Monday, October 14, 2013

Get might be here a while! (long overdue update!)

I'm gonna be completely honest here.... I have been "gone" so long I don't really have ANY FRIKKEN CLUE WHERE TO START! This may be really fragmented and strange, it might get a little weird...but if you stick around it just might be worth it! (I promise this is a pic filled post....I know that's all you guys come here for!! J/K!) I'm thinking bullets might work best for an update post...yeah bullets!

  • 1st and foremost I think the most exciting news is that I am no longer living in my boyfriends mom's sunroom! Woot woot! *happy dance* My love and I officially have our own apartment!!! We moved in the last week in July. I LOVE IT!!! It's been hard, we had nothing... his momma was AMAZING and furnished just about our entire apartment from garage sales. I can not thank her enough, she is an amazing woman who has accepted me and my children into her family, into her HOME with open arms and an open heart and has made me feel so loved and accepted. She is one of a kind and I am so lucky to have her in my life. 
  • Speaking of my love. When you find the right person you really know. I am so in love it's scary! lol  He makes me want to be a better person, push myself harder than I ever thought possible. He makes me feel beautiful, and wanted. I will spare my family the details so I will just say A++++ with a big puffy star sticker in the bedroom...  ;)  he is so supportive of my journey, he believes in me and encourages me everyday..especially on the days when I have a hard time encouraging myself.
  • The ball is finally rolling on my divorce. Things are SO much better with me and my ex. He has a girlfriend now and i'm super happy for him, I wish nothing but happiness for him. I'm lucky that I never have to worry about my daughters not having a father. My situation is still very hard and it makes more sense for them to go to school and stay with him on the weeknights and I have them every weekend. I know some people think it's weird but it works for us right now. I miss my kids...i was supermom for almost 5 years...did everything and now it's so different. I went from not even being able to pee by myself to being by myself every night (my love works until 9pm) Not gonna's lonely. But i'm finding my own happiness and making the most of the time I get with them. 
  • Soooo, because of above bullet and the fact I have defaulted on all my credit card bills...BLEH. I am looking for a 2nd job at nights. I want to give myself something to do and keep my mind off of being lonely and missing my kiddos while making some extra money to pay off my debt. Let me tell you, it's harder than it sounds to get a 2nd job... been trying for like 2 months now. Just keep swimming! :) 
  • My weight loss has hit a plateau... I mean it could possibly be all the peanut butter cups, potato chips and ice cream... COULD be... lol But what I have learned is that i'm getting pretty dang good at's just...well...i'm NOT at maintenance yet... still have a few elbees to go! I have a longer post coming about that soon.
  • OK, I think that's probably enough for now so let's start off the pic parade with kiddo pics, Shall we? 
    Her first day of Kindergarten! :)
Mackenzie's Kindergarten pic
My baby girls Kindergarten school picture...can't believe it! 

My babies eating their first breakfast at mommy's new apartment! :)

My little

One day I will probably have to break out this pic to prove
to them that they loved each other at one point! lol

This little monkey and her Minion cracks me up! She really knows 
how to lay on the cute!

Ok, Now on to yours truly! Time to show you a pictoral timeline of my life over the summer!!

No makeup, the day I hit the 100lb mark! :)

Such a change in my face!

OK folks... the next picture is a real heartbreaker for me...
See, I went shopping and tried on this dress and frugal me decided not to buy 
it when I found out it wasn't on clearance. Regular price was only $36..not like it was expensive, but I 
passed on it anyway and KICK myself for it... what a dummy!
I effing LOOOOVVEEEDD it!!!
(p.s. look at those collar bones!)

My birthday outfit! I had the day off and I spent with my momma! :)

The steal of a deal shirt I bought on my b-day! :) 

Ok.... The last picture is going to be tough... I have NEVER taken a swimsuit selfie...
Like EVER. If you have seen a pic of me in my swimsuit it's because it was taken without 
my permission and I haven't killed the photographer yet lol 
BUTTTTT... I decided it was time to face my fears and let you all see me in my swimwear. 

I guess here goes nothing!

There it is folks! That's my life in a nutshell! I could have actually made this much longer but I wanted you to ACTUALLY read it! HAHA 
Don't worry, I will start blogging more now...pinkie promise! In fact I have 2 drafts almost ready to go! Some news about my new exercise plan  is coming soon! :) So stay tuned!



  1. Wow! You look great! I'm still catching up on all the blog posts, but I'm so glad things are getting good for you! You totally deserve it! YEAH!!!

  2. I'm so proud of you shugga! You're amazing and I love you and I miss you like crazy but I love you having a blog because I feel like I am somewhat closer. :P Keep up the amazing work sweet cheeks. <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. There is another swim suit photo of yourself when you were pre-lap band. You had a t-shirt on over it but you're standing in a lake.

    I hope you continue to post on here. Take care.

  4. You look sooo good girl!

    And I know the feeling... I'm 50 pounds from my goal, but I'm a freaking ROCKSTAR at maintenance lol...