Thursday, May 15, 2014

NSV alert!!! Color Foam 5k (lots of stinking cute pictures)

Thanks to an old friend (like since we were 5...girl scout days) I was able to participate in my 2nd 5k of my life!

The last one I went with Cupcake to the Color Run back in October of I was 3 months post op. I remember when I got home and my daughter saw me she wanted to go with me to the next one....well...sorry kid...mommy's been broke! lol In walks me old friend. She had bought a ticket for her and her husband to the Color Foam 5k and then he had to work, no refunds BUT you can transfer registration...which she me...for free. Seriously sweet and awesome ya'll.

Soooooo..... Friday when I picked up Kenz we went to Wally world because I told her I had a surprise for her and we had to go get special white clothes. When we got there I finally told her why we needed white clothes and shit you not that kid was jumping up and down like she won the lottery in the middle of Wally world.

Now going into this I told her we would be on her run schedule. Run until she's tired and we will walk. I thought for my crazy, insane, hyper ass child would run me into the ground....

ummmmm.....NOPE! This is about how it went.

Ran for about 4 minutes.
"Mommy i'm ready to walk"
"Ok sweetie"
*7 minutes later*...."Ready to run again?"
"No mommy... I think we need to just walk for now"
*7 minutes later*..."Ready to run kiddo?"
*30 seconds later*
"Mommy! I'm too tired...let's walk"

The only time the child would run was when she knew we were close to a foam station....

Ummm....did I just out run my crazy kid? YEEEEPPPPPPPP!!! Sure did...

Not gonna lie...I held my head pretty high...Although, i'm not sure if I should be so proud of out lasting a 5 year old...but dammit I was!!!

It was fun...Not as fun as the color run...but Kenz had an absolute blast "running" with mommy. the reason you all clicked on this blog post....PICTURES!!!!

Yeah...we are pretty much too cool for school. Especially that kid.... This was obviously before hitting the pavement :)

Rad pic after the run through the initial foam :)

Direct hit from the water cannons...look at all that cheese...

Look at that sass....

This never ends....She cracks me up

We did it!!

Before and After!

And Last but not least.....the absolute best picture of the day in my opinion....

Look at the absolute joy on that kids face.....awesome sauce