Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey! Keep it down in there! I'm making Wonton Tacos!!

Do you hear that?

SHHHHH!!! For real! Do you hear that?!

You don't? It sounds like a miniature Godzilla is being tortured to death by a bigger Godzilla who is about to be gobbled up by a mother flipping dinosaur all while fighter jets are flying overhead dropping bombs!?!? WTF is that?!?!

Oh....wait...I figured it out...


I didn't realize ones stomach could make noises which rival the sounds of a world war!

So I have to admit it.... I am starting to get HUUUUNGRRYYY!!! I believe the technical term for my current state is called bandster HELL! lol!

Ok, I'm exaggerating a little. it's not that horrible. It doesn't take much to fill me up and i'm definitely staying within my calories. My fullness just doesn't last very long. about 2 hours and the troops start gearing up down there for battle. It's crazy, the oddest sensation like a tugging feeling in my tummy. It's hard to describe.

Now on to the good stuff! I have a couple goodies to share!
First of all my new kicks... I LOVE them and can't wait to break em in! :)

I'm in frikken love with these things!

Lunch 2 oz sliced ham and 1 oz beef brisket... it was delish!

Now for the good stuff!! 

My nifty little Wonton Taco cups :)

Per MFP below each cup is:
190 calories
7g fat
14g protein

36 wonton wrappers
1 lb lean ground turkey
1 packet taco seasoning (I used McCormick mild 30% less sodium)
1 Can fat free re-fried beans (I used Taco Bell brand)
1 can unseasoned black beans (I used best choice)
2% shredded cheese (I shredded 2 7oz blocks, 1 cheddar 1 colby)
Fixins! (I used onions, tomatoes, fat free sour cream, shredded lettuce, taco sauce)

Now let's put em together!
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Brown turkey-once cooked add taco seasoning and whatever water it calls for. (mine was 3/4 cup)
  • lightly spray a muffin pan
  • Lay 1 wonton wrapper in the bottom of each muffin spot thingy (you can add a dab of taco sauce in there if ya want)
  • Mix together your black beans and re-fried beans in bowl.
  • Drop a dab (I just used a spoonfull) of the bean mixture on top of each wonton wrapper.
1 wrapper and dab of beans

  • Put a pinch of shredded cheese on top
  • Put 1 more wonton wrapper over the beans in each cup.(you can put another dab of taco saurce if you want!)

  • Drop a dab (again I just used a spoonfull) of the taco seasoned meat to each cup.
  • Top it off with a little more cheese.

  • bake for 15 minutes. The edges of the wonton wrappers should be light brown and crispy. 

  • Add fixins and enjoy! :)

 Finished product! Great portion and delish! :)

Harvestland - Fresh Ground Turkey - Lean, 1 container (16 oz. (112g) ea.)68003680Ico_delete
Taco Bell - Fat Free Refried Beans, 1 container (1 4/5 cup (130g) ea.)35063021Ico_delete
Best Choice - Unseasoned Black Beans Rinsed and Drained, 1 container (1 1/2 cup (130 grams) ea.)33057321Ico_delete
Mccormick - 30% Less Sodium Mild Taco Seasoning Mix, 1 container (6 tbsp. dry mix (7g) (seasons 2 tacos) ea.)1503000Ico_delete
Kraft - Reduced Fat 2% Cheddar Cheese, Mild , 1 container (7 oz. (28g / 1/7th pkg.) ea.)63004249Ico_delete
Kraft Natural Cheese - Colby 2% Milk Reduced Fat, 7 oz56004249Ico_delete
Melissa's Wonton Wraps - Wonton Wraps, 9 oz = 4wraps720144027Ico_delete
Add Ingredient    

Per Serving:19016714


  1. LOVE the new kicks!!! Soooo cute.

  2. Those look super yummy delish!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Oh michelle, they were awesome... and PLENTY of leftovers! :)

  4. I need to eat one of those right now, and it is only 7:30 am! lol they look so good, but I hate refried beans so I would have to skip that. love the sneaks! my tummy must be trying to talk to your tummy cuz boy it is loud, and so is my bum lol whats up with that? hahaha .

    1. HAHAHA! Yes, I think our tummys are speaking whale trying to communicate lol!

      They were yummy...super yummy! :)

  5. How many can you eat in one setting? Just one? Or??? I'm going to try that... with no meat though... awesome!

  6. One more question... how do the wontons hold up like a day later in the fridge? I'm going to try these this weekend when I have more time to mess around with them. Keep adding recipes you try Julie :) and I do love your shoes too.

    1. I ate just one last night but of course topped it with lettuce, black olives, onions and tomatoes. I think 1 1/2 is like the perfect portion for me.

      And yes they hold up really well, i'm actually munchin' on one now at lunch! :)

  7. I am making the wontons for dinner tonight but i am moding the recipe a little Mine breaks down to 90 calories a wonton and 7 g of protein

    1. What kind of mods did you make? Was it delicious? ;)

  8. love love love the shoes!

  9. Those look amazing! If I could find a lower carb alternative for the wonton wrappers, I'd be alllll over it. :)