Tuesday, October 15, 2013

That Sh*t is Buh-nanas, YO!

I have officially lost my mind.

Yep. I have gone completely Insane...... FOR INSANITY THAT IS!

*slaps knee*

See what I did there?

Ok, but seriously? Shaun T (creator and Instructor) puts it best in this evenings video: Shoot me in the fucking face  Pure Cardio when he said  "That SHIT is BUHnanas yo!"

I've craving exercise lately, I just couldn't get into a grove and get motivated. My eating has also been pretty craptastic lately which I think contributed to the lack of motivation. So the intern at work came up to me and we started talking about exercising. I can't even tell you now how we got on the topic but he asked if I had heard of Insanity. I said..."ummm...yeah...but I heard you had to be bat shit crazy to do it" He told me he had it and would give it to me.

Saweet. At first I say that sarcastically... because during a phase of motivation depletion I should totally make a fake 60 day commitment to a soul crushing workout. Yeah...that's gonna work *rolls eyes*

He was super excited about it and really adamant I start it. So I "promised" him (fingers crossed behind my back) that I would start it.

So i download the files on my laptop...print out the schedule and all that jazz. The first day is the "Fit Test" Just a few moves you do and see how many of each you can do. You do this fit test every other week through the program.

Cool beans... I can do this. It won't be that bad.

30 minutes later.....
EEEFFFFF MEEEEE!!!!!!! Are you effing kidding me here?!?! What kind of madness is this shit? Who in their right minds would subject themselves to this? 

Well... Apparantly me... I do... and while it was hard and I felt like I was going to collapse afterwards... and puked... and couldn't walk.. I have to tell you a secret but shhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone. 

Get closer...

*looks around...leans into your ear* 


I loved the soreness... I LOVED feeling my muscles for the first time in a long time.. I LOVED feeling the results of my hard work. I couldn't even sit down on the frikken toilet to take me a pee without crying out in pain....

Something happened... A fire was awakened within me... 
I crave my workouts...
I think about it all day at work...
Every move I make I feel my muscles...
And it's Uh-may-zing. 

But boooooyyyyyyyy I really hadn't even seen nothing yet. Day 2 was actually what I would consider the real first day because it's the actual workout. And let me tell you... Just the warm up for the video is a full workout. You are dripping sweat and feel like quitting just after the warm up.

 My legs literally kept giving out on me... I had to grunt and moan and cry out just to make it through. 
But guess what? 
I fucking did it. 
I didn't quit... I finished the video. 
I felt like I was going to die... But I did it. I felt so much pride. But it wasn't until I started reading message boards when I found out a LOT of people didn't even make it through the video... only made it half way through. I totally pulled one of these sitting in my recliner...

I'm so excited about this and so ready to push myself and see just how hard I can push and see just much of a transformation I can make. It has reignited the fire within me to start getting my eating back in order. I feel so much motivation right now it's almost scary! I really feel unstoppable and I hope this momentum just keeps building as it has. 

Tonight I completed day 5 and although it was the hardest so far I feel soooo good afterwards! It was so crazy that the people in the video looked like they were dying.. even Shaun T got so tired he couldn't talk.
 He is so awesome... but EFF HIM! He pushes you so hard and you feel like he's there with you telling you to dig deeper. 
 Tonight was by far the sweatiest workout yet...also the one that I felt I pushed the hardest. This is my Pure Cardio face... lol After my workout I made me a little dinner.

1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
1/4 cup lloyds shredded pork
1/4 cup lloyds shredded chicken
10 cheddar rice cakes

338 calories and 25 grams Protein. Not too bad! Oh and before you say EWWWW GROSS, you should try it... it's delicious. :)


  1. Girl, you rock! I'm very scared of the insanity items. Also scared of anything involving a lady named Jillian... I'm a big scaredy cat. But you are rocking it and MAYBE if you don't die, I'll jump on the wagon :-)

  2. You are a rockstar!! Love your posts...and the fact that you still look fab after a workout...you suck! lol Keep it going girl!!