Monday, April 9, 2012

Why I'm getting the Lap-Band

Some of you may be wondering.... "Why in the world are you getting the Lap-Band?"

Exhibit A:
Mackenzie and her 72 eggs!
Exhibit B:

Silly baby, candy's on the inside!
Exhibit C:

Who's that hottie? Oh, and who is guy in the shades! Bahaha!
 This is my family... My life!

But THE most important exhibit? :

That's right... Me. Wow, that's crazy... For so long the other 3 (and others) have been my priority. I always do whatever I can for others. I forgo sleep, showers, exercise, meals, makeup etc... For those 3. (Don't get me wrong, I do it because I love them and I'm not complaining) But I've always felt guilty if I put myself first. Maybe I just haven't felt like i'm worth it.... I have finally realized that in order to take care of my family, I have to take care of myself.

Saying that out loud sounds so weird...

I want to run with my girls at their little league practices.
I want to keep up at the zoo and the amusement parks (and fit in the seats comfortably!)
I want to be able to play outside with them for hours instead of sitting down WATCHING them play.
I want to actively watch them grow up
I want to see them get married
I want to meet and play with my grandbabies (and great grandbabies if i'm lucky!)
I want to be a better wife.
I want to be able to keep up with my husband in ALL aspects of life (wink wink!)

(Speaking of husband...I have always wondered why my husband loves me as much as he does. When we got together it was kind of just common knowledge that he was super hot and I "had a pretty face" but not the hot bod you would expect to see a hot dude with. I always felt so insecure about my body and my weight. I felt like maybe he didn't realize I was a fatty... maybe I'm just hiding it well! I just couldn't accept the fact that he loved me for ME... all of me. He's been there for me through thick... I know he'll be excited to be there for me through THIN! )

Anywhose...I have realized that if I want to be able to do all these things I need to change my life. At this specific moment in my life at age 26 I have a pretty clean bill of health. Perfect cholesterol, perfect blood pressure, perfect blood sugar levels. I'm a picture of health lol. But I can see every day where my current path is leading me.

I love my momma, with all my heart. I would NEVER want to offend her (especially since she loves my blog and reads every word!)  In her, I see my future... I see type 2 diabetes...blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, knee replacements, hip pain, back pain. This is NOT the future I want. I just wish that things were better for her and that she had the opportunity to join me in this. If I had $16k laying around I would give it to her in a heartbeat.


How could you not love this lady?!?!


  1. I love you Julie "My Baby" Taylor!!!!

  2. Julie your post was so great. I am so glad we met thru the banding network. We have alot in common..I too have parents I adore but both are suffering from all the above health issues as they turned 60's+, me I have nothing yet just like you. My hubby is hott!...I say all the time "its a good thing i'm cute as a button". We should not say those things, but its how I feel and clearly you do to. You have my support 110%.

  3. Michelle I'm glad we met too! It's so nice to have someone going through the same thing as me. Even if we are far away, at least we can encourage each other through cyberland! My email is if you ever want to chat! :)

  4. Don't get the lap band. I was going to get lap band but my Surgent dr. Pomp of new York Presbyterian Weill-Cornell in manhattan advised me against it. He says they are removing more bands then they are putting in. They've found that the body doesn't like it and begins to cover it in scar tissue; that's how the body responds to foreign objects. And then it can't be filled anymore. I got the gastric sleeve on3/27. I'm totally happy. Plus it gets rid of the glad that creates the hunger horomone.

    Just do more research on the band. Trust me.

  5. Thank you for your concern. I have done A LOT of research on all WLS options including in depth conversations with multiple Dr.'s and We have come to the conclusion that the band will best for me. I understand there are possible complications as with any procedure. I know people who have had the band for MANY years with zero complications. Everyones body is different and although I can't say for sure how my body will react the chances are in my favor. Also, foreign objects have been placed in bodies for many years for different conditions/procedures.I know people with fake bones, pacemakers, etc.... There is always a risk of rejection but the (+) outweighs the (-) risks.

  6. I love reading your posts and I have to say reading this one brought tears to my eyes! Our families are so close together. Keep on loving and know you have a great support team out here, Julie!

    Love, Tina

  7. Thanks Tina! Love you guys and miss you. We used to see each other soooo much when I was a kid!

  8. Hey! I love your blog, you have such a beautiful family, its time to think about you! I support you 100%, reading this is quite inspiring :) you follow your heart and your dreams. Best of luck to you Julie!

  9. Thanks Jackie! It's really helping me stay motivated and getting me ready for the lap-band. I forgot how therapeutic keeping a "diary" can be. I've been ashamed of myself for too long trying to mask the fact that i'm fat and maybe no one will notice. I've decided that it's time to just put it all out there...face my fears because I have to own this before I can change it!

    and i just realized my caps locks key was on. Easter gets me every time those damn chocolate marshmellow eggs...damn them
    here is a tip put money in the eggs instead of candy

    1. Awe shucks, thanks Jim! :)
      Easter is one of my downfalls...sooooo muuuchhh caaaanddyyyy! I hear you on the money in the eggs.. My oldest is finally old enough that money would excite her lol

  11. I just love the motivation. I like to read blogs like yours to keep me focus and know that I am doing it for me. Not let anyone else tell me different. My date is oct 11th 2012. wish me luck.