Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Name change!

So if you haven't noticed I decided to change the name of my blog. I got to thinking... (no it didn't hurt lol)

I'm not REAL handy...
The band will be REAL handy...
But this isn't about the band...
It's about me!
I'm pretty dandy...
And I'm gonna be a bandy

Soooooo.... I'm no longer The Handy Bandy
But rather The Dandy Bandy.

Sorry for the confusion (if it caused any)
But I think this fits much better!

On a side note, I know I said I would post before pictures last night but I felt like giant hunk of poopie....
So tonight will be before pictures!

(That is unless I can think of another splendid excuse!)


  1. Well Good Afternoon Inspiration!!! :) First of all can I say that following your blog is both entertaining and refreshing....oh and can I mention INSPIRING!!! I just love you to death!
    Second....I've started my own journey...thanks to your inspiration (thumbs up buttercup!!)
    Third - about your sinus issue...umm i'm having the same problem.....fine one minute and then out of left field that little guy jumps in there and sledge hammers away!! UGH!! its frustrating and nearly impossible to work out with that much pressure!!
    Fourth - haha this is getting funny, i feel like i'm blogging on you blog...but hey all this needs to be said...
    Fifth - so how is it that i read your blogs and i think...gosh is She writing about me? Because really the way that you have been towards yourself is exactly how i am.....yet I am that same bubbly fun person on the outside and treat everyone else so much better than myself.

    Ok i'm done for now....but really are you sure we werent seperated at birth or something?

    Love you girl!! Keep up the hard work!! I'll be here with you every step of the way!!

  2. Hahaha Elisha you crack me up! Feel free to blog on my blog anytime lol
    I'm glad I was able to inspire and refresh you today! Thanks for giving me feedback it helps me stay on track. We are both gonna be fit/hot ladies here pretty soon :)

  3. Thanks Morgan! I didn't realize it would change everything and even make my old URL invalid oops! Hopefully everyone will update their blogroll to my new url! :)