Monday, May 5, 2014

So...I went Jogging...I believe it's jogging... or yogging. It might be a soft J...

Sooooo....In my last POST I told you about my trainer Luto breaking the awful, heartbreaking news that on the days i'm not working out with him I need to run...
Like RUN...
Like propel myself forward one leg at a time at a high rate of speed.
You walking...only faster.

Oh crap, did I lose you there?

I know, I know...don't worry, it took me a while to grasp the concept too.
I don't run. And if you ever see me run, you should start running too. Because something is probably chasing me. | Sports Ecard |
This is totally how I felt....However I just fought back the tears and said "Ok..."

Being someone who at her highest weight was 275 lbs this was a tough pill to swallow.

I've never ran before...
I take that back...
I had to run when I was younger, at football practice...
AAAANNNNNDDDD I puked every.damn.night.

Great...and I was an effing kid back then. What in the world will happen to my tattered 28 year old post massive weight loss body?

I decided I would die.

Don't get me wrong...he told me to run, so I was gonna run...but I was also pretty sure I was most likely going to die, and some poor jogger with the stamina of a cheetah would find my shriveled up mess of a body. That would totes suck, I know I don't want to find a body while I'm getting my fitness on, that's one way to turn a dedicated runner into a paranoid homebody that doesn't leave their house for 6 years because of re-occurring night mares and turns to food for comfort and gains 300 lbs ....
And I can't live with that on my conscious... so I just shouldn't go running right?

No? That's not a legit excuse?

OOOOKKAAAAYYY FFFIIINNNNNEEEEEEE......geeeze....I'll go for a run.

I put on my little workout outfit and laced up my shoes....put my headphones in and cranked that music up as loud as I could so my mind would focus on the music and not the fact that my ass is attempting to run...for the first time...down the sidewalk of a busy street...where people can see my awkward jiggly bits flopping about the sidewalk
And I REALLY didn't want to hear myself breathing.....I didn't even want to imagine what it sounded like....*shivers*

So I started out walking...for about 5 minutes until I built my nerve up to start jogging.

Here goes.....

Hmmmm....So this is running...

I'm thinking in my head "If I can just make it to that tree I think I will be doing great"

I made it to the tree....and...and...and...


I couldn't believe it!

Like propelingl myself forward one leg at a time at a high rate of speed!
You walking...only faster!

Now don't get too excited, I didn't run for 3 miles or anything... I think I made it through a whole song on Pandora.

But I was just completely and utterly positive I would only make it like 100 feet...or like 25 seconds.

I also walked a lot...

That's how it's gonna be when I finally get back to it next week!
But the amazing thing is....I spurts maybe...and there was a lot of walking in between...

Yay me! Not dying is a marvelous thing!

It was my first day so I wasn't expecting miracles or anything but holy bajeebus if I didn't impress myself! And realize that I don't give myself enough credit, or believe in myself enough.

Not only did I NOT die.....Just the opposite....I felt absolutely UH-MAY-ZING...
 I felt awesome...on top of the I could do anything.

I was red, and sweaty, and huffing and puffing... (the picture doesn't do it justice)
But I felt awesome!

And now? 3 weeks later?
I absolutely love it.
There. I said it.

Who the fack am I? Who is this person?

You guys.....I think I might be a runner....

P.S. That still sounds weird..."Going for a run" or "Just got done with my run"...MY run? MMMYYYY run? run :)

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