Monday, November 5, 2012

"Mind Boggling"

I think we have all had our fair share of "haters" lol.

haters gonna hate

You know, the people who just don't understand and make ignorant comments about your journey. I just let it roll off my back.

This morning I pulled up the ole' blog to check her out and this gem of a comment waiting for me on my Friday Weigh In Post Halloween lol :

"Wow. You had a major surgery to lose weight and then you eat like that?!? Mind boggling."

I wanted to answer this question not just to Mr./Mrs. Anonymous but also to all of my readers and followers.

The answer is YES. I had major surgery to lose weight and I ate like crap for 2 days. YES, I am just fine with it. You know why?

I'm human. I am far from perfect. I have accepted a very long time ago that I WILL have bad days. I may even have a bad week, or a bad month. But you know what? By accepting that... I don't let 1 bad day turn into giving up....failing. I let that bad day/week pass and then I'm back on track. Isn't that what this process is about?

It doesn't matter what program/diet/plan you are on. Whatever your journey, however you have chose is best for you to become healthy... you will have bad days.  You will eat your favorite candy bar, you will have a peice of cake at the office birthday party, you will have a slice of pizza at a party. The KEY is that you don't do it  I would put money on the fact that  even Mr/Mrs Anonymous has eaten something unhealthy or had a bad eating day at some point in their lives.

YES, I had pizza and chocolate and soda. It lasted 2 days. ONLY 2 days. All the other days I ate my protein, I had veggies, I drank water, I exercised. I would say that those 2 days had MINIMAL impact on my progress. I am happy with that.

I've lost 50 lbs folks... That's no small potatoes. Even with the lap-band if I had bad days every single day I wouldn't be losing. I'm obviously doing SOMETHING right if the weight is coming off and I am feeling better every single day. This band does not do the work for's up to me.

I have MULTIPLE friends losing weight successfully in many different ways. I do not judge them, or their journey. I ONLY support them. I am there for them ALWAYS. That's how we do this here. That's how we are successful.

When I started this blog I promised myself and all of you that I would give an honest account of my journey. That I would share the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to help people who are thinking about getting the lap-band. I want them to know how life is with the band for me. If I only posted about the good things and made it seem like it was all rainbows and sunshine and little fuzzy bunnies I would be doing a diservice to all of those folks. There were bloggers like Lap Band Gal, and Drazil, and Rockband Barbie the list goes on that helped me get prepared. Showed me what life is like banded. I read about good days, good losses, motivation and success. But I also read about bad days, sad days, gains, and falls. You know what came after that? I read about getting back up, dusting off and kicking some ass. THAT'S what I am trying to do for people.

Is it hard to post a gain...or a bad food choice? Hell yeah! You don't really WANT to tell the world you ate like a heiffer! But I tell you what, after I tell the world it's like i've released it. I don't hang on to it anymore. I don't feel defeated, I feel liberated and free of that negativity and ready for a new day!

Am I angry at Mr/Mrs Anonymous? Nope.

I have realized that some people are just not educated or experienced with our journey. Our decision to get WLS. So rather that get mad, I took it seriously and  just wanted to answer the question.

Today I've already had 1 bottle of water, 1 protein shake and looking forward to my protein packed Chilli for lunch and my chicken I have cooking in the crockpot for dinner. A GREAT day of eating.

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  1. ugh! what a douche! here's what i don't understand....if you got the surgery and yea you "still eat like that" then what's it to that anonymous douche????? why make that comment?? just to point out something the person is already aware of? does the douche think because she pointed it out you'll somehow make make the connection and stop eating like that???
    my opininon, the douche just made the comment SIMPLY TO BE A DOUCHE! not helpful, not inspiring, not productive!

    1. The level of DOUCHE is off the charts!!! lol

  2. Oh but don't you realize that the only reason thin people are thin is because they only ever eat perfectly healthy food 100% of the time that is why they deserve to be thin. And fat people deserve their fatness because they don't eat perfectly nutritious healthy foods 100% of the time. *sarcasm font*

    As I read this entry I was waving both my middle fingers at my computer at the ass hat that wrote that. But seriously, what you gonna do?? It's like they say, Haterz gon' hate!!!

    First off, it's really ballsy and courageous to call someone out anonymously on the internet. You wanna talk some shit!?!? Then own it!!!

    Second, what many people DON'T realize is that for many of us this process is about finally being able to achieve moderation and balance in our lives. Before my lapband, I had such an unhealthy association/ relationship with food and my body that the notion of moderation was inconceivable to me. I was stuck in a mindset that my only options were perfection or failure --- nothing in between.

    My band has given me the gift of moderation. I could probably be many, many pounds lighter if I were perfectly perfect with everything I ate/drank. However, my "goal weight" has much more to do with how I feel about myself and my life and less to do with the number on a scale. For me moderation means living a healthy weight at which I feel good about myself/body but that I don't feel miserably deprived of things I enjoy.

    Sorry this is so windy and ranty but that person's comment really hit a nerve with me.

    1. AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! There is more to it than just "eating better" MANY of us have issues emotionally that have brought us to where we are. The journey to fix our minds is even harder than the journey to lose weight. I do not criticize people who are thin and have never had a weight problem in their lives...those that make it look easy to make healthy food choices. I'm envious of them! I wish I knew where the switch was in my brain that I could flip and it would make healthy food choices for me. Unfortunately I think my switch is broken so it's going to be a lot harder for me to pass up the halloween candy and pizza. I'm working on it...and it WILL get better...but it's a process..a JOURNEY.

  3. super great awesome post! I think this journey would be infinitely more difficult without the ability to "confess" here when we have slipped. Much like confessing in religion...we can clear our heads of guilt and shame and move on to future success. We don't feel judged and we know the other bloggers understand....because they've been there and told us about it. I would like to punch Mr./Ms. Anonymous right in the teeth. But, I will just say judge not, lest ye be judged ASSHOLE. When you have walked this walk, then you can offer an opinion. Otherwise, SHUT IT!

    (you were so much classier than me in your response, but I'm not mad) :)

    We owe it to each other to keep it real...and I am glad you did!

  4. Dear Anonymous commenter, grow a pair and own your comments.

    I heart you Dandy Bandy. Your are right...anonymous commenter is just hatin' balls, bless their heart :-)

  5. Wow I got an anonymous comment but it was for sex!!! Dandy screw that person. You enjoyed your holiday, friends and family - big deal!

  6. Ah...the lovely other side of blog world. The "anon" doesn't matter in the grand scheme of life but because we are human - it stings for a moment. We put it all out here so "anon" shit is bound to happen. I'll never forget an amazing blogger who once told me - if you piss someone off or get a hateful anon comment - you're doing something right. You're hitting a nerve, sparking feelings and debate and emotions. The negativity is on them...not you. love love love

  7. ahhh... gotta love logging on to a little hate. sucky. glad to see you didn't let it get you down. that is hard. i appreciate that you are honest with your journey. it helps us all grow and learn.

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