Monday, May 14, 2012


Hi there...

It's me, Julie...You know "The Dandy Bandy" ...  Remember?
I know it's been a long time...

Maybe if I show you a picture?

Yay you remember me!!!!!   :)

I know, I know...It's been FOREVER since you heard a peep out of me. I didn't call... I didn't write...
You probably thought (As my momma used to say:) " I thought you were lying dead in a ditch somewhere!!!"

Let me assure you I am not dead in a ditch or anyplace else! I'm very much alive!

Not sure why I haven't posted... Guess I feel like I haven't had much to say?

Well, alot has happened! Maybe not all weight/health related but alot none the less.

First? I bought a new dress... A bright designed maxi. Out of my comfort zone but I figured I will be doing A LOT of things out of my comfort zone. Can I say that I LOVE it?!?! I want to buy like 50 more! It's sooooo comfortable..i'm not worried about rolls showing lol. It's easy to pose to where I look thin! ;)

(my lovely cousin again, I love her!)

I got my baby girls ears pierced Saturday. She is such a trooper! Only cried for a minute then she was over it! I think her big sister cried more than she did. It was soo cute, she wanted to watch and when they did it and sissy started crying it just broke her little heart!

It looks worse than it was!
See the dress again? :)

And lastly... Saturday night I took big sis on her first trip to Worlds Of Fun!!! (amusement park in Kansas City MO) It's an understatement to say she had a blast! It was such a fun time...
Her very first roller coaster ever!
She just couldn't stop smiling
She has the same smile in all of them!
Picture of the far. 

It was a beautiful evening in KC

There is actually a 2nd part to this which I will post later. Me and my cousin faced our fears and did something CRAZY! I should have those pictures tonight so stay tuned! :) 


  1. You guys are all so beautiful! I love you and miss you - keep up the great work! I started with my nutritionist today!!!! :)

  2. I just messaged you on Facebook, I wanna know all about it!

  3. Love love love her smiles!!

  4. I would love to get some support from you dandy. Are you on fb?