Sunday, January 6, 2013

Friday Weigh In!!

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Last weigh in: 199.9 lbs
Todays weight: 195.8 lbs

-4.1 lb loss

-38.6 lb loss since surgery
-65.2 lb loss overall


SAY WHAT?!?!?! I am rocking and rolling in onederland people!!!!

Yes, yes, I know it's Sunday evening... But this weigh in was done on Friday morning I PROMISE! And I had a busy weekend, couldn't get to a computer and for some reason can't get blogger to work on my phone. BUT better late than never I guess! 

Last saturday was the holiday party for my new work. I worked up the courage to wear something I have NEVER wore... A tight fitting dress. When I first put it on I was uncomfortable because you brain still thinks I weigh 261 lbs. But I braved it...even snapped a photo! Here is the pic for those of you who isn't my FRAN on the ole FB. 

That is a size LARGE dress from the regular size section!!! I'm soooooo glad I decided to wear it because I got sooooooo many compliments from complete strangers. It was such a boost and confirmation of my weight loss!

I have been really absent for a while and for that I apologize. There are some major changes going on in my life right now. I'm not really ready to share but I promise I will let you all know when the time is right. My life has changed sooooooo much in the last year, in every.single.way.

By you seeing that pic up there then you can see that I now have a phone with a working camera again sooooo... it's back to pic overload!!!! Not yet... I will spare you on this post but just beware... The pic queen is baaackkk!!

I will leave you with 1 more pic.... Sunday dinner tonight was Oh-em-gee delish! My cuz made a stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken breast that was TO DIE FOR!!!! With some Asian green beans and panko crusted crab mac-n-cheese. I can't even describe how delicious it was...

Photo: Seriously the best thing i have ate in a long time....


  1. You look AMAZING! So happy for you and glad that your back!

  2. You certainly ARE rocking onederland! You go, girl! (And that meal is totes making me drool...)

  3. You are beautiful and dinner looks yummy!

  4. Wow, you look amazing in that dress. I hope you enjoyed the compliments, you deserve every one!

  5. Hi--new follower here :) That dress looks KILLER on you, congrats!

  6. Hello, somebody is super sexy!! You look amazing! Congrats.

  7. That is a pretty awesome little bod you have in that dress! Congrats on rockin this!

  8. you look awesome! keep up the great work

  9. I'm SO glad I found your blog!!! I need some inspiration and this is the place! I have one myself..

  10. Just found your blog thanks to Pinterest. I'm considering getting a Lap Band and wanted to see actual post-op truths. You look fantastic. Keep up the good work and I hope your "major changes" mentioned above are all positive and blessed. Thanks for sharing your story with us and helping me build my courage to get the surgery.

  11. PS: I just tried your recipe for the spaghetti squash bake tonight, and it's SOOOOOO good!