Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ten Things Thursday Oh How I Miss THEE!

It's been a pretty long time since I did a TTT and that my friends, blows....hard. But here we are and here I go! Brought to you by miss Laura Belle. (p.s. She just went back to work after being home with baby D and she's had a rough few days... ya'all should go give her some love at Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier)

1.Week one of Insanity DONE! And I feel absolutely phenomenal, for real. It's crazy and I feel like I'm dying but it's amazeballs. Can't wait to see what week 2 will bring :)
Before and after last day of Week 1 Oh, and SATAN  Shaun T :)
notice I'm smiling more? 

2. Reached a blog milestone today...


3. Got a little bummed tonight... Not gonna lie... I miss the old "family" life sometimes. I mean it would never work and believe me i'm not thinking about going back, but I can't help but miss the whole "family" thing.

4. Quickly shook that off and found happiness in the now :)

5. Speaking of the kiddos, they are going to their grandmas for the weekend for their annual weenie roast and hayride. This is the first weekend in a very long time that I won't have them and I am going to miss them to absolute pieces. So tonight I am going to go down and have a "slumber party" with them at my grandmas house and take them to school on Friday.

6. Although I will miss my kids this weekend I am looking forward to finally having a weekend to relax. And to spend quality time with my love. We have had 3 out of our 4 kids like every weekend and have NEVER had an entire weekend to ourselves. I see a lot of sleeping, cuddling, movie watching, cuddling... and doing a whole lot of NOTHING!

7. I started taking a magnesium supplement. I love it...I haven't had a single leg cramp since I started taking it and I have been poopin' like a champ! It helps me sleep better at night and just helps me relax. I highly recommend you read about it and consider starting it! It tasted yummy too!
Natural Vitality                    Natural Calm Rasp-Lemon, 16.0 Ounces , Powder 

8. I think I got myself into a mess here... I kinda sorta agreed to start a sugar detox with miss Laura Belle. And I keep my word. It all started with her post yesterday which you can read Here. She basically FORCED me to give up sugar with her starting Monday. (Ok, ok, I may be exaggerating a bit here...she kinda just invited people to join her and I, on my own accord decided to jump in lol) It's not like I eat a TON of sugar to begin with, but with all this effort i'm putting in every where else, why not? 

9. *unwraps mini peanut butter cup and shoves it hurriedly into mouth...looks around*   What? We said we were starting Monday...SHEESH! *slowly reaches back into bag and grabs another peanut butter cup*
Don't judge me!

10. Please if you have a blog, post it in my comments, even if we are old friends...still post it, promote that shit! A lot of bloggers I started out with aren't blogging anymore and my blog feed is looking PUHRETTY slim these days.  I have quite a few pageviews but not many comments or followers, which means I got a lot of creepers! Please comment, it makes my day :) also please share your blog link so I can make sure I'm following you. 

Love you all my little cupcakes! I will probably have to do my weigh in Saturday since I won't have my Scale tomorrow. Can't wait! I know I'm up from my last weigh in but I'm down since starting Insanity! :)


  1. I totally feel you on #3, then I think how absolutely miserable it was. I keep telling myself, it just takes time. Hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend...I'm ready for a little break myself. Take Care :)

  2. I'm creeping you you, boo boo! Love reading your blog :)

  3. I just found your blog and I really appreciate your posts! I just got banded on Oct. 17 and I am loving all the banded blogs out there. Keep posting! :) you can follow me at

  4. I love love love your blog!! I am getting banded on 11/7 :-)

  5. Hey you! So glad you popped into MY blog! Can't wait to read more. You better get on it...its been nearly 30 days since your last blog confession. ;)

  6. I love reading your blog such an inspiration... I am just starting my own journey here fallow me at..