Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 down 1 to go!!!!

So today was appointment 5 of 6 for my 6 month supervised diet.
I did good...
No I did great...

The nurse at my surgeons office where I have my appointments was sooooo excited with how i've done over the past month. I lost 9 lbs... WOW 9 lbs! She thought she was looking at the wrong chart :)  She was so excited about the changes I have made to prepare myself for the band.

Thank you, all of you. All you banded bloggers here in bloggerland have given me so much inspiration, hope, and advice I could never thank you enough. I told her about you guys and how reading your stories (yes, I have  read the ENTIRE blog of everyone I follow!) has really prepared me for the lifestyle change that is coming.

I explained to her how 6 months ago I was devastated when I found out I had to do the 6 month diet. I wanted the surgery right then and there. I was discouraged, I went 2 1/2 months being ashamed and eating myself almost 20 lbs heavier. Then with the help of my banded bestie got the motivation to go through with it.

Then I explained how THANKFUL I am now for these 6 months. I wasn't ready back in september. I mean I was ready for the surgery but I wasn't truly ready for banded life. I actually said in my appointment, and I quote "Thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield!" lol I never thought I'd say that because I was sooooo angry with them for so long.

The nurse agreed and said "You are ready now, I can tell"

That meant alot.

But now I'm starting to get random jolts of nervousness as my last appointment approaches. I get little slivers of "can I do this?" and "what are you getting yourself into?"

Thank goodness those nuggets are fleeting and few.

Anyone else out there go through something similar?

FYI-- if you haven't checked out Lap Band Gals blog today she reviewed the new bandwagon cookery cookbook by Jean McMillan and there's an order form to order for a discount. I bought both books today :)


  1. PROUD of you Julie. <3
    If you are at sound mind when thinking about this, knowing nervousness is all to common than I am confident in believing you are ready!! keep it up, for it is a lifestyle change which is longer than 6 months.
    Once again... I am soo proud of you!!

  2. Thank you so much Audrey! You guys are helping soooo much. Keep the comments comin! :)

  3. Wow! Sounds like a ROCKSTAR weigh-in to me! Keep on going. YOU CAN DO IT :)

  4. Wow! Only one to go! I go for my 3rd follow-up Tuesday. I know what you mean about really needing this 6 months. I feel like I really had so much to learn and get mentally prepared for. I love being able to say that I now exercise every day (give or take one here and there). With all the other changes we are going to have to make, I am glad I have had this time to make one on my own. You are going to rock this thing and I can't wait to watch your progress!

  5. Thank you sooooo much Tina!! This last month is either going to fly by, or be the longest month ever! either way I'm ready :)