Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Weigh-In - Why herrow restriction...

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Todays weight: 216.8 lbs

-2.8 lb loss

-17.6 lb loss since surgery
-44.2 lb loss overall


Umm....can I get a HELLS YEAH?!?!?!  I am just chugging right along...droppin those EL-BEES! Slow and steady wins the race.   I only have 16.9 lbs to lose until I officially hit Onederland!  I blame this pick up in weight loss on my new found restriction. It's SOOO nice to feel full..a feeling I haven't felt in a long, long time.  

Speaking of Onederland...let's talk about goal setting. I haven't actually set any goals yet. I guess it's time to start!I'm trying to think of a time frame as a goal to get to onederland. I was thinking Halloween...but that's only a month away... not sure 16.9 lb loss in a month is doable. So, how does Thanksgiving sound? about 2 months to lose 16.9 lbs.
Do you think that's TOO long?
TOO short?
Just right?

I'm terrible at this lol in my mind i'm like "Oh yeah I can get there by Halloween, no's far away..." Umm...then I'm like "Ok dumby mcdumbster, mayor of dumbville...that's only like 33 days or some shit"

 So should I make that my official goal? Onederland by Thanksgiving?  Whaddya think? Huh? huh?

 (Can you tell I SUCK at decision making?)  

Sooo....There have been lots of things I've been wanting to snap pictures of to show you guys...and...the camera on my phone has kicked the bucket. Sucks. Bad. Now that it's gone, I want to use it All.the.time. Like for instance...just found out that Monster makes a low cal, low carb PROTEIN energy drink. Yup. It's called Rehab ProTEAn + Energy it has 100 cals in the whole can-15 protein. All I can say is "Yes please!" I was gonna snap a pic to include here but alas... nothing.   Hmmm...I bet I could find a pic on the ole' interwebs... hmmm
Ain't I smart? :)
Oh btw... this is NOT any kind of endorsement..I'm not getting paid a single penny. Just my little old opinion :)  I wish I was getting paid for it... hmmm... let's make that happen capt'n!
I have to admit it kinda tastes weird at first... it is tea... so it's strange..then it has the weird feeling on your tongue i'm assuming because of the protein... I probably won't get it very often but It's not bad.

Now that I have restriction I'm finding it EXTREMELY hard to eat enough calories...anyone else have that problem? I'm trying to eat healthy obviously but since I can't eat very much, i'm not taking in a lot of calories. I don't want to "fill" in my calories by eating high calorie junk... like getting a hot fudge sundae because I have enough calories left. Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend my little cupcakes! I really don't have any plans except a Froyo date with a friend. Hopefully there will be some exercising AND some much needed relaxation. :)

I shall leave you with pics of my last cupcake escapade for a litle boys 1st bday. I forgot to show you guys OOPS!

This is what must be done after a long night of baking...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Triple-T Time Baby!

Ten Things Thursday brought to you by the hilarious and always lovely Laura Belle from Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier. Have you checked her out yet? I tell you every week! ;)

1.I'm super jelly... why? Because all my blogger babes are meeting up this weekend for BOOBS! I want to wish everyone safe travels and please...PLEASE, have a super awesome fantastico great time! Oh, and have a cocktail for me, k? Thanks! 
(for those of you wondering why i'm talking about boobs, please visit Band Of Outrageous Babes...get it? BOOBS? )

2. Next year I WILL be at BOOBS. I will...

3. Tuesday was me and The Hubs 8th wedding anniversary...wowza...8 YEARS! Seems like yesterday. I din't get to see him at all on our actually anniversary, he didn't get home from work until about 1 am :(
But my mom and g-ma agreed to watch the girls last night so we could go out and celebrate. Which leads into #4

4. I wore a dress I haven't been able to wear in a long time... and actually for the first time ever it fit the way it was supposed to. Total NSV for sure. I looked at myself in every mirror I could...twirled around a bit, smiled wide. It was awesome! I would have taken a pic but the camera on my phone doesn't work and our DSLR was on the fritz last night. Just take my word, I looked delish lol. We went and saw The Possession and it was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Nothing crazy special but the acting was good, the story line was good, good visuals. It was good! Dinner...oh dinner... geeze it was good. We went to a restaraunt at Lake Lotawana called Marina Grog and Galley. Pricey..but oooohhh so good! The Hubs ordered a dry aged 8 oz filet mignon and I ordered the Hawaiian Snapper... was soo good I didn't want to stop eating..but I did, like a good little bandster :) I only ate about 1/3 of it. But i'm munching on it right now for lunch and it tastes just as delicious!
This was mine, the Hawaiian Snapper, it really did look just like this..mmmm..
5.My restriction is lasting much longer this time! I think i'm finally feeling what a bandster is supposed to feel! I'm learning how to START my meal much slower. My mistake is my first couple of bites it's almost like I forget I have the lap-band and just take a normal bite, chew it a little and swallow. Um...OUCH MUCH? Yeah, I don't think it's a "stuck" I think it's more of a "woah nelly...slow down" warning. I get a pain in my shoulder and it feels like it's taking it's sweet ass time going down. I stop... breathe... give it a few minutes and then continue...taking LITTLE bites...and CHEWING a million times. The rest of the meal is always a success! I just have to keep reminding myself..."little bites, chew chew chew!!" Each meal is getting better :)

6.I'm a-scared of tomorrow monring... a-scared of the scale. I've been eating well, much smaller portions but each morning the scale isn't really moving. I'm hoping and praying I lose SOMETHING this week. We shall see...I PROMISE I will post my weigh in this week since I missed last week. 

7.We bought The Avengers on tuesday... can't wait to watch it! Probably best movie of the year... loved it (well, Batman was flippin awesome too..mmm...i'm torn) Hopefully I can take a break from The Lorax tonight since it's been on loop in my house since we bought it!

8.I'm doing The Color Run in Lawrence on 10/6. Have I started training? Negative. Am I going to finish it even if I collapse and die? Yup. I'm gonna do it.. I'm gonna jog when I can, walk when I can't, and puke whenever I need to. It looks like so much fun, I can't wait!

9.Monster Rehab Orangeade is delicious. I keep them to a minimum like 1 every month or so. Today I wanted a break from coffee so I got one. Mmmm... yum and only 20 cals for the whole can.

10. Did I mention I'm jealous of all you going to BOOBS? Oh I did? My bad! I can't wait to see all the posts from you guys. I'm living vicariously through you while I do just about nothing this weekend :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wowzas! What a weekend!!

Ok, I have a lot of ground to cover so let's get to it!


(sorry, I guess that's the football player in me coming out!)

First of all... Guess what?


Oh em gee... this is exciting!

My fill on Thursday went really well. She went aggressive and pumped me up to 7.1 cc's. She was ready to get me feeling some restriction. And oh baby I'm feeling it! I'm now learning how important the bandster rules really are. I never really had to worry about chewing well (eventhough I tried, I forgot alot of times) I could basically eat what I wanted. NOT NOW! My band violently gently reminds me that I need to make sure I chew my food to applesauce. That I need to pay attention while I eat and not take big bites. THIS is what it's supposed to feel like... I get it now. My portions are MUCH smaller and I'm hoping this was the push I needed to really get my weight loss into gear! :)

I had slowly worked bread back into my diet and now i'm abruptly working it out of my diet thanks to my tighter band! I really don't miss it. But i've tried about 3 times in the past 2 days to eat bread and it's a NO GO! It was sandwiches. I found if I took the top peice off and just ate the bottom peice really to use to hold it all together I was fine. I now know why bandsters have to stop...walk around... I've had to do that 3 times lol. I will get the hang of this.

Friday was a rather normal day. Me and The Hubs decided to watch our newest purchase of Titanic on Blu-Ray. I haven't watched it in years... for good reason. To not upset any readers who know about this I will keep it short. Basically when I was younger (like early middle school) my best friends little sister died. It was devastating, she was like the little sister I never had. They played "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion at her funeral. I have not been able to watch Titanic nor listen to that song since. I went to the store, got me a bottle of sweet red wine and settled in to watch the movie. I drank the.whole.thing. Yup. It helped though. I only had to leave the room once because I felt a wave of emotion heading my way. We didn't get to finish it that night. We finished it last wine. I cried... quite a bit. More so afterwards as my mind was left to wander. I did have a wonderful conversation with said friend about it. I miss her. Alot. But I'm making it a point to email/text/talk to her more.

Saturday was Ah-may-zing! Seriously. Where do I begin?
Doots was in the city parade in the morning. Up bright and early and at the park by 8:20. Parade started at 9. Parents to walk beside the float (good thing I wore my yogas and tennies!) WOW, that ended up being like a 3 mile or more walk. It was awesome!

Afterwards me and my momma dropped Shoogs off with my MIL for a g-ma/baby slumber party and went to Platos Closet. Found me a BRAND new pair of Baby Phat boots with the fur lol for $20...SCORE! Also a brand new jean jacket that ALMOST fits for $10. A pearl necklace for $2 and a black pearl bracelet for $1. Successful trip I think! :) As I'm shopping Cupcake calls me and tells me that a local airport is giving kiddos FREE airplane rides if I could scoot down by 3 (it was 2 and I was kinda far away)
Sweet jesus we made it! Doots was so stinkin excited she could barely contain it. After waiting in line for what seems like 2 hours we got to go up in a single engine plane for about 15 minutes. It was so cool. I'm so glad we had that spontaneous moment for our kiddos! :)
Can't you tell she's excited?!?
Finally getting buckled in!!
Seriously though, this was the best thing of the day :)
I had to add one more becuase it was just too cute!

What a view!

She wanted to go again!

After the plane ride we had to book it to a Tastefully Simple party. Have you ever been to one? UMMMM DELISH!!! I loved it so much I'm having my own party in November! :)

Afterwards we went back to Cupcakes house for some much needed girl talk while the kids played. Then we decided to go to Halfway (a restaurant) and have some Hot Beef! Me and Cupcake shared an order which was just enough! Went home and instead of enjoying a kid free night I PASSED OUT, which I guess is still enjoying a kid free night lol

Sunday was relaxing, went to MIL house to pick up Shoogs, have some lunch and watch the Chiefs game. Wow, if you didn't watch was a nail biter FOR SURE! But our boys in red won finally lol Played with the girls outside then headed home to family dinner at Gee's (MY g-ma's) house. Afterwards chased Doots around the yard.

Went home and decided it was time to try on every peice of clothing I owned and clear out my closet.
Ummm.... WOW is all I have to say. I had clothes I was hanging on to that were too tight that now fit perfectly. And others that are already too big! I purged and now have all my big clothes bagged up and ready to give to a friend that has no money to buy new clothes since she has gained weight. I love her and want her to be comfortable at any size, I know it sucks, i've been there. But now she'll have some cute stuff to rock out until she goes back down! Here is what my closet looks like now...
My closet was FULL, I mean jam packed...

This, coupled with feeling restriction has lifted my spirits and given me great motivation! I think my "funk" is over. I'm feeling like my normal, chipper, positive self again. I'm ready for onederland... I'm so close.

P.S. I know I missed my weigh in Friday. Nothing exciting. I basically stayed exactly the same. Hopefully this Friday I will have a good weigh in and the TIME to post! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

A big shout out to Laura Belle at Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier for providing us with the ever theraputic Ten Things Thursday. Join in! Just write 10 things...any things...random things...crazy things...just 10 things!

1. I go for my 3rd fill today! Super excited. I felt restriction for about a I barely feel it. It's not completely gone like last time...but almost. Hoping I feel some major restriction with this fill! :)  I'm currently sitting at 6.3 cc's I know she won't give me a ton...but i'm hoping we are getting somewhere close to the green zone!

2. Doots, my 4 year old had quite the night last night. Daddy forgot to put a pull up on her before bed (her urge to pee does not wake her up...we take her potty before bed and don't let her have drinks before bed)
Well suprise suprise she peed in her bed...all over it... until it woke her up. So she came into our bed. Layed down next to The Hubs and peed...again...wide awake... like ALL over him AND our bed. When he opened his eyes she was staring at him and said "sorry daddy". He went from asleep to PISSED (ha, didn't mean to be punny) in about .2 seconds. She layed there with her eyes wide open and pissed our bed. She cried because daddy got mad (not raging mad just said "Daddy is SOOO disappointed in you!!"  He went and slept on the couch and she stood at my head sobbing and rubbing my hair. Finally I told her "you need to go back to bed" and off she ran...just like nothing happened. I swear that kid pees more than anyone i've ever met! I don't know what the deal is, all I can say is I can't wait until we don't have to buy another pack of pull ups!!

3. I know you just read #2 thinking the whole time "WTF is a Doots?!?"'s her nickname lol. She's had a quite a few in her short 4 years. When she was a baby we had this little swaddle blanket that had the word "kidapotamus" or something like that embroidered on it. One day The Hubs said "More like Kenziepotamus.." and so began the nicknames... Started with Kenziepotamus...then Kenziepoddamus (notice we changed the spelling? we are sooo dorks...) That one stuck for a while...even had it on her birthday cake!

Then we just started calling her "Poddamus" Then just "Pod" . So what does this have to do with Doots? Well I'm getting there... lol  when changing her diaper I would take baby talk to her so she would be entertained and lay still. I would say "OOOWEEE!! Look at that DOODY DIDEY!"  Then we started calling her "Doody" "Ford F150 Super Doody" then it evolved down to just "Doots". We called her all of these things at the same time... poor kid probably didn't know her real name until she was 3! (i'm exaggerating of course!) It's funny we ask her "What are you?" and she says "A Doots!" it's super ridiculously cute. I wallow in it because I know soon it will not be cool anymore and we won't get away with calling her that!

4. While we are on the kids/names/nicknames topic I'm officially going to start referring to my baby as "Shoogs" cuz that's what we call her! lol  As an infant for some reason I always called her "Sugar" and "Sugar booger" "Shoogies" "Shoogster" and "Shoogs"  I also called her "Puddin" "Puddin'pop" "Pumpkin" "Punkie" "Punkiepie" "Punkers" (I thik we are certifiably insane!) We call them "Shoogs" and "Doots" most often..sooooo...that is what they shall be named! :)

5. Doots started gymnastics this week. Can' It's crazy. I have a a real life child..not a baby...A little person... It still freaks me out almost daily.

6.I think this is officially the slowest day ever. September is almost over and it's still balls to the wall here at work. I'm starting to think busy season will never be over. I can't believe I still have 2 hours left before I leave for my feels like i've been for 8 hours already!! Doesn't help i'm tired...

7.Anybody watch X-Factor last night? Tate Stevens is from Belton, Mo. The next town up from me. The place where we go and call it "the city" because that's where the nearest ANYTHING is. It's about 10 miles from my house to Belton. Anywhoozle, I am not a fan of country music and neither is The Hubs but we both got goosebumps when he sang. It was awesome.

8. My momma's kitty is gonna die. Poor thing has a tumor in his sinuses and it's just sad. His face looks all deformed. Not sure how long he will make it. This will be DEVASTATING to Doots. She was raised around Dusty aka "Duss'a'muss" since birth. The other day when we found out we told her. I thought since this is her first time dealing with death we would break it to her gently.
"Kenz, you know how Duss'a'muss has been really sick?"
"well, the dr. said he will probably get real sick and die and go to heaven soon"
"Can you get another cat???!??!" (smiling...)
hmmm.... that didn't go like planned.
"Maybe sweetheart, but not yet. We are just going to cuddle with Dusty and love him as much as we can until he dies"
You could see the wheels turning...
"When is he going to die?"
"We don't know sweetie. We will just see how he is everyday and love him everyday."
Then, you saw it... Her upbeat look quickly faded into despair... she finally REALIZED what we were talking about... Then came the waterworks. She was devastated. But kept insisting she must get a new kitty.
We'll see how it goes when the time comes to put him down.

Poor lil guy-this picture doesn't do any kind of justice
It looks MUCH worse :(

9.It's FINALLY a reasonable temperature outside consistently. I was starting to become homicidal with all this heat. It was nice to be able to take the girls to the park last night and not feel like I was going to sweat my skin off.

10.Thank bajeebus it's almost time to go... Took me all day to write this! I leave for my fill in 45 minutes! :) 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 Months Post-Op Progress!

Starting weight: 261 lbs
Surgery day: 234.4 lbs

Todays weight: 219.6 lbs

-4.2 lb loss since MONDAY!

-14.8 lb loss since surgery
-41.4 lb loss overall


                7/11/12      8/13/12      9/13/12     Loss
Neck.............15"............15" .........14.5"-------.5"
R bicep..........17.5 .........16"..........16"---------1.5" 
L bicep..........17"...........15" ..........15.5"-------1.5" 
R forearm.......12.5"........12"...........12"--------.5"
L forearm.......12"...........12"............12"--------0"
R thigh............24.5"........22.75"........23.25"---1.25"
L thigh............24.25".......23"............23.5"-----.75"
                             TOTAL LOSS----17.25"

234.4 lbs 7/11/12 night before surgery --- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth      --    219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths  
 234.4 lbs 7/11/12 night before surgery --- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth      --    219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths  
 234.4 lbs 7/11/12 night before surgery --- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth      --    219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths  
 234.4 lbs 7/11/12 night before surgery --- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth      --    219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths  
234.4 lbs 7/11/12 night before surgery --- 225.2 lbs 8/13/12 1 mth      --    219.6 lbs 9/13/12 2 mths  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

50 Shades of Cray

Things seem to be slowing down at work so hopefully I will be able to start blogging more often. I'm hoping to get back to almost everyday. I have my 2 month post-op post ALMOST ready to go..coming soon my little cupcakes...

I try and make my blog light hearted and fun but our journey is not always light hearted...or fun. Sometimes we have dark days...dark weeks...dark months... I apologize now for this not so cheery post but I think maybe putting it in writing will help me.

I have to make a confession gals.... It's hard to admit because I've been doing soo good for soooo long.

I think I may be depressed.

There... I said it...

I've been feeling super overwhelmed with life. I'm feeling worthless again... which I don't like. For my new followers Click Here to read my post about my childhood abuse to get a feel for why I struggle with depression.

I have done what I would call a good job "dealing" with my issues, working through them in my own head, forgiving, learning how to function. (I'm sure a therapist would disagree...)

I'm pretty good at putting on a happy face and not really letting anyone know I'm in a "funk" as I call it. I don't like others to know i'm hurting...Not even The Hubs. It's terribly counterproductive to keep my feelings from my husband but it's how i've always dealt. I've turned inward and fought the battles myself until I think I have it all figured out. Although i'm sure The Hubs and a couple other people know me well enough to see through my happy face and know i'm hurting without me saying a word *cough..Cupcake..cough* 

I think a big reason I get this way is because I haven't figured out how to deal with hard things as they they happen. REALLY deal with them. They pile up and the next thing comes along and hops on the stack until the pile is so big I can't carry it anymore and I drop everything including myself on the floor crying to The Hubs like a little baby. Unloading EVERYTHING on him at once which is totally unfair to him.
He's a smart one though. After 8 years he has figured me out. He KNOWS when I'm about to unload. He senses. I start pulling away from him... I get glassy eyed... I stare off into space alot... I get upset over the stupidest things and cry over nothing.

I am usually an optimist... kind of annoyingly. I can usually always see the positive in negative situations. See the light at the end of the tunnell. Something bad may happen but I'm able to counter it by remembering all my blessings...all the things that have gone right. Not when I get like this... It seems everything is wrong and nothing is right. It seems like it's one thing after another beating me down and then when i'm laying there begging for it to kicks me in the teeth for good measure. Molehills become mountains and life seems too big a challenge. I could list out what seems like a million things that are going "wrong" in my mind right now but I will spare you the boring details lol

When I am in this funk, planning is out the window. I don't prepare my meals in advance which means hittin up the drive through (although MUCH better choices than before and MUCH smaller portions it's still not making good choices)  I don't exercise... like at all. Which makes it worse because exercise releases endorphines. It's just the thought of doing it seems like so much work for my stressed out body that is super exhausted. Then I feel like a failure for not bucking up and just doing it... which makes me want to eat a candy bar..which makes me feel like a failure... see where I'm giong here? that's a downward that I don't want to go down ANY MORE!! I've done it too many times, I know the outcome. It doesn't change.

I have to change it.

I have to break the cycle.

I didn't go through major surgery and a painful recovery just to give up AGAIN.

I think it's finally time I suck it up and get help. I'm ready to figure this whole thing out... find tools to deal with the war in my head and my heart.

I'm so lucky to have a husband that won't give up on me. He refuses. He loves me for me and wants so badly to just make things better, in every aspect of our lives, not just my mental health. I'm lucky I have someone who didn't bail at the first sign of trouble. He has made it very clear I'm not getting rid of him. Even in times like this where I push him away although I know it hurts him he stands there beside me. Tells me not to give up on him...or life. He doesn't lie to me and tell me he will solve all our problems. He's real with me... he tells me "yeah, it sucks bad. We aren't where we want to be...or where you need to be. But don't give up. We'll figure this thing out." He also deals with depression AND anxiety. Needless to say we can be quite the little sitcom (or lifetime movie) at times.
You take a little bit of my cray-cray
Mix it with a dash of his cray-cray
We make a cray-cray goulash!

Pinned Image

Sorry for such a long Negative Nancy post. No trying to be a Debbie Downer, I just needed to vent. I actually feel alot better after typing this. (not gonna lie, I feel like 50 shades of cray over here...crying a little...laughing a i'm smiling...people probably think i'm about to snap around here lol) 

When I get down, I like to look at pictures of my family. So let's do that together shall we? A little group therapy?

These are the pictures that make this battle worth it. These are who i'm fighting for.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Catchin' Up with a little TTT action

Thank god for Ten Things Thursdays right? It makes blogging sooooo much easier for me when I'm all stressed out and busy and can't find time to have normal blog posts! So Thank you Laura, for giving me blogging break and allowing me to just randomly throw out shit and it be acceptable ;)
I'm using TTT to catch up on what's been going on so it may be a little long today. Feel free to stop reading, or tune out, or message me to shut the hell up at any time!

1. Eggs.... Don't we women have like millions? Or at least hundreds of thousands? I know I haven't had that many periods.... There HAS to be some left in there right? Apparently high doses of fertility meds make 1 real nice looking egg for me. It's supposed to make 12+. I was devasted when I found out and I'm not the one having the damn baby! I feel like a failure. I want to do this for them...I want it to work. Why is it so hard for my little ovaries to just grow some damn eggs? The intended mommy of course was devastated too. She told me she was not mad at me and it is in no way my fault. I understand, I would be devastated if I were her too... I'm their last hope. I so badly want it to work. So we are thinking maybe losing some more weight will help. We are going to try one last time around January and they are going to start me out on the highest doses possible to see if we can jump start those puppies.

2. For those of you who don't follow me on facebook.... You don't know about my current obsession.... Cottage Cheese. I've had it everyday for either breakfast, lunch or both for the past 2 weeks. I mix peaches or pineapples with it ... I've topped it with bbq shredded pork for lunch... I use it in place of noodles on spagetti night, just plop my meat sauce on top. Stop's delicious! Really...have I ever steered you wrong?!?!

 3. Since I have stopped taking the fertility meds (see #1) I am losing again! I'm so excited I could spit! I'm now officially what I weighed the day after I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter. That's awesome... I'm also getting awfully close to onederland. I don't know how I will react when I reach it... I have a good feeling there will  probably be a lot of this :

And possibly a little bit of this :

That's right people... I just may Ugly Cry... fo realz...

4.So I'm sitting here at my desk eating lunch.... McD's... Groan right? Nope. I'm super proud of myself. I'm learning how to make good choices EVERYWHERE I go. The McD's by my work now has ALL their nutrition info listed right there on the drive through menu. THANK YOU!!! That makes things sooo much easier. (eventhough I did my research before I went lol) I'm enjoying a classic grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo. (I tore off some of the bun too so it's probably a teensy less) 300 calories 27 protein. That rocks. See folks? You CAN stay on track at McD's!! :)

5.I'm going to a CPR/AED class tonight with Cupcake. This make me a happy camper. I realized this was a good idea when I was at a restaurant in the bathroom with my little one and a woman was in there with a little boy who was crying. As they were leaving she said to me "OMG! I just had to give my nephew the Heimlich! He was choking and I just did it! I'm so glad I knew what to do!!" She was obviously frazzled. It got me thinking, "Holy jeeze balls... If my kids choke.. I have no idea what to do. Or even worse, if they aren't BREATHING? I would have to just sit there watching them dying while I wait on help to arrive!" This is not acceptable. So when Cupcake asked me if I wanted to go just a few weeks after that incident, it was a sign to me that yes..I should indeed go. I will let you all know how it goes! :)

6.This chicken sandwich is delicious! Filling and just the right portion! I don't even miss the mayo! :)

7.I am a little peeved at my beloved AMC... So I got passes to the premier of "End of Watch" for last night. I've been to this rodeo many times. 1.print passes 2. show up like an hour early (sometimes sooner) 3.stand in a long ass line for an hour 4.hand the passes to the lady at the door as you enter the theatre.  Sounds simple right? Well, APPARENTLY Gofobo and AMC have changed up the way they do things. APPARENTLY you now have 1.print your pass 2.realize this is not ACTUALLY your pass after you read the fine print 3.go to the box office at the theatre as soon as you can possible drag ur little ass there and EXCHANGE your pass for actual tickets. There are only so many tickets available in EXCHANGE for this passes. So we drive our happy asses 45 minutes to the theatre just to have the lady tell us we did it wrong and it's sold out. APPARENTLY we were not the only ones becuase she said there is a line for people with paper passes. When the theatre opens the people with magnifying glasses that read the fine print with their superhuman eyes get to go in first and then if there are any open seats they will let in the people with the paper passes. THEN if you wait for over an hour and don't get in, they will give you tickets to go see the movie at a later date. BUT ONLY AFTER you waste away your evening waiting in line for a CHANCE to MAYBE get in. (sorry for all the yelling, can't you tell this little girl got her panties in a twist?) It's never worked that way...EVER. So sorry I just did what I always do.

8. This is where you learn something about me. I don't handle situations like #7 well. I don't handle changes of plan very well. Don't get me wrong, i'm super spontaneous and easy going. If there's no plan, it's all gravy. But if there is a plan in place. And I OCD analyze those plans in my brain for 2 weeks. And then the plan goes horribly wrong? It devastates me... I don't know why. I'm like a small child throwing a tantrum. So what did I do last night at the movie theatre? I cried... I stood there like a big fat poopie diaper baby (that's Doots current favorite name-calling name right now lol) and cried. Poor hubs knows this situation is my kryptonite so he's like
"Don't cry...are you crying? Oh no...why are you crying?"
then out comes the drama queen in me
"I just feel like I can't do anything right! This was supposed to be a FREE night out, just us, a date night and now it's ruined!"
He says "Let's just go see another movie, don't let this ruin your night. We can come back and see it. OOoo, look! The Campaign is starting! Dont' you wanna go see The Campaign?"  
So I stand there with my arms crossed crying
"I don't care."
He says "come on dear, please don't let this ruin your night"
Too late sir... too late, my night has been officially ruined. Don't I just sound like a big ole ball of fun?
Finally I just said "I WILL BE FINE! Just let me throw my fit for a minute. I will get over it...eventually. I can't just turn it off!"
So we went to see Expedables 2 instead and as soon as the previews started I was fine. See? Toldya.

9. Here's where you learn another tidbit about me.I LOVED it. It hard. All the cheese, and blood and old action stars...LOVED IT!  I'm so NOT a "normal" girl. If that makes sense... I hate chick flicks (well except the Notebook, that's not really a chick flick, more like a "only people with a black cold heart doesn't like" kinda flick) I like blood, I like guts... The Hottness rating of the actors don't have anything to do with my liking of a movie. I could care less about the physical attractiveness of the actors. If it's a shit movie, it's a shit movie. No hot guy could make me like a shit movie.  This movie was awesome, dare I say better than the first? Those old farts made fun of themselves the whole time in between blowing the bad guys into tiny peices. (I AM still a girl though, so yes, Jason Statham was super hot which was a plus)  I've had girlfriends invite me to see Dear John and P.S. I love you and Magic Mike. NOPE... can't do it.. I just can't. I can't watch a terrible movie JUST because there's a hot guy. I'm not into sap, i'm into action, thriller, shit my pants funny. That's about it. If you want to throw a love story in the mix I'm game.

10. Told you it was going to be a long one :) I will leave you with a pic that I took and when I looked at it I was like "holy shit balls! My face is shrinking!" Oh and my kid is cute....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lap Band Gal's giveaway

LBG is giving away a $25 credit towards

you could win, all you have to do is go on over to Lap Band Gal's blog  and follow the ridiculously easy entry instructions. That's it...easy peasy lemon squeezy... do it, or I will be a sad panda!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Monday Weigh In

Starting weight: 261 lbs

Surgery day: 234.4 lbs
Last weigh in: 221.4

Todays weight: 223.8 lbs

+2.4 lb

-10.6 lb loss since surgery

-37.2 lb loss overall


Yes folks, it has happened. I have gained. I was prepared however and actually was expecting worse so my 2.4 gain is A-ok with me. (although I must say my scale is out to get me, Saturday morning I weighed 220 then I wake up today to 223? WTF?!? lol)   I'm moving weigh ins to Friday because I want to make mondays a weekend roundup day. I want Fridays to focus on the weigh in. I will be doing a 2 month post-op progress post here in a couple of days though so there will be a lot of weigh ins this week...Lucky me! :)   The scale should start going down again because we had to stop the injections for the egg donation once again. I will post later about all that :(    I'll do a weekend roundup/egg post later my little cupcakes.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fill 'er on up! Flashback Friday

Who went for their 2nd fill yesterday?
This biotch right here!!!

Let me tell you, this fill went MUCH better than my first!

This time my appointment was with my favorite nurse Karen NOT the surgeon.

Can I just say how much I LOOOVE Karen? She did my 6 month pre-op diet and she was awesome. When I went in for this fill it was the first time I have seen her since my surgery. She gave me a big hug and was so excited to see me. I love that I have that kind of relationship with her!

I told her that we had a hard time finding my port with my first fill. That it took 3 tries becuase my port was turned a little bit. She smiled and said with a wink "No it's not" and she proceeded to get everything ready. I told her she may have a little trouble..she said "No I won't" again with a smile and a wink.

She felt around my tummy for my port for about all of half a second. Said "Here's the stick!" and in another .004 seconds she was in my port. Another second and a half she pulled the needle out and slapped a bandaid on.

She said "You're all done"

It literally took her like 5 seconds from start to finish.

She added 1.1 cc's giving me a total of 6.3 cc's in my 10 cc band.

I'm on liquids today and go to soft foods tomorrow. We shall find out soon enough if there is any restriction there. I can say that just the frozen strawberry lemonade me and Doots (my oldest daughter, I will call her that from now on cuz that's what we call her anyway, long story  lol) shared on the way home was feeling restricted. Maybe...just MAYBE we could be getting at least close to the coveted green zone? I know I will probably need more but ANY restriction is better than NONE that i've had since surgery. I will let you all know how solid food goes here in a few days.

I think I may move my weigh in days from Monday to Friday. Hmmm... Maybe i'll do a weigh in on Monday, then another on Friday and just keep Fridays from then on. Sounds good to me! And so it shall be...

Stealing...well... I guess more borrowing "Flashback Friday" from the wonderful LBG. A friend of mine found a picture from high school. We were in theatre and always having fun backstage. One day she made me up to look like a porcelain doll because I had these blue contacts that everyone said made me look like a doll.

It was so weird considering my eyes are just about midnight black lol

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eggface is at it again!

Can I tell you how excited I am that this whale of a giveaway could possibly be mine?!?!

It could possibly be yours too! All you have to do is click RIGHT HERE to go to The World According to Eggface blog and follow her instructions on how to enter. (easy as pie folks, like her on facebook! You can earn more entries by tweeting, blogging, buttontizing etc... )  Go check her out!

Oh! She also has a ridiculous amount of recipes. She's sort of the :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Slumber Parties and Devil Turds


I missed my Monday weigh in 2 weeks in a row!! GAH! I honestly forgot it was a Monday since it was a holiday. Also, we had a slumber party at my grandmas house sunday night so I didn't have a scale. See I'm chalk full of excuses! ;)

I know I'm up. I know I'm not going to like what the scale says. I'm prepared. I've just been BUSY. Like super duper head spinning busy. I am committed to making better choices eventhough I know the scale will hate me for a while.
Cottage cheese and peaches *drools* I don't know why I don't eat this more often it was DELISH!

I know the scale will continue to go up for the next couple of weeks due to the medicine I'm taking for donating eggs. I WILL get bloated, I WILL gain weight. That happens when your little egg factory is pumping up like 15 at once instead of just 1. When we tried in June I really didn't feel much and surprise it wasn't working like they wanted. Well, this time they have more than tripled my dose of one of the stimulant medications. I'm actually feeling it this time. I'm hot... A LOT. And I'm bitchy. Oh, and I'm hungry. And want to eat bad things. The other day I told The Hubs on his trek to wally world to pick me up something "sinful" I thought he would be a good hubby and bring me back some sort of healthy treat, maybe frozen yogurt or some fresh fruit. I figured he would have helped me battle my food craving and help keep me on track.

Did he?

Hell to the naw!

I told him to bring me back something "sinful" being playful. He brought me what I believe to be something created by the devil himself specifically to ruin me and my weight loss for the day/week. These things are manufactured in hell and I feel so dirty eating them. I mean, it feels as if I am breaking all 10 commandments when I eat them. I think there may just be an 11th commandment that is hidden deep in the recesses of the bible that says "Thou shalt not consume these little devil turds shat from the bowels of satan himself"
OK, maybe i'm being a little dramatic... but have you tried these little shits??!?!?!

Seriously folks. These are bad news bears. Does it feel like an orgy in your mouth when you eat them?
Does the first bite make your eyes roll back in your head and your leg kick uncontrollably?
But will you also feel like you need to take a shower like the dirty little cookie whore you are after you devour 5 of them dipped in milk?

Just take my word for it my little cupcakes. Don't buy them, don't eat them, don't even be in the same room with room them. They will tempt you and if you are in a moment of weakness you will cave.

I can not in good faith leave you on that note. So here are pictures of my ridiculous child with her honey boo-boo nails at our slumber party.

And here she is making her "Angry Bird" face... she cracks me up FO REALZ!