Thursday, May 31, 2012

Needles and vials and pills oh my!

So we are finally getting the show on the road with this egg donation. In fact i start my first medication tomorrow....sooooooooo if you are ever thinking of donating eggs let me show you what you are looking at medication wise...

Thats 40 syringes you see in those bags.... Each box contains vials of medication...a medicine pen...and a bottle o' pills. I've already been told many times about some of the side effects of these meds and it sounds like it is going to be quite the adventure...but its worth it to know that i was able to help this awesome couple have a baby.

Just a warning... There may be some crazy lady posts in the next couple of weeks as i go through chemical induced menopause... Then chemical induced super egg producing machine starts... Wish me luck! I will keep you posted!


  1. wow been there done that... not for donation though my husband and I did IVF in '09 got pregnant first try... if you have any questions about it or the side effects just they harvested 15 eggs and I was sooo uncomfortable with the ovarian hyperstimulation I couldnt even breath really I had to sleep sitting up and I could feel the fluid I was retaining sloshing around in my body when I walked ughhh.. But I did get a beautiful baby boy outta the deal lol good luck the shots are not too bad you get use to them

    1. Thanks Theresa! Good to talk to someone who has been there. Yeah, I think i'm prepared... I've had 2 babies... I think If I can go through 2 pregnancies being morbidly obese (hard on my body!) then I can handle this! :)

  2. I was asked awhile go to carry a baby for a friend of mine. But I told them if i was thinner I would.