Friday, April 13, 2012

What a tease!

I know, I know you all have been on the edge of your seats holding your breath since I teased about having a fatty photo shoot and showing you all my jiggly bits. Oh and the tease of posting the pictures of me in football and wrestling.

I can explain....

I'm still searching for the football and wrestling pictures. I have them in a binder that I put in a very special place that I would never ever forget in a million years! (Well, I forgot.... so I'm still searching!)

Fatty photo shoot? Well, I've been putting that off for obvious reasons :) Who wants to take pictures showing off what you have been programmed to believe your whole life is unnatractive and shameful?

I do what I think is a very good job of dressing my fat away. Meaning, I dress in a way to minimize the appearance of my fat as much as possible. Does it work? Hopefully. Others may not think so but I do so, Meh. If you know me, you know that I do not wear shirts that the sleeves are above the elbow. I HATE my arms, they are my most unnatractive and fatty feature in my opinion. I have cardigans and sweaters that I rock almost daily. If my shirt doesn't cover my elbows I just throw one of those bad boys on and POOF, the arm fat disappears. (did I mention I'm also a magician?) 100 degrees outside? My ass is in a damn sweater!

 Same thing with my legs, i'll only flash calf! The shortest my pants go are capris. I own 1 singular pair of shorts and that's just to wear around the house when it's unbearably hot.

Oh lordy don't get me started on swim suits... or shall I say swim dress/moomoos? I try to avoid swimsuits at all costs. If I HAVE to wear one I will, but so help me god if you get a picture of me you are goin' down! Remember when I mentioned I was fat hiding photo ninja?

Here's me in my swimsuit :)

 The hottie on the left is my beautiful cousin. And of course my goofy daughter in the middle. See my ninja skills? Always making sure my body is never in a picture!

So in conclusion you can see all the great excuses reasons why I haven't posted the aforementioned pictures but I promise you i'm workin' on it!

Hubby has already agreed to be photographer this weekend.

Can I be 100% honest? I'm terrified.....



    Now...on to the Fatty Photo Shoot? That is really funny! We have to make sure that once the surgery date is scheduled that definently takes place.

  2. For sure! I'm going to go ahead and take some pictures now because I have been losing SOME weight and I want to get a real good before picture. I will also take some right before surgery. I'm really nervous... It takes guts to put it all out there! :)

  3. Even if you don't post them right away, I urge you to take them. I lost 35lbs on my six month diet and took pics at the beginning. When I did some side by side comparisions I was shocked at how my body had changed.

    So take them for yourself, even if you don't publish them. Look that Fatty in the face and just know you will never ever again be there!!