Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's just pretend that didn't happen....

Well, nothing really new over my way.

Well, if you don't count my weekend lol

If you know me, you know I very rarely go out. You know, OUT...with adult adult places.

Well.... I went out 2 nights in a row. That's right, Friday AND Saturday night. What in the world? So I checked my temperature, I mean I must be sick right?


Wow, I really did go out 2 nights in a row. It was magical and utterly exhausting.

Friday night went to a couple bars around town here with my P.I.C. and had a always. But she's crazy, and makes me crazy, So it's exhausting.

(Me and my P.I.C. Friday night, doin our thang lol)

Crawled into bed at 4:00 am (sure hubby was REAL happy about that)

Back up at 8:00 am.... Renew tags for car with 9 month old. Actually wasn't that bad. And I was actually in a pretty good mood.

Later that evening my beautiful cousin and I went to a BBQ at a co-workers house and had a BLAST.
I played beer pong for the first.time.ever. I know, shocking right? Except the cups were filled with water (thank GOD) Played a little ladder ball, also for the first time. (BTW, I completely sucked at both but you would never tell from my confidence and smack talking!)

Then came the laughing fit... I could tell the whole big ole long story about why I was laughing and how it all started but I'll just give you the run down.

A comment was made about going to a baby dedication ceremony at a church for my nephew. But I said it like this " I gotta do that thing, you know where they dedicate the baby the god" as I make the hand gesture of Rafiki holding Simba up on the cliff.

You could probably guess what I immediately did.
Acted out and sang the entire circle of life in my friends back yard.

And that's when the laughing started... and when I start uncontrollably laughing, I can't stop. Not only can I NOT stop...if you say anything to me or even make eye contact with me I laugh harder. I was laughing so hard for so long I started getting "laugh cramps" in my rib cage, which then became funny as well as I started asking everyone for coconut water or a banana because I needed potassium.Mind you laughing so hard the entire time I have tears running down my face.

After I recovered we left and my cousin convinced me to go out with her after that to a friends b-day gathering at the bar I was at the night before. So I went... At least I didn't stay out all night? I left at about 1:15

So this was all fun and good but when I go out, I kind of forget about EVERYTHING. Friday night I had waffle house at 2:00 am... Biscuit and gravy with hashbrowns covered in gravy.

Saturday night I went to the arches at 1:15 in waited in the drive through for 20 minutes for a big mac, fries and Coke. I haven't had anything like that in like 2 months.

But this will not ruin my day, my night, my week, my life... I have not failed. I had a bad food weekend...that's all. Today was great. Tomorrow will be fantastic and Wednesday will be awesome.

I got this....

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