Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

A big shout out to Laura Belle at Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier for providing us with the ever theraputic Ten Things Thursday. Join in! Just write 10 things...any things...random things...crazy things...just 10 things!

1. I go for my 3rd fill today! Super excited. I felt restriction for about a I barely feel it. It's not completely gone like last time...but almost. Hoping I feel some major restriction with this fill! :)  I'm currently sitting at 6.3 cc's I know she won't give me a ton...but i'm hoping we are getting somewhere close to the green zone!

2. Doots, my 4 year old had quite the night last night. Daddy forgot to put a pull up on her before bed (her urge to pee does not wake her up...we take her potty before bed and don't let her have drinks before bed)
Well suprise suprise she peed in her bed...all over it... until it woke her up. So she came into our bed. Layed down next to The Hubs and peed...again...wide awake... like ALL over him AND our bed. When he opened his eyes she was staring at him and said "sorry daddy". He went from asleep to PISSED (ha, didn't mean to be punny) in about .2 seconds. She layed there with her eyes wide open and pissed our bed. She cried because daddy got mad (not raging mad just said "Daddy is SOOO disappointed in you!!"  He went and slept on the couch and she stood at my head sobbing and rubbing my hair. Finally I told her "you need to go back to bed" and off she ran...just like nothing happened. I swear that kid pees more than anyone i've ever met! I don't know what the deal is, all I can say is I can't wait until we don't have to buy another pack of pull ups!!

3. I know you just read #2 thinking the whole time "WTF is a Doots?!?"'s her nickname lol. She's had a quite a few in her short 4 years. When she was a baby we had this little swaddle blanket that had the word "kidapotamus" or something like that embroidered on it. One day The Hubs said "More like Kenziepotamus.." and so began the nicknames... Started with Kenziepotamus...then Kenziepoddamus (notice we changed the spelling? we are sooo dorks...) That one stuck for a while...even had it on her birthday cake!

Then we just started calling her "Poddamus" Then just "Pod" . So what does this have to do with Doots? Well I'm getting there... lol  when changing her diaper I would take baby talk to her so she would be entertained and lay still. I would say "OOOWEEE!! Look at that DOODY DIDEY!"  Then we started calling her "Doody" "Ford F150 Super Doody" then it evolved down to just "Doots". We called her all of these things at the same time... poor kid probably didn't know her real name until she was 3! (i'm exaggerating of course!) It's funny we ask her "What are you?" and she says "A Doots!" it's super ridiculously cute. I wallow in it because I know soon it will not be cool anymore and we won't get away with calling her that!

4. While we are on the kids/names/nicknames topic I'm officially going to start referring to my baby as "Shoogs" cuz that's what we call her! lol  As an infant for some reason I always called her "Sugar" and "Sugar booger" "Shoogies" "Shoogster" and "Shoogs"  I also called her "Puddin" "Puddin'pop" "Pumpkin" "Punkie" "Punkiepie" "Punkers" (I thik we are certifiably insane!) We call them "Shoogs" and "Doots" most often..sooooo...that is what they shall be named! :)

5. Doots started gymnastics this week. Can' It's crazy. I have a a real life child..not a baby...A little person... It still freaks me out almost daily.

6.I think this is officially the slowest day ever. September is almost over and it's still balls to the wall here at work. I'm starting to think busy season will never be over. I can't believe I still have 2 hours left before I leave for my feels like i've been for 8 hours already!! Doesn't help i'm tired...

7.Anybody watch X-Factor last night? Tate Stevens is from Belton, Mo. The next town up from me. The place where we go and call it "the city" because that's where the nearest ANYTHING is. It's about 10 miles from my house to Belton. Anywhoozle, I am not a fan of country music and neither is The Hubs but we both got goosebumps when he sang. It was awesome.

8. My momma's kitty is gonna die. Poor thing has a tumor in his sinuses and it's just sad. His face looks all deformed. Not sure how long he will make it. This will be DEVASTATING to Doots. She was raised around Dusty aka "Duss'a'muss" since birth. The other day when we found out we told her. I thought since this is her first time dealing with death we would break it to her gently.
"Kenz, you know how Duss'a'muss has been really sick?"
"well, the dr. said he will probably get real sick and die and go to heaven soon"
"Can you get another cat???!??!" (smiling...)
hmmm.... that didn't go like planned.
"Maybe sweetheart, but not yet. We are just going to cuddle with Dusty and love him as much as we can until he dies"
You could see the wheels turning...
"When is he going to die?"
"We don't know sweetie. We will just see how he is everyday and love him everyday."
Then, you saw it... Her upbeat look quickly faded into despair... she finally REALIZED what we were talking about... Then came the waterworks. She was devastated. But kept insisting she must get a new kitty.
We'll see how it goes when the time comes to put him down.

Poor lil guy-this picture doesn't do any kind of justice
It looks MUCH worse :(

9.It's FINALLY a reasonable temperature outside consistently. I was starting to become homicidal with all this heat. It was nice to be able to take the girls to the park last night and not feel like I was going to sweat my skin off.

10.Thank bajeebus it's almost time to go... Took me all day to write this! I leave for my fill in 45 minutes! :) 


  1. love all of the nicknames, my hubby and I are also nuts and have about 6,000 names for Johnny

  2. Well, she inherited the peeing all the time from me...... Sorry!!!! But once I wake up at night to pee, I am up every hour until my alarm goes off! :-(

  3. I'm with you - I'm astounded daily that I have two kids and one of them is 12.