Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Weigh In!!!

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Last weigh in: 189.1 lbs
Todays weight: 188 lbs

-1.1 lb loss

-46.4 lb loss since surgery
-73 lb loss overall


I just keep chugging! Even if this is all stress related weight loss you bet ur ass I'll take it!!! 
It's been a verrryyy lonnggg, stressful week and I am looking forward to just RELAXING!!! (and maybe getting some sleep!)

I wish I could stay and chat but I must get ready for work and get the girlios ready to go!! Tata for now my little cupcakes! :)

This has been a day by day struggle..but this is how i've been trying to live everyday...


  1. great job on your loss!!! you are rocking that!

  2. Awesome loss, and awesome attitude! :)

  3. Great job on your weight loss, sorry to hear about your break up though.