Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ten Things Thursday-another first! :)

Looks like I'm joining TTT as well this week! (I think I'm starting to get a hang of this blogging thing!)
TTT was started by miss Laura Belle. Feel free to join in! :)

1. Guess what i'm doing right now? Nope... give up? I'm painting GIANT alluminum food cans green. Why you ask would I be doing this? (at work mind you..) For my lovely little 4 year old. Her birthday party will not be princess gowns and pretty pink.. no, no, no not my little girl! What did she want for her b-day? Angry Birds... sweetness. So I am being a super duper cool mom and making a life sized Angry Birds game to play at her party on Saturday. I have a bunch of boxes at home and I'm painting 5 giant cans green with pig faces. I got a couple of playground balls to paint bird faces on and they are gonna smash some pigs!!! I'm kind of excited about this party.. I'm like a little kid. EVERYTHING is Angry Birds, tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins (I will be making cupcakes of course) She will be wearing Angry Birds attire... It's gonna rock!

2. Guess what else I'm doing right now? GOING CRAZY! Waiting for insurance approval is really super duper mega mondo hard! I'm really glad I have this b-day party to stress out takes my mind off of stressing out about waiting for my approval.

3. I'm also waiting for TOM... strange I know, but doing this egg donation everything is all timed out and I am supposed to start any time... just waiting... then the REAL fun starts! (more injections, sonograms... etc!)

4. I think I have "Last Meal" syndrome. I've been eating everything in sight...I've had Mcd's for lunch every day this week...except for today..but I ate there for breakfast...crap! Everytime I go somewhere now i'm like "OMG, this may be the last time I get to eat like this!" and I proceed to stuff my gullet.

5. GGGEEEEEEEZZZEEEEE it takes a long time to make Angry Bird can/pigs!

6.  Did I mention this whole waiting for insurance approval SSUUUUUCCKKKKSSSSS major ass?

7. I have to go ahead and make the cupcakes tonight so I can just frost them tomorrow for the b-day party (my kid better realize the amount of love I have for her to bust my butt to get all this stuff ready!!!)

8. Oh! Speaking of cupcakes I am selling my first dozen to a friend for a shower! Woot woot, go me! :)

9. This medicine is officially making me nutsoid! I feel like a straight up crazy lady!

10.  Did I mention that during this egg donation there is to be no bumping of the uglies? So I'm moody, cranky, a little crazy and NO happy fun sexy times? BOOOOO! HISSSS!!! (Oh well, it's just a couple more weeks, I can do it!)


  1. Howdy. I found you on Pinterest. I am having my lap band surgery on June 27, 2012. Yesterday I met with all the dept's for the pre-surgery junk. My blog is:

  2. Hey I found you on Pintrest as well. Thank you for posting all this. I've laughed and laughed. I hope I have such a great outlook after my surgery.