Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drumroll please.......

Ladies and gentleman...the moment you've been waiting for.....

"oooooooo" "aaaaahhhhhh"
I know there's been soooo much anticipation (are you sensing the sarcasm? lol) but the time has finally come. Here are a few pictures post Zumba from the other night.

Wow, this almost brought a tear to my eyes.... It's amazing how different these pictures look in comparison to how I feel. I've always known I was overweight but this isn't exactly what I see when I look in the mirror. I didn't realize I looked like this. Maybe it's because I make it a point to only look in the mirror when all I can see is my upper half...and fully clothed...and full makeup and hair lol.

You know how people with anorexia and bulimia look in the mirror and see an overweight person? Well is there such thing as an overweight person looking in the mirror and seeing someone thinner? Have I just been lying to myself? Have others been lying to me? Whatever the case may be, these pictures are the last remnants of my old self. From now on the me in pictures will be getting smaller and smaller.

Here a couple more gems I found, just not as recent as these.

Ok this one was just for fun.... We were old farts for halloween lol (i'm the tender lovin' grandma in the middle rockin the sweatsuit!)

I may get sad when I look at these pictures because of the way I look... But you know what else I see? 


This is the last time I will see myself this way...

And I couldn't be more motivated. :)


  1. I know you can do this Julie! I just know you can, I know in high school we weren't the best of friends. We had some classes together knew each other. BUT I always thought you were so nice and a energetic person. Someone who comes off as determined and good hearted. I just have a feeling you will make it.

  2. You go girl!!! Don't forget that you are already beautiful inside and out. You have been seeing a beautiful woman when you look in the mirror. And no one has been lying to you... you are truly gorgeous! I know you will feel better physically after this surgery. My prayers are with you! <3

  3. I thought I would just let you know that your beautiful!

  4. Megan is right. You have and always will be a beautiful woman..... I have always told you how beautiful you were and you never really believed me (thought I was just saying it cause I was your momma), but see, others see it too!! I Love You Julie Taylor!!!!

  5. Ok guys... You seriously made me cry!!! You guys have no idea how much your input means to me. With all of you by my side cheering me along i KNOW I can do this! :)

  6. You are SOOOOO beautiful! I have always thought so and, even though I know you aren't happy with the way you look, I think you look wonderful in those photos. I know you'll do great on this journey and I look forward to keeping up with you on here.

  7. Oh how I miss you! You rock my socks, seriously! Thank you so much for the awesome compliment... I know I'm harder on myself than the rest of the world...and I think we are kind of trained to be that way. I just feel like this isn't me you know? I feel like my outsides don't match my insides. I KNOW i'm beautiful lol but morbidly obese is not where I want to live my life.

    and on a lighter note...
    You think i'm beautiful now... Just wait... I just may knock your socks off in a year or so lol