Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Weigh In and weekend recap

Starting weight: 261 lbs

Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Todays weight: 227 lbs

-1.0 lb loss this week

-7.4 lb loss since surgery
-34 lb loss overall

WOOHOO! I'm super happy about that 1 lb loss! Do I wish it was 5? OF COURSE, don't we all?! But i'm content with my 1 lb ESPECIALLY after my week/weekend.

I don't know why I said that... I really didn't do anything bad lol
But before we get to that I must thank each and every one of you...
All of your poop dancing and poop praying has payed off!! I am currently on a NORMAL poop schedule YAY ME!

 *does happy dance*

I feel so much better! ;)

Now my weekend! Friday was good, did good during the day.. had leftover wonton tacos for lunch then for dinner had leftover wonton lasagna Ii see a pattern forming here...quick go buy stock in wonton wrappers!) Nothing noteworthy that night. Sat on pinterest for like 2 hours and looked up youtube videos...some much needed lazy time!
Saturday folks! We met The Hubs mom to drop off The Baby so she could stay the night. The Big Girl was staying with my mom that night. We were going to have a date/romantical evening. Well, let's just say it wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be. After we dropped off baby we went to see The Watch... let me tell you, if you like vulgar humor you will love this. I thought it was hilarious but then again I have the sense of humor of a pre-pubescent boy...the more vulgar, the bigger laugh. Lots of dick&fart'll love it.
Then we went home.
Sat on the couch in silence for a while.
Had to eat... so the next 30 minutes was us quasi-arguing over who was going to decide where to eat. Finally I just said "TACO BELL!!!" so off we went. Had about half of the new chicken cantina bowl and some cinnamon twists. Not bad!
Then where does our romantical night take us? Wal-Mart of course! We decided to get our grocery shopping in before our busy day Sunday. $100 later we leave and go home.
I start getting antsy... The Hubs is anti-social and doesn't like going out so he wants to stay at home and lay in bed and watch a movie.
Is he EFFING nuts?!?!
I wanted to get out and do something. One of my friends was out celebrating her birthday so I met up with her. When I was getting ready to go out I decided for shits and giggles I would try on this cute cami type top I haven't worn since before I had my first baby.I really didn't think it would fit..... Guess what I wore out? Yup...that cami! I was so excited, and I was feeling confident baby!
 I had my very first post-band alcoholic beverage, a vodka cranberry. It was very small, tiny glass. Not a big mixed drink at all. It went good! And surprisingly I felt buzzed afterwards!!! Another friend was out at another place close to where I was at so I decided to go hang out with him for a while. I had one more drink there, a vodka pineapple. Another small drink. I must say after that one I felt a little bit on the drunk side. That's ridiculous! But I kept it easy and stopped after those 2 drinks and hung out for a while.
After we close up the place me and a couple friends are sitting outside on the bench. I'm sitting in between them. A guy I've never met before but knows the guys i'm with come up and starts talking to one of my friends. I'm not paying attention i'm just enjoying the nice breeze and all of a sudden I hear this dude say "I'm sorry man I can't concentrate, I was distracted by your friend. She has the biggest T*tties I have ever seen in my life!" I whipped my head around and said "Are you talking about my boobs?!?" He said "YES I am, they are perfect!" and he high fived me... all I could think of was "Uhh...Thanks..." he then went on to say "No seriously, they are absolutely perfect...and HUGE. They're perfect, don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise!!" and finished up with 1 more high five. I wanted to say "Does that really work for you dude?!?"
I was kind of in shock... I mean I'm used to the big boob comments, I've had DDD's since 8th grade. I get it, their big..haha...the joke isn't funny anymore. But in recent years I don't get a lot of compliments or get hit on. People more jokingly talk about my chest. Maybe having confidence shows? I"m sure it does, I wasn't hiding in the corner all night. I was out there being my silly, not scared self. I was a little self-conscious but after that I thought to myself  "Man, I must be smokin' hot tonight!!! You know what? They ARE perfect... a little big for me (back pain wise) but dammit they are perfect!!"
It was really  nice to get a random compliment (i guess that's what it was lol) after my last experience at that place with those people when asshole random dude called me fat as he was passing by.

Sunday! The Big Girl had vacation bible school at week at her preschool. Sunday they had a special carnival and then a childrens service where they got to sing all their songs and talk about what they learned all week. It was soooo cool! She was so happy, and proud of herself and you could see her up there singing her heart out doing all the motions. It was awesome! Then they had a lunch downstairs. I had 2 slices of brisket and 1 tiny spoon of mac and cheese and 1 tiny spoon of the pasta salad. I did partake in the ice cream sundaes but I shared it with The Baby so I didn't eat it all myself.
Family dinner was chicken salad with rotisserie chicken and olive oil mayo. We had a lite pasta salad and an avocado/tomato salad. I did good, didn't have any bread or chips, kept my portion small and had NO dessert. Overall a good weekend and I can't complain about my 1lb loss.

Work sucks, I would've had this pushed out sooner but ... you know... work just sucks big ole donkey balls sometimes! We are going into busy season and I gotta get my game face on so I can make that CHEDDAH!


  1. The Rockstar and I usually do our grocery shopping on Saturday evenings. As we are walking in Walmart he always says to me "you ready for our hot Saturday night date??"

    1. Wow, our mens are soooo romantic!! :)

  2. Yay! Happy to hear your pooping is back to normal! :)That's a load off....bahahaha. I'm so funny. I said load. See, I have the same immature teenage boy sense of humor!

    1. Hardy har! You guys are cracking me up! :)

  3. this entire post is what else.... awesome. your boobs ARE huge and I love that they got you a high five or 2! as your hubby lay in bed on your hot romantical night ( sounds like my hubby lol) your total night sounded a lot like a night with my hubby, a lil food shopping a lil arguing a lot of him not wanting to do shit lol good times....
    looks like you have been making really good food choices lady! way to go on the loss that is 1 pound closer to you being hot momma (with huge high five getting boobs) hey you should get a reduction if they bother your back, just have them send the extra to me thanks... go make that money girlio!!!

    1. it's 2012, why do we not have the technology to take boobage from one and give to another?!? lol

  4. Heres to being regular! lol!

  5. Ha, I guess I need to go see The Watch! Awkward with the boob high fives, but I guess the guy meant well. LOL