Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh LAWDY! What a day!

Let's start out by giving a little background on my almost 4 year old Mackenzie.... she is in a word : Fearless. I always wonder and wait for that phone call saying she's broke an arm..or a leg...or her head!

Well, that day came yesterday! My husband called me and said they school called him. Apparently my little daredevil decided it was a GREAT idea to do a backflip off the little rockwall on the playgym mid-climb. How did she land? Directly on her head.

Long story short she had to have 2 staples. My brave little girl was a champ though, and cuddled with the Dr. afterwards.

So you would think after such a traumatic event she would be a little more careful playing.... you would THINK.... Well, that little booger stood at the top of the slide and jumped all the way to the grass, completely jumping over the slide. Hmmmmm.... I wonder where she gets her sense of adventure? It couldn't be her mother who loved climbing AND jumping out of trees, or swinging as high as I could then jumping out mid-swing.  Her mother who played full contact football for years... and wrestled...and played softball.

"Football?!?!" you say? Yes, football. Which brings this back to my journey. Looking back I always told myself I don't really know when my struggle with weight started. In my little league, if you were over a certain weight you had to wear a strip of red tape along your helmet so the refs would know who was overweight. This meant you couldn't carry the ball on offense. You know I had a red tape line EVERY year except the last one? All growing up I always would just say "oh, well I wasn't fat... I was just a really solid little kid" Who am I kidding? I was overweight! Just because I didn't have rolls, or a double chin doesn't mean that I wasn't overweight. I can finally admit to myself that I have been overweight since childhood.

Wow... that's a hard pill to swallow... This blog is really making me examine myself and the way I think, and the reasons I am the way I am. I think all this self discovery is going to be an imperative part of being a Band Rockstar!

Speaking of Band Rockstars, let me please give credit where credit is due. Lap Band Gal is the inspiration for my blog. SHE is a Rockstar. I can only hope to be as succesful as she has been. Go check out her blog, she is truly inspirational! :)

Again, sorry for the novel. Looks like I have a lot more on my mind than I thought!

Oh and I know you all want proof of these tales I tell of girls playing football and such. I will "wrestle" up some pics and scan them. (pun definitely intended)


  1. I don't mean to be nosey or something, but was it hard to get pregnant because of your weight? It's something I've always been worried about.

    1. I didn't have any issues getting prego at 258, but I have some crazy issues in my third trimester.

      January 2010 my Primary Care Dr thought I should take a break from my birth control, because I was soooo tired all the time, my husband and I used condoms after I get taking the pill. We were going to try to starting trying to get pregnant in the summer of 2010, but my husband accepted a job offer in Florida and he moved down there without me in June 2010(I stayed in Kansas City to get our house ready to sell/rent). We had decided to table the baby making until later. After my husband moved to Florida he was going to fly home about every 3 weeks, on his first trip home we got pregnant on accident. I thought that I wasn't suppose to start ovulating until a week later. Needless to say we didn't move to Florida and he came home a few months later.

      So fast forward to my third trimester. I had already passed the glucose test with flying colors in the second trimester. I had also lost 16 lbs instead of gaining weight, I was feeling pretty good. I started having really high blood pressure and vision issues and my baby was growing big. I had to have a c-section, because my hips were not separating and my baby was measuring at 9.8 lbs two weeks before my due date. Also the entire time I was pregnant my boobs did not get any bigger. When my baby was born he had low blood sugar and he was 9.12 lbs. The peds Dr believed that I had Gestational Diabetes in my third trimester (after the test) and that was why my baby was big and had low blood sugar. His blood sugar was brought up quickly in the first day after a few feedings. The other issue with being over weight is breastfeeding can be a challenge. I never made enough milk and we had to supplement with formula and at 6 months I was no longer producing.

    2. I feel ya! my first was 9lb 8oz and 2nd was 8lb 11oz. I didn't have GD with either though, sugars were always fine. Thanks for sharing your story!!!!! :) I'm glad you and baby are healthy!

  2. Not nosey at all! I'm an open book my friend! Actually since it's kind of a long story, I'll work up a post real quick. :)

  3. I just posted my pregnancy stories! :)