Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Realization has become my MOTIVATION!

Why hello there! Remember me? The Dandy Bandy? Yep, still here... still kicking!

Life is finally calming down...routines are being created...good things, good things! Hopefully that means I will be able to start posting more! I really am going to make an effort to blog more, it has helped me soooooooo much and I think it's time to get back to it!

I'm working on a nice long post updating you all on life over here in Dandyland. A lot has happened that I must share with my little cupcakes. But not today... I want it to be good...not rushed!

But I HAD to share this.....

I had a realization tonight while working out (finally!) at the fitness center at my apartment. (that's right, I said my apartment...told ya a lot has happened!) It's nice to have a fitness center open 24 hours because it means I really have no excuses to get my ass in gear. When I first saw it I was excited because there were these big floor to ceiling mirrors so you could watch your form and what not. What I realized tonight whilst watching myself workout in said mirrors.....

I have a ways to go. Seriously.

Now please don't think me ungrateful... Believe me I am so floored at how far I have come. I have lost over 100 lbs...WOW. really...WOWZAS! But I think I started getting super comfortable with the fact I had lost so much and started losing sight of the fact that I'm not where I really want to be. I've been riding the high for a while and kind of stalled out. Wearing such smaller sizes and being amazed every time I try on clothes I think kind of gave me a distorted image of where I'm really at. I think that I thought I was farther along than I really was... that I looked different than I really do. Looking in those mirrors tonight I realized that it's not time to slow down and bask...NOW is actually time to turn up the heat and work harder than I ever have to reach my goal. I'm NOT where I want to be, I should NOT be getting comfortable.

That realization has become my new motivation. I'm ready to push myself and reach my goals and go farther than I ever thought I would. Once again, I'm proud as SHIT of myself and still sometimes can't believe I have come this far.... but I'm ready to go farther.

Bring it on.... LET'S.DO.THIS.

Pre workout....grrrrrrrrrrr

Post workout.... grumpy after my foot cramped up on the treadmill
Thought the em-effer was gonna curl up and die right there, 
just fall the eff right off...but I pushed through, didn't stop!


  1. glad to see you back - I can honestly say I have missed you. Cant wait to read your update and see you around here more often

  2. Foot cramped because youve been KICKING SO MUCH ASS!!! That's what I tell myself when my foot flares up while running. That's my favorite form of cardio at present. Many congrats on your accomplishments!!