Monday, September 24, 2012

Wowzas! What a weekend!!

Ok, I have a lot of ground to cover so let's get to it!


(sorry, I guess that's the football player in me coming out!)

First of all... Guess what?


Oh em gee... this is exciting!

My fill on Thursday went really well. She went aggressive and pumped me up to 7.1 cc's. She was ready to get me feeling some restriction. And oh baby I'm feeling it! I'm now learning how important the bandster rules really are. I never really had to worry about chewing well (eventhough I tried, I forgot alot of times) I could basically eat what I wanted. NOT NOW! My band violently gently reminds me that I need to make sure I chew my food to applesauce. That I need to pay attention while I eat and not take big bites. THIS is what it's supposed to feel like... I get it now. My portions are MUCH smaller and I'm hoping this was the push I needed to really get my weight loss into gear! :)

I had slowly worked bread back into my diet and now i'm abruptly working it out of my diet thanks to my tighter band! I really don't miss it. But i've tried about 3 times in the past 2 days to eat bread and it's a NO GO! It was sandwiches. I found if I took the top peice off and just ate the bottom peice really to use to hold it all together I was fine. I now know why bandsters have to stop...walk around... I've had to do that 3 times lol. I will get the hang of this.

Friday was a rather normal day. Me and The Hubs decided to watch our newest purchase of Titanic on Blu-Ray. I haven't watched it in years... for good reason. To not upset any readers who know about this I will keep it short. Basically when I was younger (like early middle school) my best friends little sister died. It was devastating, she was like the little sister I never had. They played "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion at her funeral. I have not been able to watch Titanic nor listen to that song since. I went to the store, got me a bottle of sweet red wine and settled in to watch the movie. I drank the.whole.thing. Yup. It helped though. I only had to leave the room once because I felt a wave of emotion heading my way. We didn't get to finish it that night. We finished it last wine. I cried... quite a bit. More so afterwards as my mind was left to wander. I did have a wonderful conversation with said friend about it. I miss her. Alot. But I'm making it a point to email/text/talk to her more.

Saturday was Ah-may-zing! Seriously. Where do I begin?
Doots was in the city parade in the morning. Up bright and early and at the park by 8:20. Parade started at 9. Parents to walk beside the float (good thing I wore my yogas and tennies!) WOW, that ended up being like a 3 mile or more walk. It was awesome!

Afterwards me and my momma dropped Shoogs off with my MIL for a g-ma/baby slumber party and went to Platos Closet. Found me a BRAND new pair of Baby Phat boots with the fur lol for $20...SCORE! Also a brand new jean jacket that ALMOST fits for $10. A pearl necklace for $2 and a black pearl bracelet for $1. Successful trip I think! :) As I'm shopping Cupcake calls me and tells me that a local airport is giving kiddos FREE airplane rides if I could scoot down by 3 (it was 2 and I was kinda far away)
Sweet jesus we made it! Doots was so stinkin excited she could barely contain it. After waiting in line for what seems like 2 hours we got to go up in a single engine plane for about 15 minutes. It was so cool. I'm so glad we had that spontaneous moment for our kiddos! :)
Can't you tell she's excited?!?
Finally getting buckled in!!
Seriously though, this was the best thing of the day :)
I had to add one more becuase it was just too cute!

What a view!

She wanted to go again!

After the plane ride we had to book it to a Tastefully Simple party. Have you ever been to one? UMMMM DELISH!!! I loved it so much I'm having my own party in November! :)

Afterwards we went back to Cupcakes house for some much needed girl talk while the kids played. Then we decided to go to Halfway (a restaurant) and have some Hot Beef! Me and Cupcake shared an order which was just enough! Went home and instead of enjoying a kid free night I PASSED OUT, which I guess is still enjoying a kid free night lol

Sunday was relaxing, went to MIL house to pick up Shoogs, have some lunch and watch the Chiefs game. Wow, if you didn't watch was a nail biter FOR SURE! But our boys in red won finally lol Played with the girls outside then headed home to family dinner at Gee's (MY g-ma's) house. Afterwards chased Doots around the yard.

Went home and decided it was time to try on every peice of clothing I owned and clear out my closet.
Ummm.... WOW is all I have to say. I had clothes I was hanging on to that were too tight that now fit perfectly. And others that are already too big! I purged and now have all my big clothes bagged up and ready to give to a friend that has no money to buy new clothes since she has gained weight. I love her and want her to be comfortable at any size, I know it sucks, i've been there. But now she'll have some cute stuff to rock out until she goes back down! Here is what my closet looks like now...
My closet was FULL, I mean jam packed...

This, coupled with feeling restriction has lifted my spirits and given me great motivation! I think my "funk" is over. I'm feeling like my normal, chipper, positive self again. I'm ready for onederland... I'm so close.

P.S. I know I missed my weigh in Friday. Nothing exciting. I basically stayed exactly the same. Hopefully this Friday I will have a good weigh in and the TIME to post! :)


  1. Squeee!! Love that feeling of yanking out the too big stuff and fitting in, or even finding loose, the formerly too small stuff! Congrats!
    And yes, bread is a sneaky bitch sometimes as can be those leisurely chewing sessions!

  2. I know I need more rest but for some reason I'm scared. I've got 4. But there are days when I puke and I don't like that feeling...let me know how this goes for you if you throw up alot?

  3. I'm glad you feel you have better restriction! And your daughter is so so cute. :-)

  4. Congrats on the restriction hun!
    I just got my 3rd fill and now I am up to 7mls I can totally feel the restriction too WOOO!!!
    Can't believe you got to go up in a plane ride talk about awesome!
    Keep up the amazing work hun.

  5. I know what you mean about the friend died of a brain tumor when he 10 and the song from American Tale (Somewhere Out There) was played at his funeral. I tear up every time I hear it...and that was in 1990.

    Congrats on restriction. The only bread thing I can do is a Flatout (found in the deli section). One of my favorite pre-band binges was hot pretzels. HA! Don't try that one. Dense = bad. Hot pretzels and bagels...sweet Jesus. Don't even ask.

    1. I picked up some bagels the other week at the store... hoarded with me thru out my market adventure and eventually put them back as I didn't want them to stick or get stuck. But I do miss eating them toasted.

  6. Awesome news on the restriction fill. I'm at 7 now and can eat pretty much anything. Thursday I get my 3rd fill... am hoping that'll be it for me... fingers crossed. You also sound super happy with life and all. Good for you :)

  7. PS: Please add my new website to your list :)

  8. look how cute they are holding hands! Ahhh....and I give a big thumbs up for restriction and it giving you new motivation---I totally get it! You go girl...that closet is only going to get smaller....I have few clothes to choose from anymore because I know I will keep getting smaller and I am too cheap to buy a bunch!

  9. The picture of them holding hands is one of the cutest things EVAH!

    Woohoo for restriction!

  10. Congrats on the restriction. And super duper cute on them holding hands.