Friday, September 7, 2012

Fill 'er on up! Flashback Friday

Who went for their 2nd fill yesterday?
This biotch right here!!!

Let me tell you, this fill went MUCH better than my first!

This time my appointment was with my favorite nurse Karen NOT the surgeon.

Can I just say how much I LOOOVE Karen? She did my 6 month pre-op diet and she was awesome. When I went in for this fill it was the first time I have seen her since my surgery. She gave me a big hug and was so excited to see me. I love that I have that kind of relationship with her!

I told her that we had a hard time finding my port with my first fill. That it took 3 tries becuase my port was turned a little bit. She smiled and said with a wink "No it's not" and she proceeded to get everything ready. I told her she may have a little trouble..she said "No I won't" again with a smile and a wink.

She felt around my tummy for my port for about all of half a second. Said "Here's the stick!" and in another .004 seconds she was in my port. Another second and a half she pulled the needle out and slapped a bandaid on.

She said "You're all done"

It literally took her like 5 seconds from start to finish.

She added 1.1 cc's giving me a total of 6.3 cc's in my 10 cc band.

I'm on liquids today and go to soft foods tomorrow. We shall find out soon enough if there is any restriction there. I can say that just the frozen strawberry lemonade me and Doots (my oldest daughter, I will call her that from now on cuz that's what we call her anyway, long story  lol) shared on the way home was feeling restricted. Maybe...just MAYBE we could be getting at least close to the coveted green zone? I know I will probably need more but ANY restriction is better than NONE that i've had since surgery. I will let you all know how solid food goes here in a few days.

I think I may move my weigh in days from Monday to Friday. Hmmm... Maybe i'll do a weigh in on Monday, then another on Friday and just keep Fridays from then on. Sounds good to me! And so it shall be...

Stealing...well... I guess more borrowing "Flashback Friday" from the wonderful LBG. A friend of mine found a picture from high school. We were in theatre and always having fun backstage. One day she made me up to look like a porcelain doll because I had these blue contacts that everyone said made me look like a doll.

It was so weird considering my eyes are just about midnight black lol


  1. This pic freaked me out! Loving the lips

  2. that is soooo weird me and an old friend did that when we were teens!!!! made each other up as porcelain dolls, I do not have a pic though. :o( love that your fill went well, both of mine have been in & out easy peasy so I am happy you have a nurse who knows her shit.

  3. omg. I'm going to have nightmare from that picture. LOL. The eyes follow me! I guess we all have some of those HS pics that we're hiding :)

  4. so glad your second fill went better!!! AWESOME!!

  5. i so prefer nurses over the docs...but maybe it's because I'm a nurse :D. Glad your fill went better!

  6. Glad your fill went well. I hope solids are behaving!

  7. Ha, I love the eyes! And I'm so glad you got to see your favorite PA and she did a great job with your fill. I've only ever had one bad one, and even at that one they only stuck me once... can't imagine 3 times. :((

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