Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poo Poo Puddin!

Dear "Snack Pack" pudding makers,

 I purchased your newest line of pudding at the grocery yesterday quite excited about your newest flavor "chocolate cupcake" being as I am a bandster and try to steer clear of such delicous treats (as much as possible for a cupcake baker!) I was delighted to see this flavor. My mouth was watering as I tore the square alluminum type covering from the little plastic container. I couldn't wait to get my cupcake fix. I am very displeased to say, this pudding did in NO way resemble any parts of a chocolate cupcake. It simply tasted like chocolate pudding with a layer of vanilla pudding on top. Poo Poo Puddin I say! I feel a little deceived by the delicious looking cupcake cartoon printed on the carton. Or perhaps maybe I had set my expectations too high? Either way I will not continue to waste 100 calories on a snack that has sugar and does NOT taste like a delicious chocolate cupcake. I would rather save my calories and eat Jell-O brands sugar free pudding, which in all honesty tastes better. No bueno Snack Pack...No BUENO!

 The Dandy Bandy
(who is a very sad face clown right now)


  1. even though I see the sad clown out of the corner of my eye as I was reading I was like ya ya ya ya ,was it yummy? should I run out and buy them now?.... and boom ya hit me with it, it was a no go! I put my car keys down and made the clown face.........

  2. No pudding like jello pudding

  3. So happy to hear this!!! I saw that pudding at the grocery store last week and almost bought it...but I resisted. Now that I know it isn't "all that" I won't be tempted by it again :)

  4. Um, what does cupcakes taste like? To me, they taste just like vanilla and chocolate :)