Monday, May 14, 2012

What's the weight limit on that?!?!?

As promised, a continuation of earlier's post...

So in my last post I showed you the lovely pictures from Worlds Of Fun, you know my oldest had a blast on her first roller coaster.

For all of you reading who are or have ever been obese you know the nervousness that comes with roller coasters. For those of you who have never been obese let me explain....

Each roller coaster has something that keeps you held in, whether it's a seat belt... a lap bar... a bar that comes down over your chest or a combination of them. It's also important to mention that said safety items are a point.

If said safety items will not fit around/on you properly then you are unable to ride the ride and you are asked to get off said ride. Then you have to make the walk of shame off the coaster and down to ground where you KNOW everyone who just witnessed that is giggling with their friends about the "fat girl" that was too fat she couldn't ride the ride.

This scenario is in the back of my mind EVERY TIME I go... Especially when I'm at a high weight. I hold my breathe every time I stretch the belt around me, or pull the lap bar down.

There have been a couple of times where I have had to suck it in and painfully click the seat belt as it cuts off my circulation.

There was one time when I got in a ride and the lap bar wouldn't lock down. I couldn't get it pushed down far enough. I looked at my husband and he probably thought I was about to go postal.... I said "You better push down on this as hard as you frikken can because I am NOT getting off this damn rollercoaster!!" It was painful, but it locked down.

I've never actually had to do the walk of shame but I've come dangerously close....

Well, I have to tell you I'm kinda proud of myself... There is this "ride" at the park called "The Rip Cord". It's a free fall ride where you are hoisted up 180 feet in the air and then you pull the cord which releases you into a pendulum free fall going 80 MPH.

Sounds ridiculously, poop your pants fun right?

Well I have been eyeing this ride for MANY years...but I was scared...

Not of heights...
Or the free fall...

In fact that's what made me want to ride it sooooo bad.

So what was I afraid of?


I was terrified that I was too fat. I always just thought I was too fat and not to even try. I was such a chicken shit that I wouldn't even go up to the counter and ask what the weight limit was. I was so terrified that people would over hear me and laugh...
Or worse the lady would tell me I can't ride because I'm too fat...
Or worst of all I would pay and then they wouldn't have a harness that would fit me so I would be turned away and hear snickering as I walked away with my head hanging...

Enter my cousin... You know, the ones in all my pictures?
Now she was terrified also, but because of all the reasons I was excited...the height, the free fall, etc...

She said she wanted to ride and wanted me to go with her...
I could feel my cheeks getting red when I told her I thought I was too fat.

She said "Uh-uh... you are not too fat. You ARE doing this with me!" (Have I mentioned I love this girl?)

So she walked right up to the counter and did what I was too scared to do for over 10 years... asked a simple question.

"Is there a weight limit to ride this?"

I held my breathe....Nervous... just waiting for the whole park to laugh at me.

"Oh no hun, there's no weight limit!"

What?!? Did I hear that right?

My cousin just looked back at me and grinned... then continued to pay the woman and sign us up.

Wow... that was easy...

Then came the moment I was REALLY dreading... when they lay the harnesses out for you to put on. I was just waiting for the worker who was sizing me up to tell me that unfortunately they didn't have a harness big enough for me.

The guy walked up to me... I think you could see my heart beating through my chest....

"Step in the loops and pull up your harness"

SIIIGHHHHH of relief

He tightened it up and gave me a pat and said have fun.

You know what?

I DID!!!

I had a freaking blast!

 steppin' in...
 gettin suited up
 poppin our collars lol
 Ready to go!
 Loading us up!
Post rip cord... flyin high on adrenaline! :) 

Now If i can do THAT? I can do ANYTHING! 


  1. So fun! I did something similar called the "sky coaster" in Orlando. AMAZING!

    1. I think we've created a monster because me and my cousin are now plotting trips around the country... like a thrill seeking road trip. I think I may make each one of those trips a reward for success? how does that sound?

  2. new follower here, just catching up. I did some version of this twice... both when I was much smaller than I am now. One of my first goals is to get small enough to do the zip line in my town. They, unfortunately do have a weight limit, and even post on the website that you will be weighed before hand! Yikes!

    1. YIKES is right!! There's no way I would let them weigh me at my current weight!! GAH! thanks for following! :)

  3. Proud of you on so many levels!