Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awe shucks you're makin' me blush .....

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, these silly sinuses are still giving me all kinds of hell. But I thought I'd pull the energy up out of me to post.

First of all, Really you guys?!?! Seriously, your kind words on my last post (before pictures) LITERALLY made me cry...tears...from my eyes...

THANK YOU  from the bottom of my heart. You really know how to make a girl blush :)
I'm slooooooowly starting to realize that my weight doesn't define me. That people will love me no matter what size I am.

Now I have to gush and make you all vomit at how sweet my hubby is. On friday I got my teeth professionally whitened for the first time. When I went back to work my teeth started hurting. I was texting the hubs and here was the exchange.....

Me: Got my teeth whitened for reazy
Hubs: Yay dear!
Me: yeah but now they hurt lol
Hubs: Oh but dear
Me: They are purdy though
Hubs: So they match the rest of you
Me: Awe... I yuv u dear :-* (<---kissy face)

I love those little nuggets of unexpected compliments. It's always nice when you ask "how does this look?" and you get a compliment but you know it's coming. When it hits you out of nowhere is when it means sooooo much.

My hubby has never seen me below 213 lbs. He married a fatty and has been with me for 8 years loving me for me. For a long time I thought I wasn't good enough for him, that we didn't "match" Well, I'm finally starting to realize that we do "match"... In every way. I'M the one who has focused on my weight....not him.

I love him... and I'm so lucky to have him by my side through all of this. I couldn't do it without him.
(although we will need to have a serious talk about his love of candy and soda..... )

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  1. He sounds like a keeper to me! So sweet!

    PS: love how you use the word "Fatty" to describe your obese self. I do the same when speaking of myself when I was obese. I do not find it offensive. Some do. Go figure?

    HUGS! :)