Thursday, April 5, 2012

This is NOT going to be easy...

So if you read my little "about me" blurb to the side you know It's a little crazy... Someone struggling with their weight....about to be banded... wanting to own a cupcake shop? You must think i'm insane.

But I love it... I love baking...

 These are cupcakes and cakes I made for a benefit dinner cake walk.

I actually purchased my first "professional" tools to make this. I was so proud of my first made from scratch everything creations! Maraschino cherry cake with Italian merengue buttercream icing. I was kind of disappointed in the icing... tasted like butter lol. Well, not too bad for my first homemade creation! (i've been baking for a long time, usually modifying box mixes and using canned frosting)

I'm super proud of myself though! I only ate 1 cupcake! Yay! Go me! :)


  1. All I can say is............yummy! YUMMEEE!

  2. Thanks Brenda! I have a feeling it will be hard to resist eating my creations but I think I may focus on making/creating healthy sweet tooth options!

  3. Creating healthy Sweet Tooth Options!!!! SWEET.

  4. Hey Julie-this is are such an inspiration to me...
    I think I am going to see if I could be a candidate for this surgery. And...beautiful cupcakes! <3

  5. Thanks Tina! I'm here if you have any questions... check with your insurance and see if they have any bariatric coverage. If they do, get a list of requirements to get the surgery. Make sure to ask them if there is a supervised diet required if it doesn't list one. THat's what my insurance did to me lol