Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bleh.... stupid sinuses!

I think my body is sabatoging my efforts...

A friend of mine gave me a diet/exercise plan to help me drop the last 10 lbs I need to in order to donate eggs next month. They want to get it done before lap-band so we are cutting it close.
Anywhoozle, this plan started yesterday and includes me waking up and doing 45 minutes of zumba every morning at 5am. Sounds crazy right?

Well, yesterday morning was awesome...hopped up out of bed, Zumba'd my tush off and had a great day.

Last night right before bed I started getting a headache (I'm pretty sure a little creature crawled inside my head and started pounding on my brain with sledgehammer but how does one prove that?) I  thought I would just sleep it off so with the help of hubby I fell into slumber with him gently caressing my face and back to help me relax


5am... alarm went off... sat up... room spun, head throbbed, throat hurt, couldn't breathe, couldn't hear, sinus pressure to the max.

Needless to say Zumba did.not.happen.

I'm feeling better after taking some medicine so I will try and Zumba my tushie off tonight instead. (After I find the creature in my head, pull him out, bread him, deep fry him and feed him to my cat)

I don't understand what kind of operating system my sinuses are on. I'm completely fine...then BAM. It's like I got hit by a truck.

On a lighter note, I took some before pictures. I will post those tonight after I take measurements as well.

(Totally not looking forward to this but I need to face the fat!)


  1. I hate to work out when I am sick (or if I am being honest anytime). Maybe you should just get out and walk a bit, it won't raise your blood pressure so high that your head pounds but you are still doing something. Building that habit! I always feel better emotionally and physically after a really fast walk.

  2. Thank you for being the voice of reason Morgan! I felt kind of defeated and almost just said screw it, on to tomorrow! But you are right on... I need to move, if even for a walk. It was just so irritating because I was so motivated and day 2 already a fail...