike. NOPE... can't do it.. I just can't. I can't watch a terrible movie JUST because there's a hot guy. I'm not into sap, i'm into action, thriller, shit my pants funny. That's about it. If you want to throw a love story in the mix I'm game.

10. Told you it was going to be a long one :) I will leave you with a pic that I took and when I looked at it I was like "holy shit balls! My face is shrinking!" Oh and my kid is cute....


  1. I really, really tried to like cottage cheese. No matter how many times I try it, or what I pait it with, I still don;t like it :(

    Good for you on making good choices...even at McDonalds! I used to LOVE McDonalds, but I think I have only been there once since surgery...and that was while traveling. I seriously don;t trust myself much at fast food joints.

  2. you crack me up! lol hey nice glasses I am going to a costume party and I need something lil like those I dont get down with costumes , maybe when I am skinny minney.... seriously with the cottage cheese, lol you are gonna shit your brains out one of these days and say never again lol ..... your face looks a lot thinner you are a hotcake a lil cupcake making hotcake! i am going to see batman 2-mro night with my hub for our 8th anniversary, love "guy" movies too lol anywayssssss I made a mini chocolate cream pie tonight and ate it and it was delish so I have just confessed to you so now i will be forgiven right... amen to that.

  3. lol. Love the pic!!!

    And I love me some cottage cheese too!! I just had some with sliced peaches. One of my favorite sweet treats.

  4. TELL ITS YOR PARTY AND YOULL CRY IF YOU WANT TO!!!! and then tell me to turn off my damn caps lock

  5. I made the ranch dry dip mix with cottage cheese the other night. I put my baby carrots in it and it made a delish dip :)