Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Brought to you by the always lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier!

1. WOW! Work is frakken busy I barely have time to produce my thoughts let alone try and plot out a blog post! Thank goodness for TTT to let me give quick updates! Speaking of work... I work in a call center for a catalog order school supply company...and it's back to school... SOOOO we are ridiculously busy (good for $, bad for my mental state!) We don't have as many temps this year or people in general so we have calls waiting in queue ALL day... what happens when we are in queue? There is this "DING" noise all throughout the office. If we stay in queue it "DINGS" about every 10 seconds or so... at this point I get the strong urge to pick up my phone and drop kick it out our 2nd story window when I hear that "DING" ....I'm hearing it in my sleep... it's haunting me. I just keep telling myself "busy season is half way over.... the $$ will be worth it..."

2. My birthday was Tuesday!! Not real exciting since I had to work, and work overtime. Me and The Hubs went out for pizza and rented a movie to watch all by our lonesome and then went and picked the girls up afterwards. I'm officially 27 years of age. Creepin' up to 30. I don't mind....I have a feeling 30 is gonna be great ;)

3.Speaking of birthday, my mother in law asked me what I wanted and for ONCE I had something to tell her!! (I have a problem saying what I want for holidays and makes me feel selfish I guess I don't know... we didn't have a lot of money growing up so we were thankfull for what we got, we weren't the kind of kids who made big ole lists and cried if we didn't get everything we wanted) I was responsible and instead of asking for cupcake tins or baking supplies I asked for a digital food scale. Because I do not have one and I'm TERRIBLE at "eyeballing" food amounts. She let me pick out which one I'm getting and I'm soooo excited about it. It's one that has like 2000 foods programmed into it so you put the code in for the food and then weigh it and it lists all the nutrition info for the serving you have on the scale. I'm getting it Sunday and after I use it for a couple weeks I will do a review on it! :)

4. Guess who's getting their first fill today? Yup, that'd be me! I'm super excited! I know I shouldn't expect perfect restriction on my first fill but i'm hoping to get a little help here! I'll let you all know how it goes!

5.I'm super stressed out right now with work (see #1) and usually... the "old" me would be stopping and getting an ice cream filled with hot fudge and whipped cream and candy/cookie bits everyday on the way home from work. The "new" me is having a hard time adjusting to stress without eating everything in sight. Don't get me wrong...I want to...I have been thinking..ok obsessing over exactly what I WANT to eat to get rid of my stress. Thing is... It won't get rid of my stress.. it will do NOTHING besides make me feel like complete shit. I know this now...I really do....but there is a little food pusher in my mind telling me "Go ahead, eat the snickers will taste sooo good and it will make you forget about everything" I think this is where people don't "get it" about being obese. that sounds like a junkie talking. That sounds like someone looking to get their next "fix"... this is an ADDICTION. People do (insert drug of choice here) to "make it all go away" and forget about everything. They know it's bad for them, they know it's killing them but they do it anyway... Sound familiar? People want to criticize obese people and say "just eat less, it's that simple" well let's try the same logic on a heroin addict "just don't use, it's that simple" ummm...yeah... pretty sure most heroin addicts go through clinical rehab and many have relapses before they kick the habit. They go to extremes to save their life. SAME HERE! Some of us have decided that enough is enough and it's time to go to extremes to kick the habit! I had the lap-band because I knew where my life was heading....and I didn't like it. I decided to take a stand and fight the fight to kick the habit and change my life...and my future.

6. I haven't had but a sip or 2 of soda since about mid June! :) I think that addiction is finally over!!

7.I'm starting to really see changes in myself. Especially my face. My double chin is slowly but surely shrinking into one chin. Took this picture this morning cuz I was feeling extra sassy in my gray lace top and leggings (although you can't see the outfit in the picture!)

8.Did I already mention I have my first fill today? I did? ;)

9.My baby turned 1 on 8/3 but was sick so we held off on her party until this last saturday the 11th. So glad we waited! She had a blast! Not a TON of people (learned that with the big girls 1st party...never again!) Just family and Cupcake (my bestie) and her kiddos. Of course I made cupcakes, they turned AH-MAY-ZING! I think my best yet. I also used my new ice cream maker and make Strawberry ice cream and Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. (I know, not the healthiest but it was my first go at it so I just made regular fatty ice cream for the party since it was in the booklet that came with the thing!) It all turned out great, everyone loved it and had a great time.

10. The last will just be pictures from babies bday party and such!  :)

Delish! Strawberry cupcake w/cream cheese
frosting and a swirl of chocolate cream cheese frosting
Baby and Uncle Geoff
Bday girl and Daddy
Big Sis at Worlds of Fun
 thuroughly enjoying her Sgetti
Modeling her scarf her "auntie" in Montana made her

And finally... my new mix c.d....


  1. I'm new and see "ten things thursday" on a few blogs...what do you include in your ten things?

    1. It's really just 10 things! Just random thoughts...10 things you wanna say. There's no rhyme or reason to it. It is whatever you want it to be!

  2. You look absolutely beautiful! I can see a difference too! Congrats/good luck on the fill!

  3. love the photo, you look great, so gorgeous. and you girls are too.. oh and thanks I really want a cupcake now.... short comment but my guy is crying and it is nap time, so good luck today YAY FILL DAY!!!!! my will be 2-moro..

  4. Good luck for your fill you beautiful girl! x

  5. First off, you are so very pretty. Love the pic of you! Second, your kid pics are absolutely adorable! Third, you are 100% dead on with the picture of addiction and food. I have joked before that I would rather become something like a heroin addict and then quit that after I lose a bunch of weight from being sick. The thing about a food addiction is you can't just quit - you have to learn moderation. Alcoholics or drug addicts, they are told never to look back. Not so easy for us.

  6. beautiful pic! Yep I can see a the photos and now you suck because I want a cupcake----!

  7. The thing I have come to love about my food scale is that there are things I have found I am under estimating. It is like a small victory for me to see that what I thought was a serving size is really just 3/4 of one.

  8. Beautiful picture of you!! And the kids are cute, cute, cute!!

  9. I love that picture of you. You look lovely, and so serene.

  10. I love love love #5...... hit it right on!!!! I know I am a little bias, but I think my baby girls really rocks this blog stuff!!!! Oh, and I agree with everyone else..... you are beautiful!!

  11. ooops....mean my baby girl :-)

  12. ooops..... didn't mean MEAN as in Cruel, spiteful, or malicious. Really was suppose to read: ooops...meant my baby girl!!!! Ah heck you all know what I meant

  13. you look fantabulous! and those cupcakes look yummilicious!

  14. love the name of the cd! You know i make a mean mix cd