Thursday, July 5, 2012

Surgery day shout out!

I will be making a larger update post later today but I just wanted to give a shoutout to the wonderful Theresa at B's Banded Mama. She worked up the courage to start her blog a few weeks ago and is having her lap-band surgery TODAY! Everyone please stop by her blog and give her well wishes and support!!! She's pretty stinkin' cool! :)


  1. haha stinkin yes!, cool?, hmmm at one time I guess I was hahaha.thanks for the shout out, hey I seen you wrote on Ronnies blog ,you are going to BOOBS next year ME TOO! I want to lose some weight first ya know, and have some $ saved... OMG 5 MORE DAYS and you will be a very dandy bandy indeed!!

    1. Soooo... we should totally be roomies!! I think Michelle from Michelle's laps in life will be going, we could all be roomies! :)

    2. YES! lets be.... I gotta save save save, some $ $ $ lol

    3. Well then it is done! We shall be roomies! Save it up! :)

    4. Congrats in your job well done of finally choosing to have lap band surgery as first step of losing weight. Keep on losing weight until you got what you want.