Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I just wanted to give a huge shout out and CONGRATS! To my fellow band to be blogger Michelle at Michelle's Laps in Life 

She just found out yesterday that her insurance company APPROVED her for surgery!

*does a happy dance*

Go on over and tell her congrats, even if you haven't been following her (which you should!)

Through our blogs me and Michelle have found that we are a lot alike and we get along swimmingly. I'm so glad I have someone so much like me to kind of go through this with (even though she will have surgery before me, but not by much!)

On a related note, My *gulp* LAST 6 month diet appointment is on May 31st. Soooo that's 29 days away?
My insurance submission will be soon...then I'LL have the waiting game...

Starting to get nervous that even though i've done EVERYTHING I'm supposed to that the insurance company will come up with a reason to deny it... I know I should stay positive, which I am...believe me. I just can't get rid of that wittle bitty voice in the back of my head saying "woah now, don't count all your eggs before they hatch... Nothing is gauranteed until you see that APPROVED..."

29 days...


  1. I am a total 'what-iffer', I played that game all the up until I was knocked out on the OR table. I just knew they were going to deny my appeal (I was denied once), then I got my approval. So then I was worried they had made a 'mistake' and were going to take the approval away or I would go to check in and they would be like..oops sorry!!

    After it was in I didn't really give too much of a crap what they said!!

    1. Yeah I was denied once too... Leaves a nasty taste in your mouth and butterflies in your tummy constantly. I'm trying not to think negative but as I get closer I keep thinking "what if my body rejects it, what if it slips, what if this what if that" I know this is normal, so i'm not letting myself get too crazy about it :)

  2. Hey Dandy Bandy,fka Handy Bandy! I just freaking love that you changed your name that day. Your like "i'm not real handy", but I sure am "dandy".

    I got all my pre-op goodies this weekend.... I am wondering about all the sugar free stuff? With the band sugar is not supposed to be a problem. I am just wondering if I am going to die a slow death if I regular jello and pudding popsicles instead of SF. The SF stuff right now does not agree with me anything with artificial sweetner makes my tummy hurt and gives me gas. What do you think? I dont want to ask the nutritionist ...I dont want them to think I'm already being difficult.

    1. I know you don't want to....but I would ask the nutritionist! I would just tell her "I don't mean to be difficult, but I seem to be having problems with the sugar free..." and just tell her about it and see what she suggests. She may tell you to suck it up lol, or she may tell you to go ahead with the real stuff but she may say you won't get to eat as much :( Maybe you could try making your own? Have you tried Truvia? I absolutely love it...much better than splenda. MUCH more like real sugar, it's even crystals like sugar instead of flakes like splenda.

      I think your nutritionist would rather you be honest and have her help you modify than you try and modify on your own and have some sort of problem. At my last appointment the Dr. told me the most important think i can do for them is to be 100% honest with them, and I will be. No fudging the truth because I think they will be disappointed. They will hear about everything, the good..the bad..and the ugly!

      I say if we are going to put our bodies through surgery and pay money (even though we have insurance there is still a pretty penny out of pocket expense) Then we should put 110% into every aspect.

      Hope that helped, I know I didn't answer your question completely! :)